And the Winner Is: The .45 is the ‘AK-47’ of Autoloaders

About 10 days ago we posted a poll here asking Kit Up! readers what they thought was the so-called AK-47 is pistols.

The criteria were pretty succinct: can any swingin’ Richard pick this bad boy up and fire it after it’s been soaked in a swamp for a day and run over by a truck. And it’s gotta be an autoloader — no old-school revolvers here.

I picked the most popular or most used autoloaders in the military/LE profession and polled them for readers’ input.

At first, the Glock was ahead, but after more than 10 days, nearly 13,000 poll-takers and 370 comments, we have a clear winner: the Colt .45 at 49 percent, with the Glock 19 coming in at a distant 29 percent. The Beretta 92, Sig P226 and H&K USP hovered in the 6-8 percent region.

From the readers:

(Lance)The Glock is no AKM. The 1911 is due to that its lived in US and allied service since 1911 and unlike the crappy 9mm Glock can KILL badguys with a hit rather than a mag dump.

Personally the USP and Beretta 92 are better than Glock but they aren’t as cheap and hey don’t have as many generic parts available.

(Nick)I love a 1911, probably more than the next guy, but it is NOT the AK of pistols. It isn’t a weapon that’s easy to strip and clean in the field. A standard GI will not eat any ammo thrown at it, and will defiitely not function in the grit and mud that an AK would. A glock would do all of that mentioned above. Is it pretty or as ergonomic as a 1911? Hell no. Does it function? Yup. there’s a reason that they developed the lowered and flared ejection ports, yet they still won’t eat some ammo. The 1911 is a refined weapon that requires skilled armorers and gunsmiths to fix them.. The Glock is none of that. It’s easy and cheap to work on wherever you are, will eat up whatever you throw at it, and goes bang in almost every condition while still maintaining relative accuracy.

(lt_cdr kent) 1911 is the AK of semi-auto pistol. It was first, it is rough tuff weapon with a lot of history, both good and bad. Many others have improved upon it. Real question is; who is best now?

(bbb) OBVIOUSLY the 1911.

It’s not about reliability and the ease of use, or even the lethality; it’s about the historical significance and it’s impact on armed conflicts.

The AK and 1911 have killed more people than the rest of those guns combined.

The AK and the 1911 were a revolution in designs. Before the 1911, there are virtually no other basic firearm designs still being used by militaries today besides the Mauser pattern rifle and maybe the pump shotgun. No, it’s not the first semi-auto pistol, and the AK wasn’t the first assault rifle. But it was the first historically significant one.

The 1911, despite it’s age, is basically the golden standard for modern handguns, especially if you include double-action and double-stacked variants. A slide lock, thumb safety, thumb accessible modern magazine release became basic features on most modern service pistols.

The AK basic design and action has been used since the original, in everything from shotguns and machine guns to sniper rifles and submachine guns. And it’s been copied in many other families of firearms such as the FAL, etc.

The Glock is a close second, but it is a modern handgun with modern materials and construction, and modern performance. The 1911’s primary flaw is the single stack magazine and sharp recoil, whereas the AK’s primary problem is accuracy and poor ergonomics.

The Glock has also not gone over nearly as many small innovations and improvements like both the 1911 and AK family.

Couldn’t have said it better myself…

Thanks to all who engaged in our poll. We’ll make this a regular feature and we’d appreciate suggestions for poll questions and options.

And a big thanks to Moondog for posing the original question!

  • Ryan

    All this poll did was prove most voters and commentators didn’t bother to read what criteria the ak47 of autoloaders consists of.

    Hurray for illiterate 1911 fanboys. You can’t out glock a glock and 1911 is no where near “ak47” of anything.

    “It’s not about reliability and the ease of use, or even the lethality; it’s about the historical significance and it’s impact on armed conflicts.”

    Possibly the dumbest comment of them all. As I said before it’s obvious very few people read your comment and instead injected their own vision of what “ak47 of autoloaders” was asking.

