IMINT: Team America finds a box of krylon

Okay, I’ve got a sense of humor, but maybe this is a little bit too much…

Kit Up! contributor Jack Murphy is a former Ranger, Special Forces Soldier and is the author of the military thriller Reflexive Fire.

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  1. Slap on some swastika and maybe a picture of Glenn Beck and you're set, way to go COIN and FID.

  2. Ah, yes, cause Beck is such a famous Nazi sympathizer with all his … speeches about protecting Israel.
    Way to be a left-wing idiot.

  3. A) I don't expect his is being used for a lot of COIN/FID. When you're doing DA operations the enemy is rarely going to be more offended by your paint job than the rounds you put into them.
    B ) In a country where Bibles are illegal, I doubt many of their illiterate population even knows what a cross symbolizes or can read "Infidel Racing"
    C) I'm willing to bet the triple play of Infidel, cross, and alcohol is meant to be a joke.
    Either way, this isn't the end of the world for our operations in Afganistan, lets care more about dropping bombs on the wrong house and getting good teachers in all the schools we've built.



  5. r we gonna paint the nazi swastika too? this is just plain stupid and i'm just a buck private and i understand we're suppose to be doing counter-insurgency with indigenous troops.

    why do i get it, but our jsoc and socom people don't? could it be because there are more southern whites in these units than others?

    i would never feel comfortable flying the stars and bars because my platoon is composed of blacks, hispanics, asians and yes, even arabs and muslims. i have too much respect for my fellow soldiers to do this.

  6. Maj. K(USA ret.) | September 5, 2011 at 12:27 pm | Reply

    I hope I had more Pvt.s like you down range. Thank you for your service.

  7. This isn't cool, no matter how you cut it. It's not cool. And as a Ranger, SF and OGA veteran of these wars, I hope there'll be some disciplinary actions taken.

  8. Ummm, who cares…Its cool and all you cry baby liberals need to get out of the US Military and become librarians or coffee house employees….I really don't give a F@# if this offended you or the Taliban and Insurgents that we are killing and who want all Americans dead and to destroy our way of life!! We have no place for you our military, please leave after your enlistment is up. Good Riddance to you and your brain washed liberal American hating beliefs.
    PS. I HOPE YOU ARE OFFENDED!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA !! NO LIBERALS IN THE US MILITARY, You shouldn't have joined for the GI bill, you should have joined to serve America!!!

  9. I'm taking a seminar class w/ Gen. Stan McChrystal. Great guy, I'm going to forward this to him and I hope he'll call some people he knows to get the asswipe who painted all his on an American military motorcycle and get him sent back for kitchen duty for the rest of his enlistment.

  10. yet another soldier who doesn't get our mission abroad.

  11. Who cares about pissing them off? We have been fighting them since the 7th century. America since John Adams was president. Stop treating the muzzies like they are your next door neighbor. Forgot the two gaping holes in lower Manhattan? Jackass.

  12. Maybe you'll write your congressman and bitch about Obama f'in up the military too!

  13. I love it if our local Police had swastikas and southern flags on them. Professionalism at its BEST.

  14. and the slavery/racist southern flags? you think it's prudent to have crosses in Muslim countries? are we in a crusade? nope, we're engaged in a hearts and minds campaign.

  15. If this is a U.S. Army bike, I am terribly offended by the Confederate flag. The war is over, you lost, get on with your life.

  16. Thank you, sir.

  17. Send these photos to your local Fed representatives, copy furnished to White House, DoD and DoJ.

  18. How so? He's pretty much left the Bush doctrine and GWOT untouched. There's been more DA under Obama than Bush. No Obama is doing pretty well as commander in chief. But this stunt with Southern flags and crosses and "Infidels" is just plain stupid. I can assure you Gen. Stan McChrystal will agree with me.

  19. Whatever you boys gotta' do to burn off stress. Stay safe, keep up the good work see you soon.

  20. how many tanks, amphibs, humvees have the southern flags? if you're working by, through, with indigenous population why would you have a christian cross, adding to the crusade motif UBL and AlQaeda is promoting? wouldn't it be helping them and not us?

    most importantly if i was working with local population, and took the care not to insinuate racism/crusade, etc. if other units drove by sporting these racist symbols, i shouldn't have to be put in a position where i have to explain that they are direct action guys so they can be as racist as they wanna be.

