Snipers Like La Rue Optimized Battle Rifle

While not an official endorsement or anything like that — and just a truly personal opinion — some of the Army Special Forces sniper instructors I talked to last week had good words for the La Rue Tactical Optimized Battle Rifle (and for La Rue products overall).

As you know, we reported in late April that the Army had asked manufacturers for the ideas to improve the Knights Armament M110 7.62 sniper rifle with lighter components and possibly a shorter barrel.

A couple of the sniper instructors I talked to said the La Rue OBR would be a strong contender for that contract, with one saying its an extremely accurate gas gun with good reliability. I saw one very similar to the one pictured above in one of the team lockers, but with a Magpul Precision Rifle Stock installed instead of a fixed solid stock.

I know very little about La Rue products, but I have heard they have a good reputation in the Army SF sniper community. We’d be interested to see what our readers think should be a contender for the M110 replacement, so forward your ideas in the comments section and we’ll put together a poll…

Happy Memorial Day and we hope this post inspires you to head out to the range!

  • The overall design doesn’t seem to be too different from the M110 from Knight. I’m wondering if the difference is due to manufacturing / quality control issues or if they are using a different component or parts?

    • Jon

      Yes, look at the hundreds of ARs on the market and then compare a company like Bravo Company to DPMS with similar direct gas carbines and you’ll be amazed.

  • steve

    Larue Tactical is a GREAT company to work with, there mounts have been the best available for many many years., and still are. They make the current mount for the an/pvs24/26 UNS. They also are the Aimpoint military dealer of the year for the last 3 or 4 yrs. There owner Mark Larue, and the rest of his top-notch staff are some of the friendliest and most dedicated folks in all of the gun/military community. There quality control and customer service is again, second to none. I also believe that there complete rifles like the OBR, OBR lite, PredatAR series, and Stealth series are the most accurate, finest made rifles in the United States. They have been overlooked for way too long by the Big Army., but its no wonder the SF community loves them., because point blank, there stuff works. I will never again run something from another manufactuer if Larue makes it., i just simply will not compromise., I think everyone who hasnt checked em out yet should, you will love what you see. that i can promise you, in this world of scams,fraud, liers, and cheats, Larue Tactical subscribes to a dfferent philosophy, one where a man can trust what he’s getting, these products are made for men who put there life on the line…. Cpl. Stephen Ent, US army oif/oef veteran

  • DogtownD

    Mark LaRue is a rather “colorful” character to say the least, but the quality of his mounts and support for the .mil community is excellent.

  • Dan

    Replacement for the M110? Didn’t they just buy those things!!!!! What in the world is going on over there?

  • Mike

    My SWAT team snipers have been using the OBR for over a year as a sniper rifle. Reliability and accuracy is excellent in a package smaller than our Rem 700’s. Also is a good permeter gun.

  • Adam

    It’s a shame LaRue’s reputation is as well known as their products. Their customer service is great and they send you a bunch of goodies when you place an order which is always cool. When I was selling one of my AR’s, I was talking to a vendor who was curious in the rifle and attempted to lowball the hell out of me because he had never heard of LaRue. Don’t know how you can be in the business of buying rifles and have never heard of them.

  • jim

    Good rifle yes but i don’t care for the stainless barrels in colder tempts thats all and the price. I am lucky i can make my own tac drivers that would blow this away. Thank the lord for the LEGO rifle the Larue’s are fine like i stated but if you want the real deal you have to master one yourself. Add the things like hand lapped better more quality parts. But Larue is allot better then most porduction cr@p that’s out there for sure.

  • FormerSFMedic

    The Army SF snipers have been using Larue OBR’S for quite some time now, and have been very happy with them to say the least. Look at the International Sniper Competition winners. Three out of the four winning rifles were Larue OBR’S. Yes, that means one team won using OBR’S for the sniper and spotter, and both teams were from Army SF. These are fantastic rifles, and are a far cry from the M110 and most other DI guns on the market. Larue has truly optimized the precision semi-auto. The bolt geometry, rail sytem, and gas block are all unique to this gun. Even the upper and lower receivers are unique ONLY to this rifle. So if you think its a good looking M110, think again.

