Picture it: LAAW Holster

Think some of the holsters made by the better quality custom kydex guys are cool? How about a holster for a LAAW from S&S Precision? You will still need the sling, but at least it’s not slapping your back flopping around while you’re patrolling and climbing.

(Note: not really a holster. It’s a retention device. Don’t be so literal.)


Buy yours here.

Since not everyone has the opportunity to carry a LAAW around on a daily basis, perhaps this would suit you better. S&S “One Size Fits All”


Buy yours here.


  • PeteN

    Man, my ATL would have killed for one of those back in ’05.

  • Steve D.

    Nice, but do they make an IWB version?
    …it would be great for local council meetings.

  • Lance

    Nice looks good. Now make a AT-4 holster.

  • Sam

    Sounds very similar to Crye in more than one way…