  21. The man who rides this bike is actually a black SEAL Team Six member from Athens Georgia, who's a new convert to Islam, so upon hearing this, his teammates pulled a prank on him. This was just a prank.

  22. Call the Congressman, Call NPR, Call Code Pink, Call the NY Times, Get the SEALs arrested and thrown in the Brig!!! I'm offended!! BOOO FREAKIN' HOOO!!! Really?
    Too Bad we can't use the liberals, and Islamic sympathizers for live fire practice..Islam is the religion of Peace???…tell that to the 3000+ that were killed on 9/11, and the 5000+ US Troops that have been killed in the past 10 years of war…

  23. Yeah, Censoring the freedom of speech, due to the fact that it hurt Morgans feelings…

  24. somebody didn't read the counter-insurgency manual. we're suppose to be using the same play book. shame on you!

  25. whatever, i've probably done more deployments than you as a pvt.

  26. If we just responded by covert action (DIA/CIA), direct action (SOCOM/JSOC) and diplomatic (DoS, DoJ, Treasury, USAID, Voice of America) means, that 5,000 plus US troops would've been under 500, or less. We F'ed up, period.

    UBL would love for you to think this is another crusade, you're only helping Al-Qaeda by being this ignorant. Only the best and brightest should've been sent to deal with this war, people who studied the ME, speak Arabic, have bachelor's degrees and experience abroad. Sending our most ignorants only misrepresents us.

  27. Sure you have….You're a regular John Rambo with a degree from Berkeley in Hating America and being a left wing communist PU$$Y….

  28. And I don't care what the rest of the world thinks about Americans..Sorry you made the wrong choice about joining the military….or even if you are really even in? Hope that you get out soon, so the GI bill pays for your college…You're better off a student then you are a soldier.

  29. WISH I HAD THAT BIKE | September 5, 2011 at 2:33 pm | Reply

    Love this fucking bike !!!! And god bless the warriors that ride it into battle. Thank you for the vengeance you've sought for 343 New York City firefighters…. Fuck the bleeding heart liberals….They need to lighten up…

  30. This is why you retired a Major….Glad to see you are no longer a leader of men.

  31. I thought Jesus Christ said to forgive.

  32. The BEST comment of this post.

  33. Again, I'm glad that you are no longer leading men…Major, the rank that makes you or breaks you.

  34. Battalion Commander | September 5, 2011 at 3:21 pm | Reply

    Very cool bike…………………maybe Taledaga Nights 2?

  35. Mr. Murphy, are you saying then that the SEAL who painted this dirt bike is actually a cosmopolitan type of guy who reads Arabic and was educated in a respected college? And not just from some hicksville town?

  36. Get some…

  37. Most Delta operators come from the SF, Air Force Special OPs and even some Marines. Most are very cultured and have interfaced with a variety of people and languages. Most SEALs are DA types, they don't give a F about culture, they just destroy, they don't go incognito mix in with the locals as well as the Delta and Activity types, so their learning curve when it comes to understanding the enemy and the nuanced COIN type war is somewhat very low, they are more CT than anything.

    That's why I'm concerned why they are getting more promotions (O-6 and above) compared to SF and Delta types who have a deeper understanding of foreign small wars.

  38. For anyone who knows the Middlebury Language program, you know SEALs and SF and others go here to perfect their language. You can usually tell who the SEALs are and who the others are, because SEALs go there to lay as many of the co-eds as they can, as part of their initiation rites. They are sent there on taxpayers' dime and all they do is chase co-eds. More serious and seasoned soldiers and other gov't agency types mix in with the population and study their language, it's pretty difficult for you to spot them on campus. But SEALs however, practically wear SEAL shirts and go around advertising their parent organization.

  39. google "crusader cross". and see.

  40. One of the Gold Squadron assaulters killed in August, was a black guy. Elitism is not racism.

    Is a Direct Action unit… COIN? they don't partner with Afghan forces, they are isolated and deploy for raids, if they want to put bad-ass mottos on their stuff, they're free to do it.

  41. We don't respect nor care to understand you nose pickin' idiots.

  42. @ Khan,

    On behalf of ALL Americans, I'd like to apologize for what we've done in your country.