    • Ralph

      I have to agree with you, the quote: “It’s not about reliability and the ease of use, or even the lethality; it’s about the historical significance and it’s impact on armed conflicts.” was pretty far off as the question WAS about reliability and ease of use, not historical impact. If it were a question of histroical impact they would have had guns originating from the same era and not gun introduced in a staggered fashion over the years. Sigh……

      Also, I own a Glock 19 and a 1911 and while they always go bang and the Glock has 1 less part when field stripped. I have to say the 1911 seems the most rugged. It doesn’t seem prone to blockages (neither is the Glock), but from my experience and also from seeing dispatches from Afghanistan and Iraq with rusted 1911 magazines and guns still working similarly to factory-new, I have to say 1911

      • Ralph

        typing on my phone, sorry for misspellings.

      • bbb

        Judging two guns in terms of similarity by simply one criteria is incredibly short-minded in my opinion.

        In no particular order

        1. Era of use (The Glock came way too late and is a more space-age weapon)
        2. Number produced and issued (hundreds of millions of AKs, millions of 1911s, and plenty of Glocks but few have been used in a shooting war)
        3. Reliability (The AKM is tops, the AK47 was pretty average at best when it was still a milled weapon with tighter tolerances)
        4. Lethality (7.62X39 is one of the most effective mid-range cartridges and the .45 has twice the energy as a 9X19)
        5. Ergonomics, recoil, ease of use (Arguably where both the 1911 and AK have similar problems. Recoil is a large factor on both, ergonomics with the AK, and ease of use with the 1911, the Glock has iffy comfort but ergo, recoil, and ease of use are all very high)
        6. Accuracy (1911 is known for accuracy with a trained user whereas the AK is not, although the original milled AK47s were significantly more accurate)

  • tomaso

    Get out the 1911 KOOL AID!!!!!! realy…….not surprising..bottom line if an AK failed to fire as often as 1911’s iv shot i wouldnt have one.(MAK90)……1911’s are nice..real nice…but i wouldnt carry one full time.

  • qual

    Isn’t the metric pretty simply, go to the ends of the earth and what pistol are you likely to find? Probably a 9mm of some sort and likely a Glock or Browning.

    Its not an assessment of the best pistol.

  • Mileage May Vary

    Anybody who voted 1911 either doesn’t own one or if he does, doesn’t shoot it. I love the.45 but it is finicky. The Glock is uber reliable and cycles virtually any ammo you feed it. In that respect it is much more like the AK.

  • Moondog

    Mileage May Vary, said it all and said it well. I shoot a highly tuned and modified 1911 in competition. Neither it or its magazines like dirt, sand, dust etc. I was issued a 1911a1, in 1969. It would not shoot two magazines of hardball without choking. I turned it in to the arms room and requested another one. It choked up after three mags of hardball. Both were well worn and loosey goosey. 1911s will choke on you. I carry a glock 19, it has never choked up, and you could run over it with a truck and it would still work. Try that with a 1911 sometime.

    • tomaso

      THIS IS ALL IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!! = )….but it was a realy good question…im just woundering were are all these “perfect” 1911’s……. and why is it so hard to find one….that and if i had five dollars every time some 1911 owner said..”””O man you have to shoot mine…its never failed me” i could possible buy a new one! ….on that last comment…thee last guy to say that to me made a comment about how i must “limp wrist” 1911’s…well 40yrs of walking on crutches im positive thats not the issue….but his 1911 stove piped twice befor i shot it….and did same to me once……they make great safe queens…….and id love to own one….lol

  • Do the McExperts know that the 1911 no longer rules Wallyworld? That may change some opinions.

  • Maynard

    I still say just get a G21, .45 ammo for the guys obsessed with “adult” calibres, in the reliable Glock package.

  • What a joke – this blog can be so frustrating at times. If we talk in terms of reliability (which is usually what one alludes to when referencing the AK-47), in no way is a 1911 more reliable than a Glock. That is perhaps one of the most objective statements in discussing sidearms. The 1911 is only the “AK-47 of handguns” because the 1911 fanboys out-polled it. Does any 1911 user actually, honestly believe that the 1911 is more reliable? And can it with the “IT’S BEEN IN SERVICE SINCE 1911” shit – that means nothing other than it was a good design, still serviceable design produced far before its present successors. I understand the allure of the 1911, but that shouldn’t obscure the truth about actual, comparative reliability.

  • Bill

    1911??!! Gimme a break – while it’s a stalwart of American ingenuity, it is finicky and as others said, the 8 round capacity is a serious limitation. How many times have I heard about sending a 1911 to get ‘smith worked to tune it. Tolerances are too tight vs. loose tolerances for the AK reliability. Sometimes polls tell us different things….

