Picture it: The Ka-Bar Ice Scraper

They’re calling it the ‘Lake Effect’. Yes – it’s a tactical ice scraper from Ka-Bar.

Note: engage a sense of humor. Comments of outrage will be mocked and the commenter reviled.


Photo courtesy of Bill Harsey, William H. Harsey Knives.

  • Snakebymistake

    What is it made of? I use to have a little one years ago that could double as a good slahing weapon.

  • stefan s.

    Not long enough. How about an ice katana?

  • If I were home this winter I’d request on for testing. -30 something windchill yesterday I guess, but a nice 50 here in Afghanistan.

  • Christopher

    I want one!

  • Tom

    I should have picked up an ice scraper, they were selling them for $5 at SHOT. I did buy the hockey mask they were selling for $20 though. Money well spent on something that you know came from a company that can take a joke.

  • Rhys

    I just use a jug of lukewarm water, warm enough to melt the ice and cool enough not to craze the windscreen with thermal shock.

    Maybe they can make a tactical kettle?

  • Valentinousn

    A pop-out blade on the other end would be cool for self-defense at night in a parking lot…

  • SEAL76

    Where can I get one of these Ice Scrapers.

  • Matt

    Will they make an FDE version?

  • Jim

    Does it come in Coyote Brown?

  • Stone06

    Dang it! And I was hoping for the Ka-bar Tactical Spoon!!!

    • Slag

      @Stone: they make the HOBO camp knife, which has a spoon , fork AND knife blade!

  • Epididymitis

    Cool. If they built knives they’d make a fortune!

  • Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome”. OOHRAH!

  • Glenno

    Yes, that is the correct spelling!

  • @Paranemec

    “Lake Effect”… sounds like the weather in Milwaukee. 18” of snow if you were within 3 blocks of the lake, everywhere else gets trace amounts.