  43. I love this answer. To the point.

  44. I hope they track your IP address and find you, you sick duck.

  45. Exactly. Where's the professionalism.

  46. BS! What a story!

  47. Thank you. This means a lot for me.

  48. Yeah, because within small units nobody will ever knew if the guy you are working and living 24/7 is racist or not, specially while displaying banners. And by the way, thousands of US soldiers and Marines use logos, patches and t-shirts with the "Infidel", what about "Pork eating crusader" and Templar crosses? Asshole…

  49. Glenn Beck is a joke.

  50. MIIS Co-Ed 2007 | September 5, 2011 at 5:29 pm | Reply

    I can attest to this as I fell in love with not one but two US Navy SEALs, who were later deployed and on their facebook profiles posted half-naked photos of them dancing with Russian, E. European and British models in the UAE.

  51. Yup, these guys are more of a college frat on steroids than a professional military outfit.

  52. You sure do talk a lot for a PVT.

  53. No dude, some guys are in hearts and minds, others bombs, others launch missiles, others search for bombs, others jump from helicopters and storm houses with armed guys inside. Thousands of soldiers have crosses and templar tattoos, and there is a million "Infidel" caps, patches and t-shirts in any PX out there.

  54. Well, Kit Up's efforts to cut out the racist diatribe on the site may have been undone by this post.

  55. Clearly PVT J, Maria Hernadez, Miyagi and Joseph Shahd are not in the military, you are all frauds, stop spreading your Anti- American liberal agenda!! You and your cronies that have affected!!
    Come on….who calls themselves a "Buck Private"??

  56. Jeez people got thin skin. It's just a joke, nothing wrong with showing the stars and bars along with all that other stuff, the Afghans won't get it but who cares. BTW no one deserves to lose their job over something like this so stop suggesting that, the guys could be from the South and want to show off so let em.

  57. Send Maria Hernadez back across the border!

  58. A lot wiser than you | September 5, 2011 at 6:19 pm | Reply

    The Confederate Flag should be offensive to most Americans and is most definitely offensive to most African-Americans. It has no place anywhere in the service, prank or otherwise. This particular prank was likely very painful for the recipient. Whoever was responsible likely didn't mean it as a devastating attack on the recipient – an indication of dangerous insensitivity and stupidity. This is definitely NOT someone who should be in a war zone.

    The Christian iconography most likely offends the host country's locals and *should* be offensive to all Americans as separating the church and state was once one of the American Peoples' most cherished values. That so many fail to understand this is disheartening. The arrogance and hate that often accompanies this failure to understand is shocking and ugly – as evidenced here in this thread.

    Ten years in and the entire clusterfuck is still flawless Christian American good guys vs. demonic Muslim Arab evil guys to so many sub-100s. Any American serviceman carrying a weapon in theater accompanied by this attitude is essentially playing the same role as his sworn enemy the jihadist.

    Our bigots and their jihadist assholes deserve each other. In fact, they cannot exist without each other. How would this douche "panzer" compensate for his cocktail-frank of a penis in the absence of a hot war? Would that there was a way we could isolate the idiot Jihadists and the idiot "9/11 avengers" on our side from their more sane colleagues and drop them on another planet to terrorize each other while the rest of us get on with our lives…


  60. Tier 4 Operator | September 5, 2011 at 6:58 pm | Reply

    The Delta guys will tell you how professional the SEAL Team Six guys are……….or not.

  61. The whole family will…

  62. I've already forwarded this photo to my congressman and senators. Expecting an explanation from them shortly.

  63. Welcome to the easily offended group from Kit Up! FAIL

  64. 2 crosses and a rebel flag are all it takes to get the hippies worked up. Not sure where the idiot with the Glenn Beck reference was spawned from, but he illustrative of all that commie hate… it's a MOTORCYCLE, get over it.

  65. SF Rick,

    It's a bike, dude. Be ***t hurt a little less.

  66. I didn't expect such a response to this picture. I'm saddened to see how quickly it devolved into accusations of racism, Nazi comparisons, outlandish side bar conversations, Glenn Beck references and a plethora of other nonsense that has little if anything to do with the picture in question.

