Remington Reveals Army’s Updated Sniper Rifle

The blogs are abuzz over the Army’s new contract for rebuilds of the venerable, bolt-action M24 sniper rifle after PEO Soldier requested radical changes last year.

Our friends at Soldier Systems and The Firearms Blog had the details first, but we want to make sure to reacquaint our readers with the debate and the requirements as put forth by the PEO for Soldier Weapons, Lt. Col. Dough Tamilio, when we spoke with him back in March.

Indeed the new “rebuild” — which basically looks like a whole new rifle — puts on an AR-style forearm, an EBR-like adjustable stock, a Mk-25-esque lower (but with a collapsable bolt handle) and a new “reach out and touch you” caliber of the .300 WinMag.

The Army signed a $28 million contract on Sept. 20 for Remington to rebuild 3,600 M24s into the new M24E1 standard.

Our good friends at have some inside gouge on why the Army made its shift.

The need for the M24E1 was first identified by in 2006 by 10th Mountain Division soldiers serving in Afghanistan. Once the military identified the need, Senator Charles Schumer and Representative Michael Arcuri led the effort in Congress to ensure that the program received crucial funding in 09 and 10.

Trials for award of the contract began with an open competition in January of this year and lasted nine months. With Remington winning the award, the upgrading process will now begin in earnest.

Tamilio said back in March that the range of the 7.62/308 M24 was a concern in the Afghan fight, and that the service had decided on the .300 WinMag after some close evaluations. That’ll raise the hackles of .338 Lapua fans (and their British allies) who say that’s the record-shot holding round, after all…

But Remington has preempted that debate by allowing the “Modular Sniper Rifle” to transform easily from a .300 WinMag to a .338 Lapua or a 7.62 shooter.

And I’m sure we’ll hear lots of “what’s wrong with the good ‘ole M-14” banter as well.

But what’s done is done. Now, we’d love to hear from one-shot-killers out there who’ve seen or used the M24E1. What do you think?

  • Vitor

    Actually the updated .300 win mag MK 248 MOD 1 comes quite close to match the 250 grains .338 Lapua in perfomance.

  • Dave

    The rifle pictured is the Remington MSR, not an M24E1. The stocks and actions are different. The tactical life article linked above shows the correct rifle.

    The caliber-swap function of the MSR mentioned is a feature of that receiver and barrel nut design. I haven’t seen any mention that the M24E1 is supposed to incorporate a similar feature.

    The M24E1 is an M24 action in a Remington RACS stock and a new .300WM barrel threaded for the AAC stuff.

    Has anyone heard if the mags will be Accuracy Intl. or a proprietary Remington design?

  • Bob

    I smell a rat. If Senator Schumer is involved, it must be so a year down the road he can try and get a law passed outlawing civilian possession of all Remington 700 actioned rifles as dangerous sniper weapons. The good senator is one of the most rabid anti-gun politicians that Washington DC has ever seen.

    • Ted

      Man, you’ve got that one right and I ain’t even a Gringo! Maybe he should have Diane Feinstein working alongside. Then, if we have any luck, they’ll both be hit by a stolen runaway car on ‘L’ street in DC. After, of course, having professed their love of effective kit for our boys.

  • Dave

    Schumer is D-NY. Remington Mil is in NY. This isn’t about ideology, it’s about him keeping his job (or getting some other sort of benefit). It has nothing to do with civilian firearm ownership/rights.

  • Diz

    Ummm…am I the only one to run the absurd numbers on these rifles. For $28mn for 3600 rifles that comes out to be $7778 dollars a rifle. Granted, this didn’t mention if the money included a new scope which can help run the price up. Nonetheless, even with a nice Nightforce we are looking at around a $5000 upgrade. I’m trying to think of all the rifles I can buy at $5000 that shoot sub-MOA and there are plenty that come in at a whole lot less. Thus, to answer the question of Senator Schumer, this isn’t so much an anti-gun conspiracy but a way for him to bring in 28mn to his constituents.

    • charles taylor

      The price includes the chassis, the scope, and the suppressor.

