Kit Up Holiday Exclusive: American Sniper Interview (Part 1 of 2)

Kit Up American Sniper

Kit Up Exclusive: American Sniper Chris Kyle

I did a post on my fellow team guy Chris Kyle’s upcoming book “American Sniper”. For those of you who don’t know Chris, he’s the most accomplished (from a confirmed kill point of view) US military sniper of all time. We spoke on the phone last weekend to get caught up, and it’s good to see he’s doing so well with his new training company.

Below is a Kit Up exclusive, and is the first of two interviews with Chris Kyle. I’m working on a live interview first part of January when his book comes out. If you guys have specific questions you want me to ask please post under comments. You can see by Chris’s answers that he is a great guy and focused on some good messaging. His book is available to order now on amazon, just click here. To learn more about the Navy SEAL sniper program click here.



Kit Up American Sniper

Long range Urban Sniper ops with the 300 winmag.

1. What inspired you to write American Sniper?

I wanted people to be aware of the sacrifices, not only the service member makes, but their family as they deploy. My wife has a huge part in the book describing what she went through, and how it affected her.

Ryan Job and Marc Lee died heroes, but their stories are not known. I wanted to get their story out there.

I knew writing this book would allow me a voice to be able to draw attention to the fact that men and women are currently in harm’s way fighting for this country. We should never forget them, and when they come home, we should do everything we can to help them. If they don’t come home, it is our duty to help their family. This is where the charities I am involved with come in. Both of these charities are a small way to give back, but I am always looking for new, and better ways to give back.


2. I’ve heard rumors about you whacking two dudes in Texas that tried to hold you up. Any truth to this or is it RUMINT?

I was involved in an attempted car-jacking, where they left me no other recourse but to use lethal force.

3. I’m sure there are a lot LE/Military that would love to hear about your training company. What kind of courses are you offering these days?

Craft International. For the LE/Military, we offer all tactical training. I have surrounded myself with outstanding people from all branches. I want to ensure when training conventional forces, they do not perceive any egos from us, so they will be taught by someone who speaks their lingo, knows the equipment, and their mission. A spec-ops member will be present, because I do believe it is huge to integrate all facets of the wheel. Just as when we train LE, there will be a member of the military present to give lessons learned., but the course will be taught by a LE officer. In the civilian market, we train people in weapons safety, accuracy, self defense (armed or unarmed), and corporate retreats. We are not just a training company, we are also widely employed in the security arena. We have anti-piracy and protection contracts in place around the world. We even do things as simple as personal protection for high risk individuals.

Kit Up Chris Kyle Iraq

Kit Up: Chris Kyle Iraq

4. What message could you pass on to the Kit Up community about your time serving in the Teams?

My time in the teams has shown me that everyone has to be fully trained and engaged in the fight. From the private all the way to the staff sergeant. From the conventional forces to the spec-ops teams. We are all in the fight together, and the egos need to be put aside for better integration. Some of the best deployments were when we were attached to a conventional unit. We fought side by side, no egos, and proved to them that we were here to help them.

I am also a huge advocate for the vets. I am currently starting my own charity named Task Force Legacy. It is designed to take the vets on hunts, fishing, shooting, and just drinking trips. Also, this charity was formed so we could give the money raised to other organizations that are doing the right thing. I am also a board member on Fitco Cares the Heroes Project. This charity puts gyms in the vets homes who are in need of getting themselves into shape, but don’t want to go to a gym. If we get the body right, it’s easier for the mind to follow.

Kit Up Joint Ops Chris Kyle

Kit Up Joint Ops in target rich Iraq

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  1. i was digging the interview right up till the point where he talked about egos and mentioned the conventional side.

    where are the egos on the conventional side? am i missing something? the special ops community feels like the conventional side is full of ego maniacs?

  2. This might be redundant given the topic of the blog, but I'd love to hear what kind of kit, namely rifles, the snipers use in the Teams currently, possibly what his preferred rifle is.