  • It’s not about reliability… To borrow from Microsoft, “Really?!”

    Tell that to the soldier screaming because it won’t shoot… That is why it is the AK and not the M16 ;) I had to go there…

    I don’t like the glock though… can I nominate the FNX or the FNP.45? My default vote is the SIG.

  • bbb

    Not ALL about the reliability.

    If you went by pure reliability and ease of use, cost to produce, the Glock would definitely take it.

  • Specialist

    Haters wanna hate no matter where they are. It’s too easy to relate some of these flame comments to the likes of children bickering over whether xbox or playstation is better. Grow up. You’re acting like children.

    • tomaso

      NERD!!!!!…lol …

  • David

    Why was the 1911 compared to the Glock 19. Should compare the Glock 21 and 30. Both are .45 and have a smooth recoil. Sorry, I’m not into nostalgia, I’m into survival and will stick with my 21 and 30. Might not be pretty but it always works.

  • Stefan

    All is as it should be. The 1911 IS still the best. You cant beat a 100 years of proven performance. Sorry block!

  • guest

    Nothing like proof of how unscientific, internet polls are worthless. I’m not Glock fan at all, but it’s clear the AK47 of pistols and will whoops a 1911 all week and on Sunday too. Give me a freaking break.

  • lcdr_kent

    Thanks for including my earlier comment. Both 1911 & Glock are showing thier age. How about a poll on which pistol is best now?

  • MarkM

    Appropriate results, no argument. Both are curios/relics of past engineering thresholds, both only do one thing – shoot, when left in military grade; both use an out of date cartridge, both are no longer issue new to any significant army, both use old manufacturing techniques, materials, and processes, both are part of the bigger is better school of thought.

    Still as useful as others of the day, like the .30-30, or .38. You may not be able to dial out on a rotary phone in America, but you can still shoot a gun designed before they were common.

    Just like that phone, they don’t update well.

    The late ’70’s and early ’80’s saw the real peak of development, 1911’s were introduced with double action triggers, and double stack magazines. THOSE were the leading edge of it’s use, not chopped and shortened race guns with major feeding enhancements to handle hollow point bullets. That’s what John Moses Browning left as a legacy – the Browning HiPower. A combat pistol, not an officers adornment that lacked any compatibility with real combat ammunition and had little capacity for a sustained gunfight. He did that over 50 years ago, and the American publics acceptance, or even acknowledgement, has been a resounding silence.

    Goes to what they know, observe the masses, do the opposite.

  • Josh

    I’d say there are an equal number of Glock kool-aid drinkers as 1911’ers after reading this and the original poll. I HAVE seen them malfunction and even break while in use.

    That said, I just can’t see a realistic scenario that any of the pistols on that list are more reliable than Glocks in the conditions described. If we’re talking stopping power, historical significance, or asthetics we could argue all day but that didn’t have anything to do with the voting criteria.

  • firebouy

    Glock makes several 45’s in full size and compact. When you pull the trigger of a glock it shoots and recycles.
    The old 1911 has to have many custom improvments before it can fire as fast as accurate or as reliable.
    There are too many old timers,that are in love with the exposed hammer 45,however with the glocks internal
    hammer you do not have to worry about branches,sand,and enemy fingers getting into your hammer.
    There is no comparison. If you had to beat somebody to death then the old 1911 would come out ahead.

  • Skysoldier173

    I think the Glock is more reliable, but i don’t like the 9mm. .40 caliber would be just right. SIG has contracts with the USCG and Air Force, and wish the Army did too. I also rather have 12 or 14 rnds than 7 or 8. 1 pistol that wasn’t mentioned was the Px4 Storm from Beretta. I wonder if it works as good as it looks?

  • andrew

    DId anyone think about the spring field armory XD series pistols?

  • Matt

    I have used the 1911 .45, the Glock 22 40 s&w, and the Mk I Hi power 9mm. All are great guns, just depends on the application. 1911’s have issues without work sometimes, glocks are good depending on the size and caliber, and the Hi Power is the evolution of the 1911 in a 9mm with issues sometimes due to the extractor whether internal or external along with barrel issues in the newer models. All are good systems but again just depends where you are, the availability of spare parts and ammo and more importantly the skill of the operator.

