Legion Firearms new rifle…sold out.

We were going to do an article on the LF-15C from Legion Firearms  in case any of our readers wanted to buy one, but…they’re all gone. They sold out the entire first production run. So never mind, unless you just want a lower…there won’t be any more complete LF-15Cs until the end of August.

The LF-15C by Legion Firearms

The LF-15C is imported to the US from the great state of Texas. It’s a completely monolithic upper with 1/8 twist and an ambi lower, constructed of 7075-T6 aircraft grade billet aluminum alloy that’s as strong as many steels. It has a 16” ball-milled 416 stainless steel arc-rifled barrel and will, Legion assures us, spike sub-MOA groups with MK262 ammunition.

Other features of the weapon are an SSA trigger, adjustable gas block and an enhanced bolt carrier group (the latter includes a chrome-silicon cryo-treated extractor spring, viton plunger and fluorosilicone O-ring).  The action spring is actually a hard chrome silicon spring rather than MILSPEC. All LF-15Cs rock a BattleComp 2.0 compensator and Noveske switchblock. (More on BattleComp in a future article, FYI.)

“Our barrels are 1 in 8 [twist], but we use a non-standard bore in a match grade three groove polygonal twist,” said Legion’s Jamie Wehmeyer. “So for instance we can shoot 77 grain without loss of accuracy. We actually exceed mil-spec standards…and though it may seem like a small distinction, [the LF-15C] is chambered in 5.56mm NATO, not .223.

The entire weapon has a proprietary WMD NiBx nickel-boron coating that is “plenty smooth but more flexible…super hard coating, very lubricious…we only use lube on the gas rings and action spring…we’ve run 3,000 rounds through our prototypes without cleaning, not problem…the first prototype went over 8,000 rounds with 3 ½ cleanings—the half was just an exterior wipe-down for photo ops…”  There are two coatings on the upper and lower receivers and one on the bolt carrier group. The outer coating on both receivers is a proprietary WMD ceramic hard-coat. All LF-15Cs come with a Phase 5 Tactical “Revo” sling mount (they helped with the T&E process) and an invitation to a free LCC1 Course instructed by Legion trainers.

LF-15C on a range near Austin.

“We ran one of our prototypes on a super hot day, 110 degrees out plus the suppressor and ran seventeen mags of XM193 as fast as we could shoot,” Legion’s Jamie Wehmeyer told us. “It ran flawlessly…” That prototype now has 11,500 rounds through it and still produces sub-MOA groups.

Accuracy test of the LF-15c prototype after 10,000 rounds, 3 round groups with Aimpoint Comp M4 fired from the shoulder. Rifle is dirty.

Jamie is a former 19K with 366 Armor (4ID) who did two tours in Iraq before heading to the ‘stan as a PSC contractor for 3 years. A serious high end shooting enthusiast, he is already working on a Legion rifle in .308 and a pistol.

For more information, go to Legion Firearms or visit the Legion Facebook page. If you contact them, tell them the Mad Duo sent you. We’re trying to get Gina to take us shooting with her.

Mad Duo Clear!

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  • Talon

    That sure is a pretty rifle with some pretty groups.

  • Talon

    I wonder if paragraph 3 & 5 are the reasons that it’s so close in price to the FN SCAR 16. I’ve handled the SCAR and the only real complaint that I have against it is that the plastic parts are junk.

  • Herschel B. Gumbuddy

    polygonal barrels cost about $40 over a button rifled barrel from various barrel makers. now don’t get me wrong it’s a good looking and accurate weapon, but too costly for my budget!!!!!!!. which Leeds me to believe the president must be correct the economy is looking up or there are a ton of people with a lot more of disposable income than i have or they ain’t married!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jamie R. Wehmeyer

    Thanks Mad Duo!

  • Neal

    That carbine… Lust incarnate.

