The Dogs of War

Check out this video about dogs in Afghanistan.  :29 seconds in you’ll see a dog named blondie sleeping next to a guy on a loaded SAW SLEEPING!! WTF over?

The only downfall of taking dogs on patrol at night (untrained ones) is that they can give away your position pretty easily.

My SEAL platoon had a dog in Afghanistan that we named “JDAM” (Joint Direct Attack Munition).  We were doing a RECON up north along the Pakistani border and had dropped thousands of pounds of ordnance on a target and out of the wreckage comes this little pup trotting along…and JDAM had found a home.  We kept him for 6 months and my friend Chris, now the 2nd SEAL astronaut, took JDAM home after our first tour in Afghanistan.  Another of our EOD guys befriended yet another fur ball and called her “CAS” (Close Air Support).  Not sure what happened to CAS.  One thing is for certain, dogs can sure do a lot for morale at home or overseas….Brandon

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  1. Daaaaaawwwwwww…

  2. Dogs are a valuable asset in military. I worked with a German Shepard name "Duke" with the Coasties. They can pick up on things that humans can't easily from explosives to suspicous people. They are very loyal and will be at your side no matter what.

  3. pretty sure that guy sleeping is just a still image.

  4. yep, that's a still picture and not a video, wonder why the dog is not blinking or anything.

  5. Out of the whole video Brandon points out a soldier blinking in a still and jests "WTF over?" to this I reply "It's called blinking, us self propelled snadbags use it to lubricate our eyes while doing work OUT" Most line dawgs don't go to high speed training SEALS go to, and so we mere mortals still blink.

  6. Cute dogs. As a dog-lover myself, its kind of a shame that a lot of these dogs wind up getting left behind. A friend of mine in Iraq adopted a couple dogs as part of his EOD-WIT unit, one of them wound up passing away, the other sort of moped around his shed for a few days. We sent him a care package with a few tennis balls and some dog treats thrown in.

  7. And then your CSM shows up and orders all the dogs shot… Perfect way to get Joe pissed off!

  8. Enjoyed this one, men and their dogs have been quite a team since humans first had a campfire or cave to defend, yes? Thanks for the posting!

  9. We had some good dogs up in the north east of Afghanistan. Tourettes became particularly vicious with Afghans once she had her pups, we had to escort our terps into our part of the camp otherwise she'd have them against a wall. Still, they learned when to be quiet and when to chase. A NG LT almost had a bad night when we found out he killed Tourettes to make the Marines on our camp happy. Dude wouldn't even come clean about it until we had the rest of his platoon tell us he did it. Don't mess with our dogs…It feels good to come off a patrol and have them waiting there for you.

  10. It does look like he's sleeping… but I'm going to make the assumption that he wouldn't be asleep in the middle of the day, in full br, in the middle of what looks like the motor pool, with him buddies their to take a photo.

    Either way, we liked to keep dogs around in Kosovo, it kept the kids away! Unfortunately, I know a lot ofCoCs won't let units keep dogs and have made them "get rid" of them. Now the US Army is doing this embedded K9 program it will have K9s at the unit level that will serve an on duty purpose but also give a little reminder of home (and have their shots).

  11. We had Blue and Hamslice in Desert Storm. Blue would jump out of the back of the Bradley and help clear the position. Hamslice would ride in the 88 with the mechanics.

  12. The reason that the dogs develop an affection for American/Coalition soldiers and marines is the the treatment (obviously). Most middle eastern cultures consider dogs to scavanging vermin. They are not liked at all. No one owns them or feeds them.

  13. The first thing I thought of when I heard blondie as a dog's name was hitler's german shepard….

  14. It was a staged still photo at that.

  15. Toujours Pret!!!

  16. Yeah, I remember the dogs in Kosovo. Lots of wild ones. Lots of dog hunts by the local hunting clubs to cull the population. Being a huge dog fan, I hated hearing about it, but I guess the same thing happens in the USA – it's just behind the scenes in kill shelters. Dammit.

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