Personal Defense World from Tactical Life

FYI, for those who missed the initial announcement, Tactical Life is now accompanied on-line by a sister site, The new website is intended to “…bring new insight to the popular subject of self defense…” It will feature material from Combat Handguns, Tactical Knives and Personal & Home Defense magazines, as well as proprietary material aimed at those interested in self defense, concealed carry and the like.

  • Johnny Come Lately

    What exactly is the point of including their URL in your story but making the link direct the user to the story they’re already reading? A hotlink to should probably go to the website, not your article about them.

    I probably wouldn’t mention it but this seems like a pretty common practice with you guys.

    • That I can’t explain. In Word Press the link goes straight to I’ll ask one of the big brain IT guys to ask why it’s doing that. DR