IMINT: First Sign of A-TACS Camo?

While we were looking for an illustration to go with yesterday’s story about an Australian camo pattern to be developed by Crye, we ran across the picture above that shows an Australian Special Operations Task Group operator providing some village overwatch.

But when the eagle eyes of said editor looked a bit closer, we noticed the Aussie commando was wearing something that looked suspiciously like a TAG Sentinel pack in Blue Force Gear Overlord pack in Advanced Tactical Concealment Systemcamo.

Kit Up! loves the A-TACS camo and we know they’re tinkering with some different colors to potentially play in the Army camo hunt. It’s a pattern that’s been said to blend uniquely in urban environments, but as you can see from the picture, it seems to work darn well in the mountains of the Afghan winter.

We’re also big fans of BFG and their packs

  • Reader


  • eric

    BFG Overlord pack

  • Emm

    Sick and tired of this ridiculous A-Tacs hype. There are patterns out there that make A-Tacs look pale in comparison. Don’t believe the hype!

    • Cpt. Obvious

      In this environment it seems to work better than the multicam he’s wearing.

  • ron stillwell

    HEY!!I I like the A-Tac camo. I have a full set .And just got my sord smock today.And I love it! I’ll use it for hunting here in Colorado. It blends in very well with the trees, brush and grass and the darker colored rocks out here.
    I’m looking forward to getting a pair of the A-Tac boots from Danner in July.
    All I need now is some A-Tac face camo or something like it.

  • Armored

    When are they going to make ATACS balaclavas /ski masks/ veils/ shemaughs? I get peeved that we can spend money on camo pants and shirts and yet, ours gloves, face wear and boots don’t match even match them. (example: Multicam shirt and pants with coyote brown boots, vest and gloves). I don’t like mixed match camo, give me some of that ATACS headwear!

  • bbb

    How is it pronounced anyway? EY-TACKS or ATTACKS?

  • I was interested in getting some A-TACs cammies but only Propper makes them and only in non-NIR polyether/cotton. When I asked Propper about a NIR compliant 50/50 NYCO material A-TACs cammies they gave me a long e-mail (canned?) about everything but what I asked about. Maybe I will buy some old summer weight woodland BDUs instead or TRU-Multicam BDUs.

  • B_A

    Have you guys tried to contact the a-tacs developer directly?
    Maybe he can help?

    • Armored

      Sounds like a plan. I hope they can give us an ETA on the things we want in A-TACS.

  • Panzerhund0311

    Are any units really wearing this new A-TACS? Or is gonna be like Multicam was for the past 8 years that only airsoft rangers wore it until someone figured out that Multicam is a great cammo for real military/LE use? I remember seeing the DEA, SF guys and certain security contractors wearing Mulitcam a few years ago. Now I guess the airsoft rangers are gonna be going wild to get all the A-TACS stuff in the world and tons of communist Chinese knock off gear being sold on ebay! So far, I’m not too impressed I would say. Still like Multicam the best so far. Go Crye!