    As seen in the comment I posted with the picture, I think it does go a little far and does cross a line, becoming unprofessional in the process. That said, and think some people should try the decaf. I doubt that the person who spray painted this dirt bike came the same conclusions, or had the same word view, that many of the posters here assume that he did.

  67. What does the STMFVI stand for?

  68. There is a lot of room in between the two extremes Warrior Saint. Probably he simply externalized his sense of humor in a way that would have been best kept to himself.

  69. Wy are they "CRUSADER" crosses and not just crosses?

  70. Why don't all you Americans go home. WTF did you come to Afghanistan for in the first place? Who can rightly answer this question? The dirt bike only shows your lack of respect and understanding. You can't even agree amongst yourselves and even go back to your old civil war issues. Build a bridge and get over it.

  71. You see what I mean. You do not understand. We are not all Al'Qaeda or terrorists. We are family men, business men, normal people, educated people. But you brush us all with the same brush. Your utterance shows ignorance and a lack of understanding. With your attitude who can blame so many millions for hating you.

  72. I rest my case. You are ignorant and presumptuous. We will see who the idiot is in the long run.

  73. Also, straight up, there are no more black people in san francisco. They got gentrified out. Nobody can afford to live there but yuppies. You fail as a bigot.

  74. That thing is bad ass!!! whats the bet that the guy who did this calls himself skull rider or something equally idiotic.

  75. INCREDULOUS. you guys just turned a silly painted motor cycle into a race / KKK/ neo nazi/ anti american thing. this from the nation that holds itself in such high moral esteem. dudes, its just a bike that some guys were obviously goofing around with. why turn it into a huge political affair? geesh! it looks dilly and was most likely just dudes havin fun. the moral compasses were going wild there. i am south african and not even we get so bent of shape over such a trivial speck of a post.

  76. Husbandinafghanistan | September 6, 2011 at 3:58 am | Reply

    Although I am just looking at this and laughing at how stupid people are, I can't help but comment.
    What the hell is the matter with you idiots?
    You people need to be more supportive of our troops and the job they do to keep your ass comfortable at home.
    How dare you suggest that they aren't doing their jobs because of a painted bike (that is awesome by the way)!!! SHAME ON YOU All. It really does show just how narrow minded people really are.

  77. Don't apologize for me, azzhat……besides, isn't that Nobama's job?

  78. Can't believe the amount of redneck confederate dicks. Just so you know, there were muslims, jewish, blacks, and asians who are serving in the military.

    This is why the country is divided,

    Because of idiots like you people.

    What ever happened to "win the hearts and minds of the people"?

  79. Luckily, youre just a private and will not be in a postions to explain anything. Privates shut their mouths and listen.

  80. For Christ's (or Budda, Alla or whomever's) sake, its a bike. It doenst have a body dragging behind it, they arent running the roads screaming for slavery. Its a damn bike. This country has turned into a bunch of sensitive crybabies that tattle-tale over everything.
    "Im gonna call my Congressman, Mayor or Governor". These are the same people that threaten to sue because their neighbors grass clippings landed on their driveway. Pull up your skirts and get over it. Its a Effin bike. There are plenty of more pressing issues to get worked out about.

  81. i love how butthurt people get over a confederate flag. and last time I checked, those "hicks" shed the same blood in the same mud as everybody else.

  82. Real American Men | September 6, 2011 at 5:39 am | Reply


  83. bad ass bike, for those of you who dont like it dont look at it. why the **** are you apologizing for what we do in their country when it was them who started the fight?

  84. I tend to keep that kind of humor amongst my fellow Marines. It just doesn't work in the civilian world. The humor in the military stems from spending long hours in terrible conditions with a diverse group of guys. You can't explain it to those who haven't been there. I'm certain it sounds trite, just reading that line over, but it still rings true.

    Out of context (ie: posted here or told to those outside your unit) it can seem incredibly offensive. When you have a tight-knit group of individuals your personal sense of indignation goes right out the window. You've got Marines from all different backgrounds, religions, races, and lifestyles coming together to poke fun at one another and themselves. There is a level of comfort with these guys you just can't get elsewhere. The joking isn't vindictive, it doesn't stem from privately held beliefs, it is only there to evoke a reaction from the guy next to you.

