Picture it: Coye Ridgeback

This is a “Ridgeback” from Coye Knives. If you’re in the military or law enforcement in the Oklahoma-Arkansas-Missouri-Kansas area (or in Afghanistan where the 45TH IBCT was) there is a good chance you may have seen one On The Job.


More soon about Coye Knives.

  • John Duncan

    I have one of these and it is a superb knife –serious, strong, and also beaurtiful workmanship! As a drug agent, I cary this knife horizontally on my left side belt where it remains concealed yet ready for access by either hand in case of emergency. Not only suitable for personal defense, this knife is also a great tool, strong enough to actually “use” for any task suitable for a working knife! Great handle, too, easy to index for you kali artists, and it won’t slip when wet. My favorite edged weapon for everyday carry! John

  • Jim

    Whats the average cost?

    • Jim…went to the site. $225.00 for the Ridgeback. Various handle styles there.