  • VTGunner

    $2400 for an AR-15….thanks but no thanks

    • Ken Montes

      I think that for most people price is an issue. We at Phase 5 Tactical hear a bit about that from time to time. We are all price conscious, we have even held back the release of some products due to the price point, but a friend told me one day; not everyone can drive a Masseratti! Build it to perfection and those who will not compromise will be your best customers! Legion built a Masseratti Weapon System with 0% compromise! The Legion Firearms LF15C Rocks! Thats all I have to say! Shoot it and you will love it.

  • tyler finney

    Perfect analogy Ken! What readers may not realize is the difference in accuracy between most AR platforms and this rifle. My first day with it I shot sub moa 5 round groups with a red dot using xm193 off a bag.

  • warsport

    Pure sweetness! Great Job Legion!

  • VTGUnner

    Well then those people can go out and get there $2400-$3000 AR, meanwhile I’ll stick with my $1200 AR that has yet to fail me after countless rounds.

    To each their own, good Sir.

    • VTGUnner we understand that not everyone can afford or has the spend thrift ability to purchase one of our rifles. Nor are we knocking more inexpensive rifles on the market in fact we are currently working on a couple more rifles in the future that would fit into more peoples budgets. The LF-15c is our flagship of accuracy, reliablity and comfort of shooting so the amount technology, time and material cost makes it the price it is. We are very excited to be able to offer our other lines of more inexpensive rifles in the future. We would love to make you a customer so tell us what features you would like to see in a 1200-1500 dollar gun and we will see what we can do.

      • VTGUnner


        I wouldn’t even begin to tell you how to run your business. But I know a lot of people like me (military) and civilians alike that I shoot with on a regular basis are no-frills type of people. If it shoots where I point it, works without malfunctioning due to mechanical error, and will last a long time…that is the weapon of any kind that we will buy. I think you’ll find a lot of the other gun users are the same way. Now yes there are those who want all the goodies of course but I think thats atypical.

        I am in no way bashing your company or your product, in fact I wish I could afford one. I think what you’ll find is that it’s also outside the price range of 99% of the gun buyers in the country, especially with the market extremely flooded with ARs already (Colt, DPMS, Bushmaster, Remington, Daniel Defense, etc etc etc). Of course this is all just my $.02.

        Good luck to you and your company!

        • Jamie Wehmeyer

          Thanks VTGUnner, we are always looking for constructive criticism in our product. In fact I would say we are the worst about it. We have purchased, used and abused almost every firearm on the market, found what we like and discarded what we didn’t . Making a rifle platform such as the LF-15c is a ever evolving endeavor that requires many hours of use and abuse. As we grow you will see leaps of innovation that we hope will make the rest of the market takes note of. I my self am a OIF1 and 5-7 vet so I know how much money Joe makes… That is why we offer a 10% discount to all MIL/LEO and we even extend that out to emergency service workers.
          And good luck to you VTGUnner.

  • Eleventh Commandment

    Consider how much you are spending AFTER you purchase a $600 to $1,200 AR. I’ve more than doubled the original cost of my SW M&P.

    PS: That Battle Comp freakin’ ROCKS!

  • GeeGee

    I would like to see the military take notes from of these smaller companies doing more with less.

  • Patrick Todd

    You’re got it, $$$. I got rid of my Colombian girlfriend and now have much more money.

  • CavScoutDM
  • Alexander

    Everyone wants a Legion rifle but at a better price. Google searched and found a dealer with them on sale. www vojtecharms dot com

  • Mitch

    Would LOVE to have one of these and an LF-10 also, sight unseen as to the 10! As an Disabled Veteran I know this will NEVER happen but man I can dream!!!!

  • docingram

    Sorry folks, that is not a good group for that round. The USA needs to quit screwing around with heavy bullets for a high velocity varmint round, by the time they get through there will not be much chance of hitting anything . Just develop a 7.62X51 weapon, for everyone,that reduces recoil and muzzle blast then the troops will have a decent round to return fire.