  • Aleric

    What junky 1911 clones are you firing? I can count on my hand the number of times my .45 Kimber has jammed or my Colt lightweight Commander. Ask those in the field using the guns not those of us resting our asses on shooting ranges, Most of my friends in combat hate the Beretta and cart their own wepons into the combat zones. Most choose the .45 over the 9mm.

    • Neal

      What unit are your buddies with that allows them to take personal weapons into a combat zone? I doubt you’d get a functional battlefield pickup 1911 in the Sandbox…

  • Aleric

    I own and shoot my .45 all the time.

    Now how many rounds does it take for your Glock to drop a man, police statistics show it takes multiple hits to drop a person with their Glocks, while the .45 body count is staggering over the years.

    • Neal

      …You really haven’t been paying attention have you? Lethality was not the issue at hand, and I for one would LOVE to see the “police statistics” you brought up.

      -signed, an admitted John Moses Browning Fanboy


    Why is it when everyone refers to “Glock”, they assume 9mm. Glock makes a variety of calibers. 45acp being one of them. As you say “It doesn’t like sand or dirt” is the best statement made so far. They are nice on the range, but when my life depends on it, Glock wins every time.
    I am not knocking Colts, I own a few. If you want to spend money on the Lamborghini of range pistols, Colt wins every time.

    • Neal

      Because the Glock 17 was the pistol in the poll.


    How many colts are carried by our police?
    How about federal agencies?
    Its being beat every day.

    • guest

      Well FUBAR I carried my 1911 for 25 years and when I retired it still fired as well as the day I qualified with it and started to carry it on duty as a police officer. The Spring Games of 1992 saw it used in actual combat firing, not range controled. It did not fail me or the other four officers that were with me that night.

    • Morgan

      Oh yeah, because government agencies seriously consider reliabilty when they make bulk purchases from companies that win a cheapest bid tender.

      And what agency do you know doesn’t suffer from a bout of gadget lust when buying equipment? I doubt any police force would say, “We’re buying one hundred units of the 1911 for new recruits because it worked so well during WWII!”

  • ?!?

    I have actually did the truck test with my AK yesterday although it was a huge dooner move on my part, but there is nothing wrong woth the gun. They do hold up to their reputation( atleast mine did). I always wanted to get a 1911 and seeing that it holds up to a similiar standard has me sold.

  • George

    1911 to 2011 This 45 auto has been doing the right stuff for 100 years.Its got the right stuff.

    • Neal

      Funny, the Swiss Guard STILL uses halberds. Guess that proves that a glorified pointed stick is a superior weapon system.

  • Steve

    While I have seen an occasional Glock malfunction, I have never seen the sheer volume or variety of malfunctions I’ve seen GI M1911A1 pistols produce. I’ve never even heard a rumor of a Glock having a barrel explode inside the frame but I’ve _seen_ that happen to two 1911’s. The Glock is not only supremely reliable compared to every other auto pistol on the market today, it is also supremely easy to operate and is just as accurate out-of-the-box and in the hands of the average shooter as any other pistol out there. How that doesn’t equate to the AK-47 is beyond me.

    As for my personal sidearm, it is a properly tuned and fitted 1911 but that doesn’t stop me from admiring the Glock for what it is. I’ve put 10’s of thousands of rounds through 1911’s and a few thousand through Glocks. Both have their merits, of course, but I think it’s more fair to say the 1911 is the Mauser of auto pistols and the Glock is the AK.

  • Sgt E4 USMC

    the issue of the 1911 being finicky to “Different Bullets ” is a non factor, if issued as a military fiream they would use standard military ball ammo which the 1911 has never had problems with

    • Neal

      The Kalashnikov, however, was used by everyone on God’s green earth, and fed everyone’s ammunition. Com-bloc countries, contrary to popular belief, do not load all their cartridges of the same caliber to the same specifications. Just look at Yugoslavian ammo compared to say, war-time North Vietnamese ammo.

      Some government .45 was a 200 grain bullet, others were 230, and today they have orders for 185 grain ammo. All are “standard military ball.”

  • Jay Morris

    This is old history but in Korea we didn’t have the Glock we begged for the 45. It stop people no mater where you hit them. Amo wasn’t there we sent home for it.

  • Neal

    …Except that some of these comments are backed by fact and not flame-lust.