    For example: If one of you (or even a Marine from another platoon.) walked up to me and started going on about the things you did to my (*Insert significant other here:) last night, you'd have a knee in your groin before you finished speaking. If one of my fireteam members said the same thing I'd fire back about the previous evening with (Insert significant OTHERS here:) or any number of similarly offensive come-backs. It's a brotherhood. You are easing the tension of whatever you are currently doing. It simply isn't offensive amongst brothers, there just aren't the same kind of barriers.

    Race, religion, and politics become a lot less offensive when you have to sleep next to three other guys that decided MRE Buffalo Chicken was a solid dinner choice.

    * [No pun intended…]

  85. It's the historical battle flag of our ancestors. Plenty of people wear Union Jacks and display the cross of St. Andrew and multiple other flags – get over it.

  86. I see where you're coming from, but the flag is not inherently disrespectful. It's a historical battle flag of a then-sovereign nation.

    Just prior they flew the Stars & Stripes and unless I'm mistaken the offical flag of the KKK was Old Glory. So it's not the flag, it's your actions you need to worry about.

  87. I guess you weren't raised down here . . .

  88. So, you'd like advocate killing American citizens 'Too Bad we can't use the liberals' because they have differing political views than yours? Hooray for liberty.

  89. "B ) In a country where Bibles are illegal, I doubt many of their illiterate population even knows what a cross symbolizes or can read "Infidel Racing"

    One doesn't need to be literate to understand symbols. Many folks can't speak Arabic, but they understand a Crescent moon and star.

  90. Its the religion bro its the people who hijacked it just like the yonkers who hijacked christianity. The meek shall inherit remember. Jesus and his lesson are common to both of us. Said yonkers aught to remember that and not invole the name of the lord in vain!

  91. One-liners are as well, apparently.

    It's not an excuse, it's merely an explanation. We don't carry on like that in public, because it's not intended for the public. It would reflect poorly on the Marine Corps.

    I'm not making an excuse for the bike. It was a bad call, a worse one to put a picture out where others could find it. The real error was letting it slip outside his unit, which was the intended target. If it brightens their day even in the smallest of ways, more power to them. So long as it remains an "inside joke." Both literally and figuratively.

  92. Friggin outstands, camo the helmet

  93. You are getting irate rather quickly, it seems.

    I will quote what I wrote and let you sift through it to find "Jack Murphy" within.

    "I'm not making an excuse for the bike. It was a bad call, a worse one to put a picture out where others could find it. The real error was letting it slip outside his unit, which was the intended target…"

    A basic reading of the article above would indicate that Mr. Murphy is not the owner of the photo, nor the paint job on the bike. "he" is in reference to the unnamed serviceman who let it slip out.

    Not certain where the Abu Ghraib comment came from. The cases are not similar at all. One deals with human rights, the other with humor among servicemen. I can see no apparent human rights violations in the above photo.

    This conversation is finished for me. Have a great afternoon.

  94. Quite true. It is government property, and those markings don't belong. Probably the strongest case of the lot. (The remarks were sincere, it is difficult to get inflection across in writing.)

  95. Didn't Ken Watanabe come from a country where soldiers desecrated American servicemen by castrating corpses and stuffing genitals in their mouths? …or perhaps pretty much every major action of the Japanese Empire in WWII?

    How quickly we forget these things. Hmm…

  96. Be careful you don't trip over the Gen.'s name you keep dropping…

  97. Does your butt hurt a little bit less?

  98. @ Khan,

    On behalf of ALL Americans, I'd like to apologize for Latifa Jones.

  99. Sorry, no. This photo has been on the internet for a while. It's just getting more exposure now because Kit Up! gets a lot of traffic.

  100. Jesus. I think humanity is going to be in danger is you have any children or spread your pathetic gene pool any further.
    Your super high-speed cousin is just fine.

  101. Get a freakin life people! If it breaks up the down time and someone laughed at it so be it….AS for it being paid for by the tax payers? Kiss it good byeeeeeeeeeee beeeeeeeeeeotchs cause that bike will never make it back in country!