      So that’s actually not that bad.

    • charles taylor

      To add further to it being not that bad is the fact that the Titan-QD suppressor that is included in this kit costs 3.5k itself, so that’s half the price right there.

      • Bob

        For 3600 suppressors, plus spares they could bring the price down a whole bunch. This smakes of $300 hammers and $600 toilet seats. You can have a sub quarter minute of angle rifle custom built for around $3K. Ordering in quanity brings the cost down considerable. We are not talking hi-tech and rare metals here, we are talking essentialy a bolt action rifle. Trust our government to pay twice what something is actually worth. After all its only the hardworking taxpayers money.

        • Mitch

          This is a weapon system built to exceedingly high standards and capable of working in environments that would kill the “sub quarter minute of angle rifle custom built for around $3K.” In addition, there is a ~$3500 titanium suppressor, ~$2000 Leupold scope, misc bits not mentioned, the research and development to produce the finished product, and the technical support required for a military weapon system.

          In short, this is not another $300 hammer… It is a finely tuned instrument of war that is needed and REQUESTED by the men at the tip of the spear. I’m glad to see them get the weapons they need.

    • JSK

      Amen bro, did the same calac you did, shouldn’t cost 8 k per weapon.

  • Talia

    Here is my thought let’s let someone who gets a chance to use tell us something or at least someone who is a sniper speak before we speak. Why is everyone always so quick to judge! We need good weapons yes, look how long it’s taking to get Hummers with protection out there? Let’s get serious, the only people in government fighting for anything is our Military! Washington is a mess and has been a mess for way too many years!

  • R.K. Patrick

    Ted –you wrote: How DARE that man in the pic wear multicam!

    Well, it’s evident the company’s advertising department has no clue what the military man wears in the field. Would have been better had the advertising department actually had a servicemember “Model” in the correct uniform. I wonder what someone like Carlos Hathcock would think of this rifle?

  • Doug

    What’s wrong with the good ol’ M-14?

    Just kidding! In all honesty, this is something the M24 has needed for a long time, and in fact it waqs originally adopted with the intent to upgrade to 300 WM at some point. Sadly, I think the 338 Lapua would now be a much better choice, as it’s having been adopted by many armies world-wide would indicate.

    The 300 WM is hell on barrels, and the increase in capability is not proportional.

  • Danang Jolly

    Hah! Think that upgrade cost too much? Remember how every so often the military changes the name of a major command? I have never seen what that costs but it has to be in the millions. All those manuals, letterheads, signs, and I can’t imagine all the other expensive things to be changed.

  • mike

    the cost would most likely also cover other expenses such as labor hours, engineering support, spares, etc. You can’t just take the number and divde by how many they bought.

    • Bob

      This is off the shelf long established technolgy. It is almost a matter of slapping the parts together. The big question is, why 300WM, when there are so many better cartridges for long range shooting out there.

      Also there is a big mark up on most of the parts, They are quoting suggested retail price +, not what a gunsmith would pay for the same part be it barrel, lower, stock etc. The government should be buying at wholesale, not retail plus.

      • mike

        it doesn’t work like that…trust me..

  • UncleWillie

    .300 WinMag hits harder, is more accurate, and shoot farther. There is nothing “wrong” with the M24, this rifle is just better.

    • Bob

      300 Win Mag is not more accurate, does shoot further, but than so do a lot of cartridges, that don’t recoil as much and burn up barrels. If you must have a 30 cal that shoots further how about the 30-06 AI. If it ain’t a 30 cal. the U.S. Army doesn’t want to think about it. The Army needs to join the 21st century. More effective calibers exist other than in .308.

      Hint, you see very few civilian shooters that shoot long range competition using a 300 WM. It fell out of favor about 3 decades ago, for more effecient rounds.

      • Thorolf

        The 300 WinMag IS more accurate. It shoots MUCH flatter than the old 7.62, and has more range. Just check any ballistic and bullet drop chart to see the obvious difference.

      • USAF SrA

        You know, 5.56 isn’t .30 cal. So really, yes they do think about other calibers than .30.