  • Neal

    If I remember correctly, almost all of the catastrophic failures in Glock pistols have been in 40 S&W because of the crazy pressure spikes that come out that round when loaded improperly or just a touch too hot.

  • Slingshot

    “If you had to beat somebody to death then the old 1911 would come out ahead.” LOL :)

  • Patch Barracks

    You have to ask yourself: “What would John Wayne say?”

  • George Meldrum

    Interesting comments on both sides. I used the standard army issue 1911, in the late 60’s early 70’s after I trans’d from Infantry to Military Police so I have some experience with them. I currently have a Glock 20, converted to a 21 with a Lone Wolf slide and barrel that’s the best, most accurate and reliable shooting auto handgun I own, (I have 6 autos). I have no reason to believe a stock Glock 21 would perform any differently. The complaints against the Glock seem to be the non stopping power of the 9mm round. I agree; it’s unfair to compare a 9mm Glock to a 1911 in 45. Larger cap mags in a 45 and the reliability, durability and simplicity of the Glock, make the Glock 45 a better choice as a handgun that is most like the AK. And, oh, John
    Wayne was an actor. He might likely choose the Colt .45 revolver along with a Winchester lever action in the same caliber.

  • nate

    I could not agree more with you. This should really not be a debate about 9 vs .45 (although with modern defence loads both are quite lethal) because glocks come in. 45 and 1911s come in 9. While a designer 1911 will be much more accurate (from a bench rest, I actually persionally prefer glock ergonomics) and will be plenty reliable if it is taken care of, it is built to much tighter tolerances than a glock and, as such, will not take the same levels of abuse (if you don’t believe me check out some of the glock torture tests on youtube). Its also worth pointing out that it takes a skilled armorer to work on a 1911 whereas any trained ape can work on a glock. So if I were to run with the analogy I would say that glock is the ak of handguns and 1911 is the ar15. Like the ak a glock is cheap, built to loose tolerances, easy to maintain and amazingly reliable. Like an ar15, if you use a cheap and/or poorly maintained 1911 it will get you killed but if you buy a nice one, trick it out and treat it right it will blow the glock right out of the watar as far as accuracy goes.

  • Harley

    I think, if you compaired a Glock .45 cal. against the 1911, the clear winner would be the Glock. I carry the Glock 23 (.40 cal.S&W) because of its reliability in all situations as my life could depend on it. The 1911 has history, but that doesn’t make it the best pistol.

  • bow05005

    Me personally, I’ll take an XD45 Tactical over either the Glock or the 1911 in terms to “to hell and back” (sorry Sig) reliability while having the “big boy” caliber in the .45. Mine has NEVER failed, even after thousands and thousands of rounds through the pipe. So where’s the XD love?

  • donald oneill

    When a 1911 won’t work it’s the magazine most likely spring. One good shot from the old war horse and it’s all over .

  • Scuba Steve

    A lot of people voting with their heart not their brains, I have used both, the Glock by far is more reliable then the 1911. You can get the Glock in .45 that would solve all the problems, Eh?

  • Buz

    Old habits are hard to beat. I was 19-20 and on the Base .45 Pistol Team. I had my own WWII 1911A1. I replaced the barrel bushing, spring and a base gunsmith replaced the barrel. Unknown to me, he was using Gov. Property, charging me and Took my old barrel to give back to Air Force Supply.

    I have a P345. A fine weapon…not of this Poll. Of the two, I most value the 1911…and have no intention to own a Glock no matter the caliber. I understand these comments. I do.


  • milservice brat

    milservice brat i’ve owned 3 1911 .45’s , the only one i sold was the series 70 did not group good -less than 10 inches out of the box. my thompson arms is damn good. too bad the mags only hold 8 bangs, what u hit goes down! can’t say that much for a 9 mike. (9mm) — well aimed fire is better than spraying lead semper fi!

  • Specialist

    Some is not all. I respect the comments of people who have real experience with both firearms. I love my Kimber Warrior. I also love my Glock 23. They’re both fine firearms.
    What I can’t stand is someone who is going to stand on a soap box and preach their handgun faith to me.