  102. STMFVI? Seal Team Mutha Fu*kin Six

  103. Man the Political correctness police are here in full force, just let the troops have their fun, if something offends you you then don't read, view or listen to it. Heaven forbid the troops have some fun during bad times to help them cope with the situation. Besides, most afghans cannot read and most likely don't understand any of these symbols nor care about them, their gonna be angry no matter what you do anyway because that's just been their mindset for a while ever since the Soviets invaded them. Furthermore unless the troops superiors tell them otherwise about doing these kind of things, just let them be. Besides no one likes someone who rats another out over trivial garbage that you would normally hear on college campus's by people are trying to seem PC.

  104. Uh, there was a time early in our history when Congress printed its own Bibles; the whole "separation" thing is a recent development….

  105. I'm not aware of mass internment camps currently in America. I don't think I forgot anything.

  106. They are. Sometimes you have to send in your 2nd-String guys (SEAL Team 6) so your 1st-String guys (Delta) can get some rest. You don't want to burn your 1st-String guys out.

  107. Just so I'm getting this right, you last two douchebags are advocating the death of our nation's finest? You consider yourselves American? I guess that's what's awesome about the internet. You can make an off color comment like that thinking it's funny, but you wouldn't dare make that comment in public. Wait, unless Senior Cucuracha and Sad Face are members of the Westboro Baptist Church.

    I love the CAG vs. DG comments you guys are making when 99% of you have never worked with either.

    This thread has exemplified exactly what is going wrong with our country. The pussification of our military by people having nothing better to do than whine and complain about what our T1 guys are doing. They are doing a job at a level you couldn't even begin to comprehend. I don't know if you're envious, maybe went to selection and failed out, BUD/s duds, who knows. Your comments actually show what little comprehension you have about that community. Be proud of the job you're doing and stay in your own lane. Oh and stop apologizing for our country. Obama already did that like a groveling idiot.

  108. You need to do some serious research in to the history of the Civil War. Yes, slavery was part of what it was fought over, but the primary reason the Confederacy withdrew from the Union was freedom of choice. Blacks also fought for the Confederacy as well as owned slaves. It was the Union which made slavery a major issue for the war. So, the Stars and Bars to southerners(some) really means rebellion against the establishment or freedom. I am saying this because it is fact; whether I believe or not is not relevant.

  109. You're a Goddamn idiot who can't even fathom US history, much less geopolitics and the US involvement in Afghanistan…

  110. Too many are way too politically sensitive. No sense of humor. Basically, a lot of Chicken Little's. If this was done as a team prank (previously mentioned), it should be the victim's choice for his course of action, not the peanut gallery, here.

  111. "2nd Finest?" How would you or the other stupid kids know anything about any of Tier 1 Assets? I'm positive DEVGRU and CAG are made up of people one thousand times more professional than you jackasses could ever dream to be.

  112. Like I said above, opinions based on internet rumors and Hollywood, and 0 experience.

    The Unit? Seriously? Ask a CAG guy what he thinks of the show, or better yet why Eric Haney is blacklisted
    from the community.

  113. Brilliant, Affirmative Action for SF. I guess New Breed SpecOps would be a bunch of pansies that ride on a wambulance.

  114. Um…have you read the 1st Amendment? It protects citizens from being censored by the government, not from web administrators.

  115. Um…Airman? You have lost this fight, and are now making your branch of service look bad by spouting useless crap. Fall back, figure out what the "shift" key is for, and pick another battle.

  116. Please enlighten us as to what experience you have working in, for, or with SOCOM.

  117. You hope some SEAL died because you don't like his sense of humor? I don't care if you served or not, that's just sick of you.

  118. What's with the political correctness brigade here? Shouldn't you be off shouting about how repealing DADT is a "great step forward" or some similar load of nonsense. Let the troops have their fun.

  119. I think it is hilarious that so many people got riled up over a photo. Notice it is sitting with the kickstand down? How about the fact that it looks like it is sitting in some motor pool? Just because the bike was painted and stickered as shown doesn't mean it wasn't sprayed over after the pic. It could have been a joke, people. Some blowing off steam? Sarcasm?

    So many assumptions when no one can verify that it went "operational" with this scheme. Some of you guys really need to get laid. lol

  120. Hilarious!. Jack, you sure started something. Here i thought america had buried its racial ghosts, apparently not…. I thought south africa had problems.. Whew, them comments up there are mean fightin' words. How race and religion found its way into a silly picture of a bike amazes me.. I think we need the Winchester brothers to exorcise the demons out of that there motorcickle.

