Army Light Weight Machine Gun Prototype: A SAW killer?

As a former M60 Gunner “new guy”SEAL, I carried about 800 rounds of 7.62 and full kit, so I can appreciate what it means to hump a machine gun.  Lighter isn’t always better as we learned in SOCOM with the nightmare MK43 variant of my trusty old 60. That gun would suck a dirty rag through the feeding tray and keep on firing…not so with the Frankenstein MK43 variant.  Let me know what you guys think.  A SAW killer?
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  1. I'm assuming it's 5.56 based and not one of the caseless prototypes out there? Is it just a SAW with lighter parts and tweaks or is it a new platform?

    Light weight seems a win, but curious what the thought was in regards to accuracy vs. quantity like the IAR.


  2. i have no idea the mk 43 was so bad. and just for clarification… the "M60" would cycle a dirty rag, right?

  3. I feel glad you showed everyone this….

    I been watching the LSAT Lmg for awhile.

    This program deserves some attention.

    From what i been reading and watching the past few months… It looks like it has alot of potiential.

    Heres a link to the PDF brochure about the LSAT LMG.

    I like how you ask us for our opinions… i always try to be as skeptical as possible on a new thing.

  4. So basically this LSAT is the same as the SAW (Function, Caliber 5.56) except for the weight savings? What about the IAR?

  5. Not sure about the M60 "sucking a rag through the feed tray" comment. The M60 was not that reliable of a weapon and prone to a lot of different failures if not properly and constantly maintained, and some even if it was. The M240 is a far superior weapon. It's just damn heavy and cumbersome.

  6. At least the Amy is looking at a SAW replacement that is still belt fed. I know the Corps said they will keep the SAW in some way, but i am not a fan of the IAR. I know it is more accurate, but contious fire with out having to reload will keep the enemy's head down longer while you can manuver on the enemy, a Corps basic; fire and manuver.

  7. Like with other programs I think budget cuts will make any results of these test a long ways away from adoption.

  8. The problem is, the LSAT program is no where near the maturity level to go beyond the test/analysis mode. Frankly, one major decision that has to be made is what caliber are the next generation light & medium machine guns are going to use, and of course any changes in rifle caliber. And, what is the direction going to be, the polymer-telescoped cased or the caseless ammunition?

    I just don't think anyone in the military, let alone congress, is ready to make such a radical change in the US's military small arms.

  9. Ok, I admit that I'm not up on this new Polymer Cased-Telescoped ammunition. Would someone explain the telescoped part?
    As to the polymer case, I get it, no metal so less weight, BUT, polymer is made from oil, if we are cut off from our overseas supply what will we use to make the cases? The world is already running out of oil, do we really want to increase the demand to produce a lighter cartridge?

  10. The M60 or as we called it the "PIG" humpin that pos straight up those jungle hills then straight down for endless clicks. I was glad i was young and grew up in the moutains since birth. There are those posers who think it is just humpin and shooting are wrong big time.There is no rest for the machine gun man he has to fill out his range cards his first second and third positions for the night/day. Lucky for me i was every position at one point or another.It's better that way makes a better leader to be dish boy first.

  11. What makes the Mk43 different from the M60?

  12. The USCG is steadily phasing out the M60 in favor of the M240.

  13. I'm not so sure. I think troop numbers and bases will take the brunt as opposed to soldier kit.

    If the Army was smart, it would protect these core projects:
    – The XM25
    -Exoskeleton and LSAT research
    -The revised Nett Warrior and related communications improvements

  14. The IAR is great…as a carbine, not an LMG-type weapon. It should really be supplementing or replacing basic M16A4s and not the M249.

  15. US Ordnance has remidied all with the M60.

  16. Why develop a lightweight 5.56 MG when Reed Knight already has one that weighs a paltry10 lbs and runs like a raped ape? Typical gov't waste of time and money.

  17. We get 80% of our oil from Canada in the forms of oil sands and oil shale. We good. Besides, plastic is more easily recycled.

  18. Sure, but dig this, they save every search you do under the guise of 'serving you better'.

  19. This begs the question again, what does the bloated HK IAR offer over a Colt or FN M16 of simiar configuration? It is as simple as the Corps back-dooring a piston converstion of an "M16" into the system. Added weight, proprietary parts and more of 'em, magazine fed, etc. Going against typical doctrine, if you keep a DI lubed, it will run, and run, and run.

  20. ammo bearer/AG/m60 gunner from the bottom to the top, then moved on to the many other aspects of warfare. The "men with green faces" were my heros /trainers/brothers.

  21. It's a good idea to make things lighter, but they'll just find more "light weight" equipment to load the Infantryman with

  22. @Johnny Quest

    Not only does the LSAT LMG weigh roughly 9 lbs, the ammunition is 40% light. If the solider is carrying a ammunition load of 600 rds total, thats a weight savings of over 7lbs JUST IN THE AMMO – more than the weight of an m4. If you carry even more ammo, thats even more weight savings…

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