Picture it: The Ka-Bar Ice Scraper

They’re calling it the ‘Lake Effect’. Yes – it’s a tactical ice scraper from Ka-Bar.

Note: engage a sense of humor. Comments of outrage will be mocked and the commenter reviled.


Photo courtesy of Bill Harsey, William H. Harsey Knives.

15 Comments on "Picture it: The Ka-Bar Ice Scraper"

  1. What is it made of? I use to have a little one years ago that could double as a good slahing weapon.

  2. Not long enough. How about an ice katana?

  3. If I were home this winter I'd request on for testing. -30 something windchill yesterday I guess, but a nice 50 here in Afghanistan.

  4. I want one!

  5. I should have picked up an ice scraper, they were selling them for $5 at SHOT. I did buy the hockey mask they were selling for $20 though. Money well spent on something that you know came from a company that can take a joke.

  6. I just use a jug of lukewarm water, warm enough to melt the ice and cool enough not to craze the windscreen with thermal shock.

    Maybe they can make a tactical kettle?

  7. A pop-out blade on the other end would be cool for self-defense at night in a parking lot…

  8. Where can I get one of these Ice Scrapers.

  9. Will they make an FDE version?

  10. Does it come in Coyote Brown?

  11. Dang it! And I was hoping for the Ka-bar Tactical Spoon!!!

  12. Cool. If they built knives they'd make a fortune!

  13. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Improvise, Adapt, Overcome". OOHRAH!

  14. Yes, that is the correct spelling!

  15. "Lake Effect"… sounds like the weather in Milwaukee. 18" of snow if you were within 3 blocks of the lake, everywhere else gets trace amounts.

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