  • Michael

    The 1911 Colt .45 is my choice–I noticed ads for the game, Black Ops shows an operator holding two .45s, scarred and beat up looking, upside down. I still have my grandfather’s Colt .45 1917 model revolver, and most of us know the lethal power of that round. A recent shooting involving a perp with a 9mm Glock in Fontana, Calif. with nine officers firing 120 rounds at him, killing him, included 102 .40 cal. casings found on the ground. The perp had a full magazine and did not fire the Glock.. 120 rounds at one man?! Several .45 well placed rounds would have ended it, right?

  • Ken

    Here’s where I think that there was a breakdown in communication. The question became misleading in asking “what is the AK-47 of Autoloaders.” It’s the legacy of the AK-47 causes this poll to get foggy and responses skewed.

    I own an AK-47. It is reliable.. and I’m but, the AK-47 is NOT the most reliable assault rifle manufactured today. To have an additional 50+ years’ worth of experience in different arenas of combat, advances in materials, assembly, technology, etc and still not have a weapon that is as reliable as a block of wood with a pin and two metal tubes attached to it would be a damned shame. The same goes for the Colt 1911.

  • Ken continued

    I think that if Christian has simply put, “which current sidearm do you feel is the most reliable,” then the 1911 may not have been the top. However, by adding “the AK-47 of autoloaders,” it gets most experienced gun-enthusiasts and veterans thinking far beyond the vacuum-reliability of the test range. The question becomes “what autoloader, has the credibility equal to that of the AK-47?”

    The Glock is indeed one of the more reliable autoloaders today, but will it be in 100 years? 70? 40? We’ll see. The mere fact that the 1911 COULD BE brought up in this poll with weapons that are 69+ years younger, speaks volumes. The fact that it’s concept and design are STILL being manufactured on a large scale tells even more about it. Not to mention that it is still requested by our soldiers in combat. The Colt 1911 is not the AK-47 of autoloaders. The AK-47 is the Colt 1911 of assault rifles.

  • Neal

    Saying that, a 9mm gives you a bunch more well-aimed shots. Like 15, light-recoiling and quicker back on target 9mm, as opposed to 8, harder-kicking .45’s.

  • Neal

    As wood one well-placed .22. This is not the point of the poll.
    This evidence, along with the Black Ops comment, have no real effect on the argument.
    That being said, a Brazilian contract 1917 was the first centerfire handgun I fired, and it is a beaut to see and shoot. Hang on to that, and stock up on .45 ACP moonclips, because it competitively shooting that gun in a IDPA style course a WHOLE lot of fun. Trust me ;)

  • Edd

    I am in total agreement David,ergo why my personal carry is the Ruger P90 DC,and my trusty 9×18 makarov…;).

  • howard

    if you want a man stopper, and keep it half way clean and
    have it’s internals gone over, and used spec polished ammo,
    the 1911 is my choice.

    if you want a load it and forget it, the Glock is an easier
    choice i’d agree.

    if you want to use it in combat, you really want to
    put a few more caps into the bad guys with the 9mm Glock.
    the 45 Glocks…not so much.
    the real question is 45 or 9?
    the answer is 45 if you’re serious and have to do the deed.

  • medina.luis


  • Darrell

    One thing Glock lovers will never admit is the long, slow and altogether crappy trigger of the Glock leads to a very inaccurate pistol. An older 1911 made to G.I. specs is just as reliable as the Glock, possibly more so. What many soldiers were exposed to during their time of service was a worn out 1911, but with new springs and just a few parts, the 1911 will out shoot the Glock any day, both in reliability and accuracy. The problem with modern new manufactured 1911’s is that they are made to super tight tolerances so that they will be accurate. If you had the slide to frame fit as tight on a Glock as you do on a Wilson Combat 1911, you would have the same reliability problems. If I made a 1911 as sloppy as a Glock, it would be just as reliable. Tight fitting parts are going to cause reliability problems, it’s just the way things are.

    Glock shooters tend to be satisfied with lousy triggers because they have limited experience in pistol shooting. Anyone who doesn’t believe me just look at the targets at your local range shot by typical Glock owners. A shot group that looks like a pattern of 000 Buckshot at 50 yards is what most of them are happy with. The typical 1911 shooter demands better.

  • Mac

    There’s only one gun and only one round I would want going into combat Colt 45 Why because its battle proven forged in battle. Nothing can bet that. There’s the pretty boy rounds and the pretenders but nothing stacks up in combat than a 45

  • Paralus

    I don’t own a Glock, so I am not a fan boy, but I’d still take a Glock over a mass-produced 1911 any day of the week.

