Picture it: LAAW Holster

Think some of the holsters made by the better quality custom kydex guys are cool? How about a holster for a LAAW from S&S Precision? You will still need the sling, but at least it’s not slapping your back flopping around while you’re patrolling and climbing.

(Note: not really a holster. It’s a retention device. Don’t be so literal.)


Buy yours here.

Since not everyone has the opportunity to carry a LAAW around on a daily basis, perhaps this would suit you better. S&S “One Size Fits All”


Buy yours here.


4 Comments on "Picture it: LAAW Holster"

  1. Man, my ATL would have killed for one of those back in '05.

  2. Nice, but do they make an IWB version?
    …it would be great for local council meetings.

  3. Nice looks good. Now make a AT-4 holster.

  4. Sounds very similar to Crye in more than one way…

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