  • rutlandw

    The 10th mountain is based in New York so the politics are in this. This is an updated over 100 year old Mauser and I know the bolt is supposed to be better but give me the more than one shot at a time , Give me the semiauto any time . I carried the M-21 and loved it . With 7.62 it could hit at 800 meters now they are good to 1000 meters. The .338 is kicking ass and if this was .338 it would be better. Do we really need another calibur in the army? WWR , CW-3 ret, SF sniper

    • Bob

      This is an excellent summation. It sounds like the Army is going to pay throught the nose for a system that is only marginally more effective than current M24. The only problem with the .338 Lapua is that it is not .308 and wasn’t invented in the U.S.. But than the Army threw the 45acp 1911A1 overboard for an Italian 9mm, so go figure.

    • USAF SrA

      OK, everybody knows that bolt action is way more accurate than semi-auto. I may be in the AF but I’ve been shooting rifles my entire life…..

      • Bob

        Sorry but there are some competative shooters that might argue with you.

  • Thorolf

    The 300 WinMag is such a flat shooter that I really cannot see what the arguement is about. There is no doubt that the round is going to be superior in prformance to most of the snipers that are using it!
    And the reason of “Why” is easily stated. Size & Weight! The 300 WinMag will do a great job but the ammo will be smaller and lighter to carry, with less recoil. 10% less weight for the ammo either means you can carry more ammo, or you can carry your allotment more comfortably. When one considers that some snipers spend days in the field, more comfort is GOOD!

  • CavScoutSniper

    It’s way past time to box up the turn-bolt rifle. With todays sub MOA autos, we just don’t need to field these fine old war horses anymore. As for the .300Winmag, I say Right On! I am fully aware of the capabilities of the .338 Lapua and it is a fine round, no doubt. The .300Winmag (Either the original or the .300WSM) is also a fine round and has been for many years. (Reference Carlos Hathcock) It has taken targets at ranges all the way out to “Plumb-Nearly” and whatever it hits goes down and stays down. As for little chucky shumer, Anything that SOB is involved in is Suspect! he is a proud member of the American Socialst Eliteists and has done more damage to this country and our Military than any one person should be allowed to and is an “Enemy, Domestic”. As for the economic side of things, the .300Winmag is far more freindly to the bottom line than the .338 Lapua both in terms of weapons & ammo with a performance difference that is not even relevent. If a little more is needed then we always have Ronnie Barretts Lite .50 in inventory.

  • NeoConVet

    Give a good sniper what he needs to send a raghead to early retirement and we all should be happy. I don’t care if it costs 10x or can be bought for .50 as long as the sniper is able to put a few grains of lead where it needs to go.

  • perfectcam

    There are alot of riflemen that swear by the 6mms but the statement at the begining of the artical says it all Reach Out And Touch Someone.The BCE of the 6mms look very good on paper but put it in the field with a 30cal of almost any kind and you will quickly see how much better the 30cal is in accuracy
    With the new Remington AR platform you get every thing that the operator needs or wants.Great Rifle I personaly would trade my AR 223 in for the Dirty 30 if I could get my price.

    • Bob

      Thats funny. 6mm has been kicking butt at 1000 meter matchs. In fact they have set some new records. I think ten shot groups of around 6″ at 1000 could be considered accurate. Oh wait, these guys are just civilians they don’t count. The thing is the civilians are willing to experment and think outside the box. the military is not.

      • perfectcam

        Bob sure the 6mm has set some records at 1000 yards but in my experence I have had to put down several deer and antlope that the 6mm failed at a one shot kill,and I used the 06 to put them down at the same yardage and the same conditions Nuff Said

        • Bob

          Apples and oranges. Warfare is not deer hunting, and the 30-06 is long obsolete as a military caliber. For one thing expanding ammunition is not allowed in the military. FMJ is not good for deer hunting. And the 6mm is a very effective deer round, The 30-06 is over kill for deer. Shot placement is more important than caliber, although mear size can somewhat make up for poor shot placement.