    Superior reliability, magazine capacity and simplicity in maintenance (no tools needed). Slim frames, compact frames and even sub-compact frames could be made available for any soldier without the need for learning a new manual of arms.

    If it is good enough for beer-swilling Austrian conscripts, it’s good enough for any modern Army.

  • MikeO

    “Can any swingin’ Richard pick this bad boy up and fire it after it’s been soaked in a swamp for a day and run over by a truck.”

    That does sound like a 1911. As far as popularity, numbers out there where conflicts are raging, a better “AK of pistols” these days is the BHP or Glock. Or the obvious but seldom mentioned Tokarov.

  • Garryowen

    Well 49% of dip shits who have little to no firearms experience prefer the 1911.. Huzzah!

  • Let’s see now, AK= reliability, ease of use, ease of disassembly, low maintainence requirement, robust design, the ability to transfer parts from one weapon to the other without a gunsmith fitting the parts, I think those are they key points of an AK. I owned one of the first 1000 G17s in the U.S. back in late 1984 to early 1985 and have owned and shot Glocks ever since. I grew up shooting my fathers stable of 1911s ranging from GI issue to tuned match guns and S&W wheelguns. I’ve tried about everything out there but always rely on Glock. The G17 was named that for the 17 patents they were awarded for the design. NOBODY had ever received 17 patents for anything patented up untill then. That’s inovation. It’s funny to me that all the manufacturers are trying to build their version of the Glock (even Colt built a polymer framed 9mm) and now Glocks original patents are past some of the versions are really close, see the Walther PPS, Diamondback, and the ISSC M22. I saw nothing in the starting post about any particular ammo or caliber but CCI Speer has a +P+ round in 9mm that has 30 to 40 ft. lbs. less than a 45acp with MORE penetration, flatter trajectory and longer range, I’ll bet if hit with either one 30-40 ftlbs would be negligible. If you search videos of people shot with 45acp you will see not everyone “goes down” when hit even in multiple abdominal shots, too many folks believe what they see in the movies and tv. The reason our military isn’t issuing Glocks is because Gaston Glock would not give liscense to our military to manufacture Glocks. Glocks can have issues and break, they just do it less than most others. If you want to test accuracy USE A RANSOM REST! Glocks out of the box will out shoot most brands except maybe the ones that cost twice the price and those are not reliable enough to realistically carry for defensive use. Most folks don’t like the Glock because they don’t take the time to get used to the trigger to be able to shoot with any accuracy. Glock was not designed to be a match grade target pistol. It was designed to win the Austrian Army contract which laid down criteria that Glock met. Oh yeah, Glock actually beats AK due to the fact it meets all the qualities of the AK and it’s a very accurate weapon. Hands down without a doubt it is my opinion Glock is the the AK of the handgun.

  • Greg

    The force of the fanboi is strong in this one. Anyone choosing a 1911 over more modern designs for anything other than recreation of non lethal competition is either brain dead or completely ignarant of the last 30 years of small arms design. I guess no one who voted in that poll is familiar with Larry Vickers or Ken Hackathorn and their experiences with the 1911 pistol and the development of the HK45HK45c pistols. Oh well, you can’t fix stupid.

  • jm

    Bare bones … look at the top two – glock & the 1911.

    If both weapon systems get run over, after being picked up out of a swamp and basically, like the ‘ol AK series, will go bang every time. Simply put it would be any Glock series handgun. I enjoy both types and have shot many models and variants of both handguns… however, I have had more problems with the 1911 being tempermental with shooters. This has ranged from grip, ammo, dirt, grime, types of brass used, handloads, factory loads .. you name it the 1911 without a doubt is a tempermental weapon. Although the Glock is not without fault either! The Glocks have had their fair share of issues but I have heard more problems with a stock 1911 than a stock G-series model (any Gen.). As far as some of the comments flying around there above regarding the service of the Glock…. please do some more research.

    In short I would bet my life on a Glock many times over a 1911… even an H&K over the 1911.

  • Lou

    Lou. I have been considering buying an auto loader and now I am somewhat confused. I need one for hunting and home defense, can anyone help? Deer and black bear are the two animals I pursue.