    On another note. Special operations as well as the big Army, are making a move toward using semi-autos for all 7.62 precision guns. The advantages are too great to be ignored. With that said the M110 is an outstanding rifle and I don’t believe the Army is getting rid of it any time soon. They are simply looking for a shorter, lighter variant. The M110A1 is a good start, and if they slap a 16in barrel on, it would be exactly what they are looking for. IF they were replacing it (and I know they are not) the Larue OBR would absolutely be the best choice, with MK20 SSR coming in a close second. Both rifles have been battle tested by operators in the field and are sub-moa accurate. The only other choice that comes to mind would be the LMT .308MWS, also battle tested by the British MOD.

  • Colorful how?

  • jim

    stainless steel and extreme cold weather don’t mix

  • thurman

    I am planning to get an 18 inch version I have heard and seen on the internet that the 16 inch will hit targets at 1k yards on a consistent basis. I already bought the obr mount and the night force scope for it. Next is the surefire break and magpul prs.

  • Infidel4LIFE

    Looks solid. If it has a longer barrel the distance to reach out and hit ur target wouldn’t be hard. I like the short barrel, and if its good enough for SF that says enough. How much is this rifle? I bet an arm at least..

  • jim

    Hey bro save your pennies and buy just one part per month or whenever you can then do the build yourself at the end.You will end up with a much better rifle and for a fraction of the price.

  • FormerSFMedic

    I assume your talking about the barrel. The OBR barrel is not a typical SS. It’s a Lothar Walther made from LW50.

  • IMTT

    This weapon (the OBR) is absolutely amazing topped off with a Horus vision scope. Sub-MOA at 800+ with ease (with the correct ammo), it is my belief this is the standard of the modern battle designated marksman / semi-auto sniper rifle today. I own Remington, Savage and Accuracy International precision rifles. I would trade several of my weapons for one of these fitted with the Horus. I also own a M1A NM, of which I’m not a big fan of its accuracy.

  • Brandon

    The OBR is nice. But in my opinion the LMT 308 MWS is the better choice. You can swap out barrels and calibers in seconds and it shoots 1/2 MOA all day even with XM80. I would top it with a Nightforce F1 3-15×50 and offset an Aimpoint on it and you are good to go. Plus the LMT is already battle proven by the Brits.

  • abroken11b

    Jim is full of shit. With the quality of the parts used to build any LaRue (the proper spelling), it would be almost impossible to build a better rifle for less money.

  • Stephen D

    When I was deployed to Mosul in 2005 I had a Mark 4 SPR 1.5-5 power scope. I contacted La Rue for suggestions for a mounting option. About two weeks later I recieved a response in the form of a SPR 1.5 mount for free. Now that I am out of the Army La Rue is the only company that I buy from. Great company!!!

  • Mike

    I’ve been doing business with Mark LaRue for over ten years and I will use and recommend no other mounts but his. Every mount that I have tested has done a box test with .01 accuracy. Mark is a gentleman and he cares deeply for the men who take his products into harms way. I shoot 3 Gun and our equipment gets beaten up regularly and I have never had a LaRue mount change POI. As for his OBR, it will consistently out shoot every AR-10 platform I’ve shot – including the rifles that I’ve built.

  • truths4all

    This is not scientific, but I have shot a number of other agencies’ LMTs and LaRue’s OBRs. The OBRs were easier to shoot (ergonomics) and I shot much better groups at longer ranges in faster times with the OBRs.

    However, I don’t see the military brass doing the best for our Boots on the ground as LaRue evidently does not play the political games the corrupt procurement system demands in order to be selected for a contract.

  • Steve Theron

    Hi guys, I am posting from South Africa, so my chance of getting another license for another firearm is nil. However it nice to read the specs on new firearms, and the comments thereon

  • K. Sparks

    My son is Ranger/Sniper and he also shoots competition. I asked him for his advice on a system. He flat out told me….OBR with Schmidt & Bender optics, or don’t buy it. I love my boy and dam proud of what he’s accomplished in a short time. This may not mean anything to you guys, but if its good enough for him over there pilling caps, I’m sure it’s good enough for me.