Army Drops Govt. Camo Pattern from Race to Replace UCP

PEO Soldier officials recently pulled the government’s pattern from the Army’s camouflage improvement effort, leaving four industry patterns in the running to replace the embattled Universal Camouflage Pattern.

Here is the announcement from PEO Soldier:

On Jan. 10th, the Army announced that families of camouflage patterns from
one government team and four commercial vendors were selected to proceed
into the next step of evaluations.

As part of a cost savings strategy and as a result of initial assessments,
the government submission is being removed from further consideration as
a replacement to the universal camouflage pattern.

This decision has been made in light of the similarity between elements
of the government and one industry submission and the higher score
of the industry submission during the initial evaluation.

We are excited about the four vendor patterns we are going forward with.
We anticipate experiencing very positive results in our field trials and more
advanced computer evaluations.

We will continue to work closely with our industry partners and our government
team, especially in terms of research,development and evaluation.

The Army conducts extensive testing to ensure we provide Soldiers with the
very best clothing and equipment.


Army officials at Natick would not release images of the government pattern, which many believe is the Scorpion pattern it developed with Crye Precision LLC years ago. Officials at Crye continue to keep their camouflage submission close hold. It would be interesting to see just how similar the now defunct government pattern was to Crye Precision’s MultiCam and its newer submission to the Army’s camouflage effort.

In addition to Crye Precision, ADS Inc., Kryptek Inc., and Brookwood Companies Inc. remain contenders in the upcoming field trials.

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21 Comments on "Army Drops Govt. Camo Pattern from Race to Replace UCP"

  1. Just pick one already and get it over with!

  2. Good, it's like the 2012 race the less canidates the more easier it gets to choose. besides i'm sure the natick patt was going to be a "One" camo idea like they had with UCP lol, c'mon Natick think outside the box for once. PS Brookwood is a military fabric designer company not a camo development industry, just putting my guess on the next one to drop out.

  3. Here's hoping the USAF adopts a baby blue ODU "Office Dress Utility" with a pattern of computers, coffee pots, and file drawers on it so I can hide from my boss in plain sight.

  4. Getting closer, a few more years- probably.

  5. With Matt this is going to drag on for months not years and UCP will stay in the end. More Army waste.

  6. Once again waste and abuse with this camo trial. Multicam has been adopted by Special Operations, many of our allies and in OEF-Afghanistan. Adopt Multicam and lets get back to the 80% solution. One uniform was the original idea to save cost of uniforms and gear. Lets stop wasting money to justify a star on a shoulder.

  7. well this seems like a step in the right direction. at least this means that the Army can't change their minds, end the search for a new pattern, and declare their own as the new pattern. i hope this will streamline the search and give the Army a pattern that i actually worth the fabric its printed on.

  8. This is a big deal, up until the UCP fiasco, the only body of people considered competent enough to design camo for the Army was the Army. Now, the Army has declared that civilian side can design equal or better camo, and walked out of the race. That being said, I predict that ADS will meet the baseline, Brookwood will not, and Crye will slightly exceed the baseline, seeing as they are competing against their own pattern. Kryptek is the wild card, in my opinion. The real question is what will the Army do with the results? Use the winning pattern, or live with UCP until the next war?

  9. More on Brookwoods' entries over on Soldier Systems Daily:

    And more about Scorpion there too, as well as here:

  10. Im still disappointed that the Hyde Definition PenCott pattern was disqualified (wrongly IMO I might add, there was no requirement in the RFP that the pattern not be commercially available, etc. they should definitely challenge the decision).

  11. Screw it all…….where's my BDU's..

  12. what ever happened to OD, black & khaki?

  13. I know this won't actually take years; I was making a joke about it taking so long, and I totally agree that it will be a giant waste.

  14. Why can't we commonize between the branches? Remember when we had BDU and DCUs across all branches of service? I would think it would be a cost savings & maintence. It's unbelieveable how many camo uniforms we have today.

  15. No doubt they will screw this up to just like they have done with every uniform since the fatigues.

    During the 1st Gulf war pilots were able to easily pick out every countries soldiers from the air except the Brits. They wore Khaki's.

  16. From what's being reported elsewhere it appears that Natick's entry was the old Scorpion pattern that was the precursor/ancestor of Multicam.

    As far as Brookwood is concerned, I don't think that they're dropping out any time soon since they just released pictures of their 3 entries in the contest. They're very interesting in that they look like they were done using watercolors or were painted right on the fabric with a brush.

  17. These guys give a new meaning to "Milk Maids" because they are truley sucking every cent out of this scam.

  18. Agree, Army waste. I wonder why the Army just didn't take the EGA out of MARPAT patterns and use them. Heck, the Marines have been using Army patterns since WWII.

  19. The Kryptek looks to be the most effective it looks a little weird up close but father away it really seems to blend in. Just pick something big army we are tired of wearing the UCP it sucks

  20. I wonder if all the new camos that have come out would of saved any men serving in Vietnam who wore plain, old OD work/combat uniforms? I think all of this is "much to do about nothing". AND a big fat waste of DOD dollars SSG Charles E. Howard(USA,RET.)

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