Rifle Mags are Going Fast

There are a lot of sales going on out there, and rifle magazines are disappearing at a furious rate. Here’s one example. Late last night (or early this morning) Predator BDU announced a sale on PMAGs for $13.99. They had 560 in stock and sold out by this morning.

A few hours ago they announced a sale on SureFire 60 round magazines, with 879 in stock. They’re already down to about 400. That sort of inventory drain is like watching bottled water getting cleared off the shelves at the last minute before a natural disasters…or magazines being cleared from the shelves in a panic.

Are other sites or manufacturers out there seeing a similar interest?

  • Pete Sheppard

    With the Dems in the White House & Senate, the rumors are flying about ‘draconian’ gun laws, with Dianne Feinstein prominantly mentioned. True or not, ‘panic’ buying is not surprising.

    • steelcobra

      It’s hard to believe Feinstein could get her bill out of committee, seeing as there’s been no increase in crime from weapons with the elements banned in the ’94 AWB.

      But reality has never been a deterrent to the Bradyites. So even though zero moves against the 2nd amendment were made this last term the far righters are absolutely convinced it’ll happen.

      Plus there’s that whole ******** about 12/21 coming up, so there’s hoarding for that, too.

  • Omaha In June

    Most everbody has their AR already. So, the next step is to stock up on ammo and mags. We’ve been going through PMags left and right at the gun store I work at. 5.56 has been hard to get any way, but again we are selling it just as quick by the case. We went through a pallet of Federal XM193 in about one week. The only thing we have left is frangiable.

    On the other hand, this scare has pushed people into buying that next project that they’ve been putting off (.308 AR, Pistion gun, SBR or surpressor) because they want to get it now while they can. The future being murky as it is.


      I can’t help but think the scares are put there in order to incite people to buy at a faster pace. You know the companies have big smiles on, seeing their products fly off the shelves like that.

      • Jesse

        There is plenty of that out there with retailers pushing the possibilities for anti-gun legislation and in the end perception is reality. Panic buying is what drives inventory levels and in some cases pricing. Retailers have minimal influence compared to concerns for “what could be”. This is a mere snapshot of what is happening for the here and now.

  • Dumb Attack

    The more the merrier. How much does a loaded 5.56 mag weigh? Does hoarding them really make a difference? Come SHTF, even if you decorate yourself like a Christmas tree, you’d only be able to carry so many. Do you just leave the hundreds, thousands(?), of mags behind? They can be reloaded, right? So would it be better to carry A LOT of mags or a LOT of loose ammo? I think I’d rather save the weight for ammo, since I could reload my mags.

    Or does it come down to maintenance issues with the mags? Sorry for all the questions. Thumb sucking civilian here. Lol.

    • steelcobra

      ~1.6 pounds (loaded minus unloaded weight of an M16), so the ammo in the military standard 210 rounds (6 on kit, one loaded) is 11.2 pounds.

      I think if you’re planning to fortify a position against a significant number of dedicated hostiles, the large number of mags is fine, but carrying more than 6-8 spares is just slowing you down if you plan to keep on the move, any more than that and you’re just eating space and weight on your kit. And firing more than the 210-270 rounds in one firefight in a WROL/anarchy event means you got yourself into an intractable situation.

      Not that any of this is more than hypothetical and an interesting thought experiment.

  • Matt Woodbury

    The president must have stock in gun companies;) LOL

    the panics are something else though

  • JDsHandsomeSon

    Another plus to having America awash in ARs and other military style rifles will be to bolster the argument that they are now commonly held weapons among the people. This is important because the third major test of our gun rights will be the ability of our government to ban “assault weapons”, and the grabbers’ case will be that they are unusual and not suitable “to our kind”.

    We must remember that gun haters are both totally ignorant of the subject matter on the one hand and deviously clever ideologues on the other and know the 2nd better than most. They know so that they can use words in clever ways to deceive the public and, most importantly, legislators and judges. They may not know a semi-auto from a revolver, or what end the round comes out, but they know how to distort words and logic so as to hoodwink the morons in our ruling class.

    Our side must be able to overcome the foolish assertion that semi-auto ARs are unusual, or exotic, and thus not suitable to our kind. Our side must be able to show that they are common, that there are millions in the hands of the people, and have been for a long time as they also educate misguided and clueless judges on the elemental differences between autos and semi autos. We laugh at such ignorance, but we forget that like most issues of our day the people making ultimate and final decisions are perhaps the least informed people in our society to do so.

  • Go Navy!

    The people who are hoarding these mags are probably going to resell it. I have 8 mags for my AR. That’s all I am going to need on my Kit. If I am on the move, I am not going to carry like 30 mags with me (like some movies do). I have some Gen 1 PMAGs and I am fine with that. Sometimes I wonder if the Gun companies and NRA are secretly in league with the liberals .Yes, all this scare has driven gun demand and prices up. During 2008/2009 recession, gun industry went up 500% in sales. Since the AWB ended in 2004, the semi auto rifle industry exploded…most people own more than one ARs. How are they going to ban that? What would make sense is stricter enforcement on the current laws.

    • Twidget at Large

      Stricter enforcement of the current laws? *Gasp* but that would be logical.

  • Jon Weiss
  • Jason

    Is there ANYwhere i can get ahold of some PMAGs that arent trying to pruice gouge or marked up like 300-500%? And out of curiousity too, how come Magpul isn’t producing these at high volume? Is it because of the stuff going on with them and the CO politicians?