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I know … Just what we need: another tacticool website. But Extreme Tactical Solutions Inc., seems a bit different from most gear sites. They sell packs, pouches, knives, etc., but they also offer a decent assortment of ammunition as well as a number of different rifle and pistol mags. Reminds me a little of MidwayUSA but more tactical.

My main gripe about the site is it only offers Blackhawk and 5.11 in many categories. They’ve only been open a few weeks; maybe they’ll expand in time. Extreme Tactical Solutions is worth checking out though if you are looking for AR uppers, weapons parts, LaserLyte, Lasermax and other weapon laser brands or if you need mags for your Galil or HK93.


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  • Dan

    Correct me if I’m mistaken but isn’t there a Tactical Solutions company already. Now we have the super Tactical Solutions….sweeeet!!! ha ha

  • Josh W

    I think my main gripe would be that there are no item descriptions, not even the manufacturer’s usual paragraph, just pictures.

    That said, I don’t see anything there that I can’t already get somewhere else.

  • Hey Guys, I’m the owner of Extreme Tactical Solutions Inc. I wanted to check in and let you know that over the next year we will be adding more product lines from other manufacturers (Eberlestock, Tactical Tailor etc… as well as expanding our Maxpedition Line).

    Regarding the descriptions we are in the process of updating that information and hopefully in the next month or so that will be completed. Thank you for visiting our website.

    Use 10off for 10% off your orders!!! Good luck, stay safe!!!

  • @Dan

    Its always good to have the “extreme” version. Hahaha!!! Tactical Solutions does some great work on 10/22 and mkIII aftermarket stuff. I’m not very up on what else they do but I can say with certainty they do that very well. Quality stuff!!! (No I’m not affiliated with them).

  • nathan r

    this site is way over priced do we have to pay extra because it has tactical in the name?.thanks i will shop at ctd or ranger joes an save money……my two cents

  • Nathan

    We are working on price comparison research now. The prices you see are MSRP and are what automatically populated the store when we uploaded our inventory. Prices and better descriptions are forthcoming. Please check back soon!!!