  121. Really? I could make a lot of comments about how this shows X,Y, or Z about the Army and about POGs but really this just shows what a **cked up human being you are.

  122. Oh really? That guy whose service and death got too much press just because he was a football star while many "nameless" GIs were fighting and dying without nearly the same level of attention? Soldiers who were just as much heroes as him?

    The celebrity worship we have in America is far more of a problem than some soldiers blowing off steam.

  123. So, you have done multiple deployments as a Pvt? Either you are lying, or you are telling the truth and suck at this whole military thing. In either scenario, you don't rate to be taken seriously on anything that is OIF or OEF related. (Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom. Now you don't have to Google it).

  124. Hmmmmmm…… I don't know any Marine Corporals who refer to themselves as "E-4". You are entitled to an opinion, just don't pretend to be part of our "best and brightest." I'm sure you got into MARSOC because of your "never quit" attitude. Don't you have a Call of Duty game to get back to?

  125. I find it disrespectful and downright stupid to make yourself stick out more than we already do, in a country where we haven't established effective control. The military takes all kinds, so this sort of stupidity can be expected, especially when GI's get bored. I care about the image this presents of Americans, and I don't see a good image here. You wouldn't wear an infidel tab while talking to an Afghan tribal leader would you? No, because that makes you look stupid.
    As for not having liberals in the military, it's a f***ing label. How about you get out and get educated, and actually think for yourself. Stop blindly following party doctrine, you're being provincialist (yes that's a real term, look it up). For that matter, why don't you join the military yourself, and serve since you seem to be eminently qualified. If you already are in the military, I feel bad, because you've failed to realize that the military is a microcosm of society. If the founding fathers had been as closed-minded as you seem to be, they'd never have told King George to go f*** himself. Free thinkers are welcome in my military any day. Remember, this nation was built on tolerance.
    PS. I hope this message offended you. If it did, it means I can lump you in with all the violent, intolerant, ignorant fundamentalist extremists that you claim to hate. You've got more in common with Bin Laden and his ilk, than you realize. Think on that.

  126. Morgan, I must disagree. Go back and actually dig into the issues that culminated in the civil war. It wasn't about protecting slavery or the privileges of the plantation owners. The flag was a symbol that represent the fight for states rights, particularly the right to choose. The southern states wanted new states to choose whether or not to join the union as slave-holding states or free states. The lessons are still relevant even if the circumstances are not. The Confederate flag is still a symbol of the states rights movement, even after it was misrepresented as a symbol of racist hatred and oppression. I do agree that displaying the confederate flag has a proper time and place, and that a warzone isn't either one. This picture represents some poorly thought out, fratboy humor. Unprofessional, yes. Stupid, probably. But nothing we need to get all wrapped around the axle about. ****, I mess with my fellow airmen when they screw up. More than a few times pictures of Hasselhoff, and gay sailors end up on the backgrounds of computers because they were unattended. Professional? **** no. Still fun as ****.

  127. I am greatly offended that the original poster thinks the painter went too far! How DARE YOU?! You make us grind down scriptures that were put on our guns from the United States. Everytime we make a comment or display some human emotions, you turn against us. Come over here and fight this war. Cause I dont want to fight for America anymore. If one of my christian friends saids Merry Christmas or puts a tree up in cl***.
    We are violating some Åsshole's religious rights in MY OWN CHRISTIAN COUNTRY! But when one of them wants to put up a MOSQUE on 9/11 Grounds or "pray" to his fake islamic god at recess and we say something ! (GOD FORBID!) Your all over us calling US names and saying WE are wrong! If we decide to put a swastika on the bike. Whether or not you agree- you SHOULD be supporting us! What?! Are you such a coward that if your mother gets caught lying to her Bf..You'll stand there and let him beat her *** for lying? NO! (I hope not anyways) Just the same- as for people who are DYING for you-should be deemed always right in your book! We have a good idea how the poor Vietnam Vets felt by how Americans treat us. Listen- YOU come over – and fight. Atleast one of us would know what we are fighting for.

  128. This really answered my problem, thank you!

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