Shot 2013: Grey Ghost’s New Pack Has ALICE Flair

MMRpackframeviewThe guys at Grey Ghost Gear  gave Dave Reeder and I a preview of their new Medium Mountain Ruck they are unveiling at Shot Show 2013.

The simple but rugged pack is Grey Ghost’s answer to a request from Army equipment officials for a medium-size pack that blends the best features of the Vietnam-era ALICE and the newer MOLLE packs into one design.

The MMR is a 3400 cubic-inch pack is made from 500 denier Cordura and features a flexible, ITW Nexus polymer frame. The combination weighs 4.4 pounds.

It’s designed to carry about 65 pounds, but testers loaded it up with 300 pounds and still saw no blowouts or tears in the fabric, Grey Ghost officials maintain.

The new pack features an ALICE-style frame sleeve at the top of the ruck and a modern kidney pad and waist belt. The frame is curved to cradle body armor such as the Army’s Improved Outer Tactical Vest and prevent the pack from moving around, designers say.

  Like the ALICE, the MMR has an old-school, uncomplicated appearance. A simple flap covers the top-loading main compartment.MMRpackworn It features a mixture of MOLLE-style webbing and daisy-chain attachment points for users to strap on additional pouches and gear.

There are two, large external pockets with zip closures. The top pocket will hold three 100-round ammo cans for the M249 squad automatic weapon. The inside of the outer pocket flap features four mesh pockets that will hold a standard 30-round magazine each.

The bottom cargo pocket is larger and designed to carry the Army-issue patrol sleeping bag and bivy or other bulky outer wear. The bottom pocket also has two large mesh pockets on the inside of the outer flap.

The top flap has no map pocket but Grey Ghost designers say production models will likely have this popular feature.

MMRradiopocketThe inside of the pack has a large cargo bag with a spindrift collar and draw-cord closure. The MMR features two open cargo sleeves on either side of the main cargo bag. These are intended for carrying hydration bladders, rope and similar-shaped necessities.

The MMR also has a radio pocket with a cinch strap that’s very similar to the original ALICE version, a design feature that many soldiers insisted on, Grey Ghost officials say.

The new pack on display at Shot Show is done in the Sandstorm version of the  PenCott camouflage pattern. Grey Ghost officials, however, said that the first production models will likely be done in Coyote Brown or MultiCam.

Army equipment officials are interested in the MMR as an alternative not a replacement for the current MOLLE system, Grey Ghost officials say. It will be available commercially in three or four months with a target retail price of $225.

Here are a couple more photos of the two exterior pockets:






























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    • Axel

      Ahh, so I wasn’t the only one, thank gawd

    • Glenno

      I’m glad to see Alice is finally being appreciated. It served us well in the South East Asian war games (Vietnam!) way back. I like Molle but I have to observe that there seems to be a lack of recognition that all that Velcro obscures the underlying camo, robbing it of its effectiveness. What is more, instead of breaking up the straight lines, it actually puts more contrasting straight lines there to draw the eyes when the attachment point is not in use. This particular pack is an example of the problem, with all that brown Velcro overlaying the khaki based camo underneath. I realise my post might seem a bit off topic, but if you think about it, the advantage of Alice is that you don’t need to obscure the camo just to ensure a secure attachment of modules. My 2 cents worth!

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  • Looks like a practical pack!

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    I like how high it sits, why don’t they make PCs like that?

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    Are they planning a large type with big pockets and a radio pouch? Soldiers still ruck,around on foot, and not dismount scout like in Iraq or short patrols. Soldiers will be doing long range stuff again. You can always pack less into a big ruck than over stuff it and have it fail!