The Most Infantry Man in the World


I’ve written about him before, with reference to Gruntworks. I thought I’d point out that he now has his own Facebook page.

He shaves with his bayonet to sharpen it – he is the most infantry man in the world.

You might also be interested to know that the Gruntworks online store is up and running, with a mix of gear to buy and/or pre-order. Ruck up.

3 Comments on "The Most Infantry Man in the World"

  1. THAT GUY bears an Amazing resemblance to my DAD!

  2. Mine too (minus the smoke).
    My Dad is 76 and hard as nails. Goes out in the MN woods in the winter to do logging….just because he has nothing better to do.

  3. He is SGT Rock a DC comics war hero made for WW2.

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