IMINT: More on the Spec Ops Motorcycle

More details begin to emerge about the Christini dirt bike being used by SOF in Afghanistan. This example appears to have been coated with a camo scheme by the same vender who worked on the previously reported upon Pandur vehicle. If anyone wants to step forward with more information about the camouflage or the dirt bike itself, we’re all ears…

Kit Up! contributor Jack Murphy is a former Ranger, Special Forces Soldier and author of the military thriller Reflexive Fire.

  • Anthony

    Judging by the frame, plastics, head light, and engine size that is definitely a crf250x. It is Honda’s trail bike and like all Honda’s you can pretty much bet the thing is durable and reliable. Good choice SOF! Other than the paint job and the custom Renthal handlebars this bike looks pretty stock. The muffler and seat may be modified but I can’t tell from this picture. If I had to guess that muffler is probably modified to be more quiet and that seat looks like an aftermarket super grippy race style seat.

    • Anthony

      Oh I also just noticed it looks like they have reinforced the area around the radiator with some extra bracing. That’s all the info I can get from these pics have anymore?

      • jake weber

        the braces are works factory radiator braces

  • Earl B.

    So why do a camo paint job and subdued seat color while leaving the frame bright and shiny silver metal? Or is this just a demo/prototype for the paint scheme?

    • Lasse

      It’s called PR…

  • Res

    Or maybe the dirt from the road (dirt bike) is enough to cover in dust that areas. I am sure the author of the post have at least a picture of these Christini bikes being used downrange.

  • Ranger Rick

    Chuck Norris’ “Delta Force” was spot on. huh?

  • cjmilcom

    check one two from charlie.

  • FormerSFMedic

    It doesn’t matter how these things come, you can be sure that each ODA will put their touches on it. When we got our Polaris atv’s we spray painted everything on them. If a bike came in like this, we would do the same. No big deal. You gotta understand though,that some parts need a specific coating or finish to be ran through certain environments. We just adapt.

  • Ben

    well, if you read back through some of the links, Christini happens to make these beefier than stock by making them AWD and using a cable driven front wheel. coming from a motorcycle mechanic myself, thats badass enough there. lol

  • spidennis

    cool! I wonder who gets selected to ride and what their training is like? Riding gear? Now that’s what I call body armor ! weapons?

  • Jeff

    Convex vinyl used for MX bikes prob printed with wide format inkjet. Most vinyls won’t stick to plastics and fall off rather quickly. Convex has an adhesive that works for this kind of thing. Most likely using a matte laminate of some kind as most for MX are super high gloss. Graphic Marking Systems had a matt laminate for a while but not sure if used here

    • Jeff

      Sry for not being clear. Most bikes (like the other vehicle prev posted) aren’t painted but rather covered with vinyl that has a pattern printed on it. Wide-format solvent (or eco-solvent) printers are usually used for this purpose although sometimes thermal printers such as Gerber’s Edge printers are used to hit exact colors (i.e. UCP blue-greens).

  • Slag

    “I LIKE IT!” (Emil from Robocop)

  • Peat the dog

    Are you freaking kidding me AWD WTF.

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  • coolhand77

    I agree with the above poster. I’d be interested in their protective gear for riding. Surely they arn’t using stock MX helmets and impact armor.

  • dave

    what a waste, how is a little ole 250 gonna carry a 6 foot plus 200 lb. warrior with gear into and out of battle, need a 450 or 650 for sure. Hayes M1030 is the only way to go!!

  • Brian

    Thtere already is a motorcycle in the military inventory used by SOF, Marines, Army soldiers. It is the M1030 (Kawasaki KLR 650), runs on JP8, has a sturdier farme, racks, larger gas tank,quiet run mufflers. This is some kids idea of the bike he rides at home and jumps, has low fuel capacity, and can’t carry anything but the rider. I argee with (dave) this bike is not designed for military use

  • coolhand77

    You’d be suprised how much oomph a 250 single thumper 4 stroke can put out. Mine nearly launched me back when I was learning to ride and had a backfire on the kick start. A 250, if geared right and in a sturdy frame will do the job. You won’t be hauling @$$ down the highway at 90 mph, but then again, for what this bike is supposed to do, that requirement is superfluous.

  • jake weber

    works radiator braces, not a christini but a Honda crf 250 and/or 450x