Tactical Assault Crossbow

Yes, there is a Tactical Assault Crossbow. It’s for those times a can and subsonic ammunition just aren’t quiet enough and there aren’t any RPGs with bayonets anywhere nearby.

The Tactical Assault Crossbow is a modern arbalest upper that fits to an AR  15 platform lower. Watch the intro.

Kit Up! The Tactical Assault Crossbow...a crossbow upper on an AR15 lower.

One model delivers up to 145 foot pounds of energy with a bolt (arrow/quarrel) traveling up to 402 fps.

Say what you like, it might be kind of fun. You know damn well Daryl Dixon wants one.

Information on the various models is available on their website.

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  • Yojimbo

    How is it cocked?

    • CoyoteBlue

      Looking at the website, it’s videos claim 50ft dead accuracy, cocking is done with a winding handle that is placed into something above the magwell area on the side of the Xbow, 15 seconds of cranking (Which I guess is like, 10-12lbs of weight to crank) and you’re good to go.

      Also it has a release thing so you can de-cock it without firing. Pretty much the same thing only backwords.

      Looks really cool. Luxury, possibly gimmicky, but still flipping cool.

  • Jeff

    Costs 1300$….. I can build an BCM rifle, an EOTech, and 1000 rounds of cheap ammo for that price

  • Gary Stone

    Why’s this better than one that Uncle Ted would shill for?

  • Yojimbo

    50 ft…..I can take you out with a baseball size rock at 50 ft…..cost zero and can be used again.

  • Stormcharger

    The effective range would be about the same as it is for almost any crossbow, about 30 yards(90 feet) with a novice shooter, to more than 40-50(120-150 feet) yards with a seasoned shooter. It is really cool, and has a ton of bells and whistles that can be hung on it like a real M4, but the marketing is unclear. According to the nice color brochures, it’s a serious hunting weapon, but looks like you need to be wearing a SWAT uniform to use it properly.

  • Yojimbo

    The term “The whole nine yards” comes from the Long Bowman’s Test on putting nine arrows in the air before the first one hit the ground. I have a Crossbow, Compound, and a Recurve,…Shame on your butt if there is more than one target with that cocking set up…. Not to mention that arrows do their work by bleeding the target out which may not be all that quick.

    • carl

      The term whole nine yards comes from the ammo belts fed into the machine guns in the tail of B52 bombers.

      • lightfighter

        I’ve also heard that that term came from the making of older fashioned ‘great kilts’ or ‘plaids’ which included an integrated cloak. So, a full kilt and integrated cloak required ‘the whole nine yards’ of cloth

        • Stormcharger

          Lightfighter’s got it on the nose, it’s a kilt reference. The confusion comes from the fact that when introduced, the English longbow could launch a shaft the same length as a yard of cloth sometimes called a ‘clothyard shaft’. I sew my own kilts and it does indeed take nine whole yards of cloth.

        • carl

          I like the “Kilt” one best. There is just something about that whole kilt thing that tickles my 1/16th Scottish funny bone.

      • Carl…B-52’s with TAIL GUNS? I don’t believe that aircraft had ANY machine guns. The info i have heard refers to the .50 cal ammo belts carried by a variety of WWII fighter aircraft…as to which specifically I can’t say at this point…but surely it would include the F4F Wildcat, F6F Hellcat ( my Father’s venerable plane), the F8F Bearcat, (Note the abundance of Grumman Aircraft here) ….and certainly the P-47 Thunderbolt, the P-51 Mustang, the P-38 Lightning and the awesome Chaunce-Vought F4U Corsair….known by the Japanese as “Whistling Death”.

        • Riceball

          Turns out Carl is at least part right, early models of B-52s had a quad .50 for its tail guns which was eventually replaced by a 20mm M61 Vulcan cannon on the H model before being removed entirely.

          • carl

            TA DA1 I thought the photo; in the Air Museum i read that in; was an old B52. And you are absolutely right about it being a quad, cuz the guide mentioned some funny tidbits about some of the idiosyncrasies of firing the quads.

        • carl

          I’m sure you are probably correct. I didn’t really put to memory all the facts to the story. Not being an actual aviation aficionado, it was more one of those;”hmpf, that is interesting, i never thought about it before” moments.

  • Distiller

    Well, I’m really glad it’s a tactical assault crossbow. If it where a strategic assault crossbow it would shoot Davy Crocketts as bolts!

  • defensor fortissimo

    I’m sure jack churchill would be rolling in his grave… from the bo ner this just gave him http://badassoftheweek.com/churchill.html

  • bob

    Daryl would like this.

  • Chuter

    “whole nine yards” came from WWII bomber machine gunners, not B-52 crewmen. It just happens that they used the same guns in the tail of the B-52.

  • I hunt with crossbows and I don’t have to pay over $1,000 for them . For $3-500 you can get a fine bow-this sounds like the $400 hammer-more overtpriced contractor ****.

  • JC

    It is cheaper to build a custom AR15, EOTECH, and 1000 rounds. It may be cool to own one just to say you have one. Not worth the $1300.

    • Ben

      not anymore!!

  • carl

    The onliest thing with that Kilt theory though is they come in all sizes. So some would not use 9 yards and some maybe more.

  • Jim

    A good slingshot would be just as effective in the right hands and no cranking.

  • Jim

    1300 seems ridiculous but they will probably sell thousands of them.

  • Jim

    The AR Platform does nothing but add bulk and weight and cost. Crossbows can be very effective and have been around forever. Why add all the above (except for the cool factor) to an already proven weapon. Would still like to play with it tho.

  • SGMarsden

    Most Great Kilts are only 6 or 8 yards of Fabric, So that would Not be it.

  • SGMarsden

    While the Delivery in the Movie The Wild Geese is Flawed with a Cyanide tube on the Bolt, a Divot on either side of a razor point dipped in cyanide, or something similar, might expedite the killing process.

  • Richard A Silva

    During Linebacker II the BUFFS shot down two MIGS with those quad .50s.

  • Bruce Lancaster

    “The AR Platform does nothing but add bulk and weight and cost…”
    Well, yeah, but I was surprised they didn’t go the whole 9 on THAT part of the concept and make it an over-under-middle with the whole AR and a grenade launcher and infra-red spotlight for the next Batman movie.

  • Warrant

    The whole 9 yards is a .50 M2 belt in a B-17 (not a B-52)

  • tommy gun