IMINT: Marine Snipers in Snow Camo

This post is for Kit Up! power reader Stefan S. who just can’t get enough of our camo coverage…

We’ve reported on the Hyperstealth-designed Marine snow camo overwhites here at Kit Up!, but this is a pretty cool pic I ran across the other day while getting some art for another story.

I was skeptical on my first post about the grey patches, arguing plain white seems to work just fine. But as the above image shows (and its HiRez counterpart), shadows are a big part of anything but the most featureless snow.

I hereby stand corrected.

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  1. They both have multicam vests and the m4 on the marines back has a pmag.

  2. Why is it in todays day and age are they fielding with LBVs, weapons and accessories that are in anything but the needed/desired camo for the terrain? Seems to me that's the stuff that stands out the most is not the basic camo pattern but all the stuff that's completely off color. The picture above is a great example but just look at pictures from Iraq and the Stan and you will see the same thing with deployed units. If we are going to spend this much money changing the basic uniforms and camo patterns every few years can we at least pick the low hanging fruit first?

  3. They might want to consider adding some white to that rifle! Maybe even throw a white veil over the front of the scope.

  4. The internet is the anti-christ, These are airsoft players not a USMC team.

  5. Woohoo! I'm mentioned in an article! Seriously, Don't hate cammo just the over-saturation of cammo all over the net, and my Army's inability to think of cammo patterns that my actually work. Thanks Chrisitian!

  6. Where can I get some? I like it

  7. I've seen places, even in wooded ares, that UCP worked fine, but terrible in others. Same with Multicam, same with the old BDU woodland and DCUs. No camo is perfect, and never will be. It will work best in some ares and not so well in others. The problem is our military is deployed in hundreds of countries around the world, and its a logistical nightmare, not to mention cost nightmare, to field new camo for each environment. While some camos have been absolute blunders (UCP) at least they're working on it (like fielding multi-cam to troops in the Stan).

  8. Go down to your local USMC recruiting office, enlist, pass boot camp, pass sniper school, get posted some place snowy.

  9. Amen to that. Wrap an old bed sheet around the rifles at least. You bring up a good point about camoing personal weapons. Probably doesn't happen because there isn't enough money to be made by some defense contractor. I mean how much can a few cans of spray paint cost?

  10. They say it snows quite regularly across the Korean DMZ.

  11. I do value your discussion on this blog a lot…and I was only teasing with the "another camo post" bit…glad you took it as intended…

  12. The black padded case is the winter water bottle carrier (Outdoor Research with Nalgene water bottle).

  13. Then feel free to get off it at anytime.

  14. All of the Nordic countries have similar winter camos; predominantly white with smudges of grey and/or green

  15. The weapons and web gear sure do stand out against all that white. I noticed that our sniper's bolt is not in the closed position, was this a staged picture?

  16. Could this picture possibly be taken during a training exercise? I love this camo, I am working on replicating it for hunting.

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