BFG’s New PLATEminus – Minimalist Load Carriage

PLATEminus with plates

EDIT: Here are a couple of shots of PLATEminus at BOOTH 501, Warrior West. Get by there and check it out.

PLATEminus_at_WW2 PLATEminus_at_WW

Today at Warrior West Blue Force Gear will be unveiling their new PLATEminus loadbearing platform. It’s the fourth to date in their MOLLEminus series (fifth if you count CHAPSminus). The first pattern it will be offered in is Multicam, with Coyote Brown and Urban Wolf coming soon, and initial sizes available will be medium and large (unknown yet if or when they will offer other sizes), the PLATEminus is designed to fit any SAPI/ESPI style armor plate with or without backers. There’s an inner plate pocket constructed of color matched CORDURA® and Tweave to “…provide camouflage and signature reduction”; the wearer will not need special plates for said signature reduction. MOLLEminus gear utilizes laser cut slots and squares cut from one piece of ULTRAcomp™, a high performance laminate.

Features include:

Extreme light weight (less than 3/4lb unladen)

Provides load bearing modularity while mitigating bulk (it’s less than half the thickness of a dime)

Adjustable shoulder straps with cable routing (one wrap)

Compatible with LMAC shoulder straps (they will continue to make the LMAC, which is arguably more comfortable but not as low profile)

Is equipped with two rows of MOLLE on the bottom of the front piece ideally situated for a Tourniquet NOW! Strap

Single 1″ side straps to either size in lieu of a cummerbund to maximize profile reduction

Durability (four times as abrasion resistant as air textured nylon)

Note: PLATEminus is compatible with all legacy issue MOLLE pouches and for the ultimate lightweight plate carrier combine PLATEminus with pouches featuring Blue Force Gear’s revolutionary Helium Whisper™ attachment system.

Further information or purchase PLATEminus here.




PLATEminus Front PLATEminus MOLLEminus closeup PLATEminus shoulder straps together PLATEminus Shoulder Straps PLATEminus side

  • AFMike

    Just curious but it appears from this noob’s perspective that the wearer is vunerable to the side of the body. Are there any studies or data to indicate the probability of getting hit in those areas?

    • Chipsa

      That’s a problem with most plate carriers. Don’t shoot bladed, but rather shoot facing the enemy.

  • straps

    If that’s a risk (or a source of anxiety that affects your lethality) then armor that area.

    The goal of the plate carrier is to give you the LEAST armor protection feasible for threats to VITAL ORGANS. It presumes skilled medical care on scene (18Ds or the MDs that accompany SWAT teams) and rapid access to hospital care by ground or air ambulance.

    The calculus behind the switch from full-coverage armor to plate carriers in Afghanistan was driven by altitude (thin air), temperature (hot as ballz), engagement distances (long-ish), and speed (fast) and capability (marginal) of the threat. Consequently the side plates stayed for most Army and Marine elements.