Pistol Pay: Peace of Mind with your Piece in Mind

Pistol Pay: A Pro-Gun Way to Pay Online

Brad Walker

Yesterday Kit Up ran an article about some of the payment woes pro-firearms companies were experiencing with Intuit. For a while now we’ve known that Paypal isn’t a Second Amendment supporter either. Here’s an option to consider.

PPlogoIf you haven’t heard yet, there’s a new way to safely and securely transfer funds for firearms, collectibles or goods that really begs the question – Why am I just now finding out about this? I’m talking about Pistol Pay. They are a group of entrepreneurs that were fed up with bad experiences and shoddy transactions with other online payment sites, so they set out to create a new, hassle-free Pro-Gun online payment solution with YOU in mind.

Pistol Pay is the brainchild of Ira Goodstadt. He partnered with Chapman Ducote in Miami Beach, FL and formed what the company is today. Ira and Chapman wanted a simple and safe way to rightly submit a funds transfer from one person to another without releasing personal and sensitive information and be assured that the recipient approves the merchandise prior to the seller receiving payment. Conversely, this process assures the payment is made prior to the merchandise being mailed out. This ensures a smart means of goods transfer, as well as keeps the parties involved honest.

Don’t let the name fool you, though. Pistol Pay definitely exemplifies the safe and proper firearm transfer from individuals, but they can also administer the transmittal of automobiles, collectible art, valuable antiquities and jewelry, as well.

Pistol Pay is currently developing partners with Federal Firearms License (FFL) holders around the country to yield another level of possibilities for their customers. This will grant the customer the ability to transfer funds to an FFL holder in Pistol Pay’s Premier Dealer network and receive a firearm safely, securely and most importantly, legally.

Log on to Pistol Pay’s website at www.pistolpay.com for the full rollup on their simple registration process, transaction details and company information. I registered for an account, and it only took a minute or two and I was up and running. They also have a cool place to buy and sell goods from their Pistol Pay Marketplace at www. pistolpaymarket.com. You can also find them on facespace, https://www.facebook.com/PistolPaycom.

  • thanks for the great review, we are 100% dedicated to our users and making their experience using Pistolpay as easy as possible while remaining secure. I welcome questions or input so feel free to contact me..

    • gunslinger6

      Great idea for company. I am in Miami are u guys hiring?

    • John

      Awesome idea. Definitely has some big advantages over PP.

  • JCitizen

    We’ve seen these services come and go; I reserve judgment until a reputation is established. It is kind of a chicken/egg argument. How do you trust a new service? After they get a good reputation – however you have to use the service to get the track record to a good reputation. So a lot of us may be hesitant, based on the sordid past of these kind of systems.

    It will take some brave souls to use it for this to build up – who wants to be the 1st guinea pig?

  • mark

    Gpal seemed legit, too.

    They still owe me money.

    burn me once, shame on you

    burn me twice, shame on me.

    • JCitizen

      Yep! That was the one I was thinking of! >:-(

  • Edwin

    One of the founders is from Miami? Hell no, I won’t trust this. (I’m from Miami).

    • Twidget at Large

      Any concrete reason/s why you can’t trust them?