Spetsnaz Training: Find The Vanishing Breacher

No one could ever accuse our dear friends the Russians for conducting boring training exercises, as shown in this YouTube video. Ok, so one of our esteemed readers from Russia’s side of the world has  brought it to Kit Up’s attention that the YouTube video I posted yesterday actually shows a Kazakhstani Spetsnaz training op.

Anyway, look for the operator running up to the bus with some type of breaching stick about 12-13 seconds into the clip. Then see if you can figure out where he disappears to.


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Matthew Cox
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  • windex

    The guy backing away at 0:20

  • I want to know if the bus driver got paid extra.

  • M.L.

    Taking one for team, Russian style! Pause at 0:16 and he’s the guy getting up on the far right.

  • Tom

    Guess if your a hostage in Russia, it’s a no win situation.

  • Brandon

    WHoaaaaa… Thats the russians for you. Safety be damned in a real world situations and training…. Hey Honey I am home from training today. Lost a few teeth, my hair and eye brows and a handful of brain cells. But I am ever more ready for the real world. Either that or I hate to think how it will go in the real world. ha ha

    I wonder if thats supposed to be for a hostage rescue. I cant imagine it being for killing a bus full of terrorists because they could do that with the BTR thing they were shooting at it from. No need to breach and board. If my SWAT team did things that way, I will never try out.

    David, didnt you go to LAPDs Advanced SWAT school? How cool was that? Im sure you picked up some neat tricks from Brandon and Jack. You do any training in Florida?

  • FormerDirtDart

    Yeah, backing out to camera right

  • mpower6428

    thats easy. he was blown to smithereens.

    it doesnt matter what the casualty rate is as long as it looks cool and you win. thats the russian way.

  • Lance

    Alot of cool action with Makarovs AK-74s and Bison SMGs cool look at Russian Police arms.

  • Disgruntledbear

    How subtle

  • Billy

    I don’t want the Russians to rescue me lol.

  • Fritzthedog

    Wow, a new tool in their hostage rescue toolbox other than poison gas…..overpressure trauma-inducing stun charges….sure you’ll be rescued, but you’ll have permanent hearing loss and neurological damage… subtle as always…


    It’s actually Kazakh spetsnaz, not Russian.

    And here’s a better version! (title still incorrect though)

    • SleepyDave

      Oh my god, I haven’t laughed this hard in weeks.

  • rob

    if your taken hostage in russia your in more danger from your rescuers!

  • Matt

    Ahhh- he is one of the guys coming from the front of the bus after the magic stick blew up.

  • Curt Jones

    He’s sitting on the other side of the BTR planning his defection. And counting the remainder of his teeth.

  • JTP709

    This is the 9000th time I’ve seen this, its pretty old.

  • xcalbr

    I dont know what im more afraid of…the terrorist hostage taker or russian rescue attempt…

  • adam

    These guys, (Kazakhstani’s,) are crazy! I was part of a fire-power demo for their top brass, in which there was fast air dropping ordinance, artillery, everything you can imagine going down range. We then moved in doing section attacks with all live ammo, and when we got down to the targets who do we see popping up out of trenches but these guys! They had sat through the whole thing, I guess for the training value??? No health and safety at work rules over there…

  • buckshot

    LEROYYYY JENKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HunterGuy

    I wonder how they got the guy to do that. Me personally, I would want to see it work before I would agree to running in there with an explosive and smacking a window with it.

  • Riceball

    I like how one of the guys who is (presumably) on perimeter watch is, instead of looking out, is craning his neck to watch the action. He seems to be in charge since he’s seen making a wind up gesture and all of the kneeling troops get up but even still, if his job is to keep an eye on his team then shouldn’t someone else be assigned to keep an eye for things outside of their perimeter?