  • Jason

    Just to get to the “well it’s only the taxpayers hard earned money” People. 28million/310million people is barely a nickel and few pennies per person. Im 17 i’m pretty sure tho that a few pieces of change – a couple dollars = like maybe 1% of the taxes? Or below. I don’t find that threatening to my wallet let alone my change cup. There fighting for our protection and country is what it sums down to. It’s good these expert men are getting what they preferr. Hoo Rah!

  • perfectcam

    Bob true with the 6mm and setting some 1000 yard records but in my experence I have had to put down several deer and antlope because the 6mm failed at a one shot kill.And I used the 06 to do it at the same yardage in the same conditions.Nuff Said

  • Old commander

    I agree with killo.
    What’s wrong with the semi auto .50???

    • Scott Schoemann

      Weight of ammo, amount of ammo in the rifle at full load, shorter range ballistics, so on and so forth. The fact is the .50 is too big for most anti personnel operations,and shorter range shooting… The simple fact is you have to use the correct caliber for the job at hand, and this firearm simply rounds out the selection available. It will without a doubt replace the 7.62×51, and is below the .338 Lapua in ability and does not allow for anti-material operations that the .50 accels at. but between these three calibers all levels of need are covered. And for those who are complaining about the favoritism given .30 caliber rounds, this IS a logical step. Since the early 1900s the “thirty” has had the most research in bullet design bar none. Add to this the fact that the thirty cal is the most used hunting round world wide, the result is independent manufacturers have expended the maximum amount of research on projectile design bar none, This puts a MASSIVE amount of information in the hands of the military with a simple mouse click, without duplicating research.

  • Spence

    The M107 weighs about 30lbs and the M24 about 13. That’s a lot of weight to lug, along with the added weight of the .50 ammo.

  • Joel Heuring

    Nice discussion folks. It’s nice to see that some of you see the efficacy of the upgrade and understand how this is the best option for our armed forces. Yup, the .50 is heavy to lug around and the .338 lapau is a nice round for the Brits. Barrel wear with the .338 becomes a problem as well as the recoil and visual signature of the round exiting the muzzle. Forty years ago a Springfield in 30-06 and a nightsight mounted on a 308 M-14 were pretty go to go. Served us well in the Vietnam conflict yet limit us at ranges beyond 800 yds at present in Iraq and Afghanistan. Cross sectional density is a serious consideration thus the 30 fills that bill too. Based on my limited and long ago experience, I’d take whatever rifle is available and adjust my stalk to make it useful.

  • Scott Schoemann

    They know wound channel stats, ballistic curves and terminal ballistics all with off the shelf products. This gives them the starting point needed to come up with exactly what they need. Even the devleopment of the .338 Lapua started out with this type of information, looking to the .338 WInchester magnum and the .340 Weatherby Magnum and then going beyond that to develop the .338 Lapua. Bu going to the .300 Winchester Magnum, the single most used and researched long range round there is, they made the FIRST smart move on rifle caliber choices since the acceptance of the .30 US back in 1906.

    • Bob

      Where do you get the fact that the 300WM is “single most used and researched long range round there is”? What are you basing that statement on? Is that is so, why is the military just now getting around to using it?

  • 1stlinegear

    Hands down the 6.5 Grendel (The World’s Best Assault Rifle Cartridge) would be much more Adventitious than a 6.8.

  • Infidel4LIFE

    The Brits use the .338, its a great round everybody knows. The .300 Win-Mag will do fine, but if you can change calibers with this rifle, damn i bet the shooters will be happy about that. I too wish we would dump the 5.56 for the Grendel, or the 6.8. Modular systems are a great advantage, i would like to see the regular Army to do the same. I guess its a question of $$$.

  • Ted

    How about .280 Ross? It was a great round and covers pretty well all bases.