  3. I'm glad he and his buddies are on our team!

  4. LineOfDeparture | December 25, 2011 at 7:07 am | Reply

    I would like to hear how Chris has furthered himself after the teams educationally, intellectually, and tactically? How has his mindset changed since his time on the teams?

  5. Would love to help out on the hunts for the vets. Have access to 6000you acres in central VA and already have 5you wheel chair accesssible stands. 2ould be available to assist in training also.

  6. Mike Hull-

    I'll pass this along. Thanks much Mike.


  7. Great interview Brandon! Thanks for the support!

  8. Very interesting thanks Brandon.

  9. Great interview. Looking forward to more on this one! It is important for all Americans to see the sacrifices being made by men and women in uniform. It is also important for Americans to see the good work that we continue to do after we leave the Military. Chris Kyle has demonstrated the ability for greatness on both sides of that fence! -CMH

  10. Great interview Brandon – more people need to hear this story. Looking forward to part II of your interview with Chris.

  11. Despite being the resident "lefty" among Kitup commenters, I'm looking forward to reading Kyle's book.

  12. Awesome! I'm sure you'll let us know at Kitup when it launches, right? Looking forward to it.

  13. usamilitarysarefucki | January 3, 2012 at 10:39 am | Reply

    Sorry people like him are the biggest ******** on earth! But he have to pay the bill for his murdering sure!

  14. I understand that war changes men, an it changes their point of view on moral an ethics. Killing during a war is handled as something different, but becomes something "good" after the winning like as the Allies and Russians beat the Nazis. There was a reason behind it, the fight against the evil and it was a clear victory – but we can't say this in this case, the war in Iraq had never ended, never changed and yet the troops are gone and leave a country behind that has an uncertain future. I hope the best for this country to get on track, and I hope this wasn't just about the oil and the power in the middle east, I hope it was war against the evil and nothing else.

    Second I would like to ask if there is a count for the innocent you killed in action, the collateral damage – and if you still think of them.

  15. Cant wait to get this book, I am looking forward to ordering it this pay day. Even though my stack of books I have ordered and not had the chance to read is growing this is still gonna be added to the stack and moved to the front of the line as next to read.

  16. Does your mommy know you talk like that and you're using her computer???

  17. looks like the hippies found Kit Up. Guess we didn't veg up enough.

  18. Chris mentioned Ryan and Marc, what about Mikey??

  19. Brandon, you may want to change the setup of your website. I went to look at SOFREPdotcom and it took me right to your WordPress login page. For security purposes, you should will want to change that. :)

  20. Chris Kyle was on O'Reilly tonight. Bill is normally pretty stoic in his interviews, but he was clearly taken aback by Kyle's matter of fact approach to the business of sniping. It was very illuminating that O'Reilly acknowledged that most people, including himself, don't understand war, what it really is. Chris' explanation was great and spot on. To be honest, I was taken aback by Bill's surprise. I just figured as long as he has been around, he would have had a better "feel" for it. Good stuff. Go to Fox News/O'Reilly Factor and watch the inverview. Try this link:

  21. People like this think they are hereos or warrios but in real they are big kids with hiend wappons.. about what is he proud? eerybody can kill people like ***** with a snipper… us militarys are ******! but hey usa ****** up every time more and more! soon they nit to learn chinese HAHAHA

  22. Ruh Roh, Jesse fires back on Twitter. Says the incident with Kyle didn't happen

  23. Read his book

  24. Mike M. is mentioned in the book-but this was more a "diary" style "from his eyes"-Ryan and Marc were up close and that doesn't need any explanation.Lots names will be left out and lots more will never be known-Nature of the Beast ,man.

    As for "were agaisnt everything that any body ever stands for" crowd? How does it feel to stand for nothing? Be accountable for nothing?Empty?
    Must leave alot of room for ****.

  25. okay…sierra hotel india tango…..LOL

  26. Its too bad these chicken shit bastards that leave negative comments about Chris Ryan and all the other Heroes will not leave their names. Of course these liberals are not real men. Hiding behind computers and the liberties that us in the military sacrificed for. While in the military, we cant do or say things against them, or react to them.. But Im retired, so I can now.




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