Review of the Gerber Shard OMPT

A guest review for The Survivalist Blog about the Gerber Shard “One Piece Multi Tool” (OMPT). The author, a regular on The author advises he has been carrying his OPMT for several months now and has “really enjoyed owning it….I’ve had fancier OPMTs in the past, but thonestly this $5 beater does everything I need it to…”









“Of course a good EDC is no substitute for a full-on get home bag, but it is more than 99% of the population carries, and has got me out of a number of jams. That is a compromise urban and suburban preppers often have to take. As a “mild-mannered”suburbanite stuff like cargo pants, MOLLE gear, and utility belts are usually out of the question (at least during working hours). For this reason I find it extremely important to find highly functional gear that is lightweight and compact; easily stowed and inconspicuous.

That is why I really like a OPMT. It is light, flat, simple and functional. The kind of thing that blends in with a set of keys but can pay big dividends in critical as well as every day situations…”

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  • Goose4771

    Just bought one of these last week as I was rebooting my EDC. I absolutely love it!

  • defensor fortissimo

    Another good example is the Swiss-tech utili-key. Folded up, it blends in on a keychain just like another key, lets you access 6 different tools and the whole package sells for about 10 dollars. The only disadvantage is that unfolding it is a bit of a pain in the neck but overall it’s a handy little gizmo.


    Couple this with a CRKT “eat N tool” and be good to go. Good job!!

  • Mike

    I’ve been making do with my old P-38 can opener…but this looks petty cool, too.

  • Josh W

    I bought a pair of these a couple years ago, when they first came out. I haven’t ever regretted spending the ten dollars. One is on my keychain and gets tons of use, the other I keep on a loop with some other small tools and kit in a ready bag.

    Inexpensive, lightweight, always at hand, and essentially indestructible. If I had to come up with a complaint about the Shard, it’s that the screwdriver bits are somewhat thick and dull as it comes from the manufacturer, making the heads seem a wee bit too thick for many uses. A few minutes with a file or a grinder will put a more useful edge on the pry-bar end flat head bits, but you’ll lose the black protective coating.

  • Larry

    It looks like Gerber has a big brother for its Shard, called the Artifact, which also has a small box cutter like blade in it. I saw it here:

    The same site carries the Eat N Tool too.


  • TheNite

    Instead of OPMT you put OMPT twice (one of them in the title). Just letting you know…

  • Pete

    The Shard is a nice always-there tool. I gave a half dozen away and regret it!

    I even gave one to a hot chick in the office. Said it was one of the best gifts she’s ever got, because it is a ctually functional.

  • Scott

    I have the Artifact and I have to say it is great. Uses a (obviously) replaceable X-Acto blade. Sees a ton of use.