German Kommando Spezialkrafte “KSK”

I was looking through my old photos the other day and stumbled across a picture of me and my KSK buddies in Afghanistan.  I thought you guys would like this video even though it’s in German.  My SEAL platoon did the first joint Special Forces operation with the German KSK in Afghanistan.  We actually ended up doing quite a few joint ops with these guys.  Great bunch of guys and I still keep in touch with a few of them. A few years back I hosted a few of the guys when they finished with the bundle (heavy kit/parchute course) course in Yuma, AZ.  I’ll try and did up some photos to post on here for you guys. Enjoy the video…and someone tell me how I can get that girls number! Out here-Brandon

From Wikipedia: The KSK Kommando Spezialkräfte (Special Forces Command, KSK) is an elite military unit composed of Special Operations soldiers from the ranks of Germany’s Bundeswehr and organized as such under the Division Spezielle Operationen (Special Operations Division, DSO). The unit has received many decorations and awards from both NATO and its affiliates. Modeling itself on the British Army’s Special Air Service and the US Army’s Delta Force, KSK operators are frequently requested for joint anti-terror operations, most notably in the Balkans and Middle East.

  • Mike

    The Video is a clip of a great DVD documentation (about the whole Bundeswehr – German Armed Forces) which was hosted by (attention:) “Sonja Zietlow”. ;-))

    If you want to get her phone number, try it here on facebook:

    Greetings from GERMANY. Thanx to you to mention KSK on your blog!


    • Brandon

      Mike-I was joking on the phone number but thank you!!! Happy to mention the KSK. -Brandon

  • N703

    KSK has an awesome 360 Kill house some buddies tried out. Afterwards we went and had beers at the Dubliner where the youngest/newest Team guy and their youngest had a contest to see who could get more “attention” from a non-attractive German lady at the bar. Our guy won, and I guess she did too.

    Good dudes.

  • PLiner

    I see the KSK aren’t immune from corny information videos either. Overall,they are a good group of dudes and are pretty squared away, with exception to “Mark T” in the video.He got the boot about after a year for being a tool bag,pity he’s in the video representing them.

  • WTH

    This video is genuinely confusing if you don’t speak German. …what the hell were they doing? Escaped convicts with blackface, scaling walls and playing survivor-man in a military installation?

  • strikehold

    Danke schoen Brandon. Das ist ein gutes Video. :-)

  • Brandon

    Verdammt gutes video!

    • john wayne

      das ist en gut video, ich leibe auf.

  • Brandon

    Gute Scheisse auf jeden Fall!

  • Lance

    Like the movie fun G-36 action.

  • jka

    I like the dudes that have camo’d faces as opposed to obscured faces when doing to keep their super secret interviews.

  • Infidel4LIFE

    Hk makes some really good weapons. Don’t speak German but I get the general idea. The KSK kinda had its hands tied in A-stan due to strict ROE. They could have shot wanted men in the back but didn’t, or were not allowed to. This is 1 incident long ago. I been reading they have found their “inner German” and take the fight to the ENEMY. Best defense is a good offense. Like that MP-7, though i never fired one. They really have their pick wen it comes to weapons.

  • Teutobergerwald

    That’s awesome, finding their “inner German.” And I’ll second that about German weaponry, too. From fighter aircraft to tanks to small arms, they never forgot how to field excellent systems.

  • Alan

    Good video

  • Mohammad Shahir Nader

    Hello dear KSK general commander and members!this is Shahir Nader one of the Afghan local English interpreter who has been dismissed some weeks before by the camp marmul administrative office,what I want from you is;just think about me for a short while and have a review on my database and my work experience which I had in this unit in different provinces of Afghanistan like Mazar-e-Sharif,Kunduz,Baghlan and Badakshan and call me again please to do work with you and at the end I telling you from my heart that;trust me please,I’m not a bad person.