Eurosatory 2012: KitUp! is Here.

PARIS – Eurosatory, the world’s largest land warfare trade show, kicked off today with an array of international defense companies displaying everything from armored tactical vehicles to reversible camouflage. It’s the best opportunity to see what sits in the rest of the world’s sandbox.

We will be covering everything on the floor for and its other blogs: Defense Tech and DoD BUZZ, but I will be looking for down-in-the weeds gear and weapons for KitUp.


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Matthew Cox
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  • Matthew check out the Norwegians for us, and any others there using a variant, to see what they are saying about the H&K416. Thanks

  • Technoweapon

    Hope you find something that’ll wow a tech-head like me. Have fun out there. Here’s to hoping you find great things.

  • A.Lentz

    oh just love this time of year..hopefully sonia will be at the thales booth this year…thanks matthew, keep us updated mate.