  • Chris

    Ok I have heard yourarguments guys, as for cost and Senator’s and jobs I am not interested. I have fired the Accuray Weapons Int system when it counts in the Sandbox. I can tell you that barrel wear is a non-event problem as is the visual signature, where the heck did you get that info from Joel, obviously the perso who fires any long range system that also requires a high degree of concealment and should be able to lessen that factor…recoil , geez I have not heard of the Brits, Australians, Canadian or Kiwi snipers complain about this!!!
    . I have no problem with this new system being tried by Remington, forget this nonsense about semi-auto, this is the 21st Century. Get THE MEN WHO NEED IT WHAT THEY WANT. Most have tried each others systems and no what they want.
    Seems like everyone who has watched the Film SHOOTER with Mark Walb++++ says wow now I want a Cheytec. My information is based on near on 34 years of sniping woith a lot “in the field” fellas.
    Ex SASR. Sniper

  • Chris

    Sorry for the spelling errors!!! :-}

  • Captain

    WELL captain america if your smart then you know that the military is switching is uniform to multicam. and sf, rangers, and seals use it

  • sogone0

    Every person in the grass or on the rocks has their favorite piece of heaven or hell for the tango in their sights. We need what we can get and make do with what we have, .300 mag is a welcome friend in any event. Used the .338 lapua and find it to be exciting as well. Get it done!

  • sogone0

    Just to add a quick note; Keep the piece and rounds signature down [temp, dust, humidity flash, etc] … They have Iranian and OOS trained snipers/spotters also

  • howard

    detect the enemy before they detect you
    sight and target them
    put them down before they know you’re there.
    soldiers should always want to engage the
    threats outside the range of the other sides
    awareness or weapons when possible.

  • Earl Rogers,jr.

    Keep all the rest and give me back my m-14 it was good inthe Nam and good in Iraq and give them hell in Afghanistan.We have what we need,who getten paid off.

  • CavScoutDM

    USMC is having great results with thier new M-40 chambered in 6.5X47 Lapua. One shot kills out past 1000M, carrying more ammo, less recoil than the .30’s etc.. 6.5 is a ballistic wonder tht has been around forever and taken game of every size, shape, and temperment known to mankind. I think for a personnel sniper rifle they have hit on a winner in this caliber.

  • scott

    this thing lokks very cool. if it was in .308, or .30-06.i would get it in a heart beat. very sexy rifle


    This thread may be old but is full of some foul B.S. on the 300 Winchester Magnum from idiots like BOB and his Ilk.

    If you can read(which obviously you can if you’ve gotten this far in life) and comprehend basic math(remains to be seen) then start at the link above and educate yourself BOB.
    Your presumptuous account of the .300WinMag is anything but correct. As a matter of fact to say its anything other than just plain ignorant would be far to kind, do everyone a favor get yourself an up to date copy of the Hornady handloaders guide, alot of rounds and some new friends who are more well informed than you in the marksmans arena.

    Then put some lead down range with the various calibers you desire against a properly set up 700 Remington Senduro chambered in the old Win Mag and you will definitely surprise yourself then get to inserting one foot in your ass to pry your head out and the other in your mouth.

    I’m betting your to narrow minded and one sided for such a worthy test anyway. My 700 has seen upwards of 4000 rounds many of them being the heavier 220 grain and it consistently rings the bell on the man sized steel silhouettes out to and beyond the 1000 yard mark with my cheap old Tasco world class 8x32x44 so as for being “hell on the barrel” maybe on older rifles made with lower carbon steel and prior to Cryogenic barrel treatment but not anymore.

    In summation, you will know what the rest of us do when you finally remove your head from your Arse!!!.

  • doningram

    anyone that op’s for a .50 should hump the ammo first, then look at the advantages. the .338 is nice but not as flat shooter as the .300, sheds velocity rapidly, and it very heavy for both the rifle and ammo. just because eu likes something is not a good reason to change. the .300 is not really that far from the .338, not enough to say it is less than but my experience with both would send my opinion to the .300. the .300 has been in service for more than 30 years in the mtu’s, spec. op’s and other units. all that money spent on this cartridge change conversion(not the cal. but all the crap added to the rifle itself) would be better spent on more downrange shooting experience as that is where it is at with sniping, more rounds spent in training is more rounds placed accurately!