Adaptive Tactical’s Sidewinder Venom Shotgun Kits


Adaptive Tactical recently announced it’s offering its Sidewinder Venom Shotgun Magazine Conversion Kits for Mossberg shotguns. These conversion kits enable the 500 and 590 pump-action shotguns to be loaded with the Adaptive Tactical’s 10-round rotary magazines and five-round magazines.

Adaptive Tactical introduced its redesigned Sidewinder Venom concept in January 2012. I’ve never seen it before, but I’d give it a whirl. It does look like it would be right at home in an “Expendables” movie.


These shotgun magazine conversion kits can installed at home and includes either a 10-round rotary or five-round box magazine, forend with action bars, magazine tube, barrel clamp, forend grip, M4 stock, cutting tool and installation guide. They are available in black, DCS A-TACS, Tiger Stripe Desert Digital, and MultiCam. They cost $340-$400.

Adaptive tactical also offers pre-configured Maverick 88 security model shotguns with all the trimmings for $650-$720.



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  • JCitizen

    Pretty cool! Now all we need is somebody to play guinea pig to test those magazines to see of they are reliable or not.

    • DGR

      Been done, look up the post about the gun on thefirearmblog it links back to the original version of the system and tests. Its supposed to be as rugged as it gets. Time + mass production will tell in the long run but I dont think it would be a problem judging by the tests.

      • JCitizen

        Thanks again DGR

  • TT

    Cool, but only 10 rounds in the rotary mags? That looks like a lot of expense, weight, and bulk for relatively minor added advantage over the standard tubes (or the 5 round box for that matter). Coupled with the possible decrease in reliability, 15 or 20 rounds in a rotary would seem to be a better deal in terms of cost/benefit.

  • TT is correct. 10 rounds is hardly beneficial or practical for the extra weight and size compared to a 870 Remington pump w/an extended magazine and one in throat. Not to mention the price. Now is the five round box in addition to a full tube and if so how does the weapon/box/tube differentiate and what and when to feed the chamber? And how do you release an empty drum or mag w/o a mag release?? Just asking troops.

  • ryan

    I am just surprised at the maturity of the posters. As an Airman, even I thought “Haha, that will never get used”.

  • JCitizen

    I thought that too, for a second TT – but then I rememberd how hard it is to load a tube of ammo into a shotgun. At least with this you can pop another magazine into the gizmo and go. I have a Saiga with 20 round drum, but haven’t tested it yet – I like the idea of having something that works on a pump gun. I think it would end up more reliable. Thanks DGR for answering my concerns!

  • JCitizen

    Thanks DGR – I went over there and saw some good posts – but no tests or test results – thanks for posting!

  • blue

    Knoxs industries had the same exact thing out many years ago with the 5 and i want to say 12 round drum. and it was low 100s for price

  • Pat

    To expensive to convert my 590. The standard 590 carries 9 rounds and mine has a 4 round speed feed stock. No real advantage to the conversion.

    • BLACK


      A QC/QD mag well and some polymer 10 round magazines would tickle the fancy a bit more. Maybe if they made a magwell conversion that would accept Saiga mags….that would raise an eyebrow or two.

      • DGR

        Company called Black Aces Tactical makes that conversion kit. Its a new reciever so its basically buying a new gun, but its a pretty slick piece of kit. Im still a bigger fan of a mag tube just due to better balance and handling but to each his own.

        • JCitizen

          Have you seen SRM Arms model 1216? It is semi-auto, but has a manually indexed tube magazine carousel that I think you might like. The video is awesome in my opinion. I fully intend to get one barring more stupid legislation from the monkey division on capitol hill. Since Kel Tec refuses to become a real manufacturer, we got liimited choice anyway.




    How much are the extra drums and how easy are they to load during hyper-stress situations. Spending the coin on KelTec shotgun seems more practical.

    I appreciate the innovation but I will stick with my 930 SPX with 8 shots.

  • Kevin O. Moore

    Personally, I ordered the Sidewinder kit for my Mossberg 500 when Sidewinder was under the Knoxx label, Circa 2005. Never had a problem with the 10 round drum per se, but you had to slap that bitch in HARD to get it to stay where it was supposed to be. That fully loaded ten round drum hitting the arch of your foot when it drops out hurts!

  • Billywhat?

    what good is this when you can get a saiga12 for about the price of this conversion kit?

    In fact, for the money of the mossberg and this kit you could get 2 saiga’s and dual-wield them.

    Now there’s a real good way to get rid of a lot of ammo (which is really all this “upgrade” kit is good for)

  • DBAM

    Just got one of the new kits and put it on a Mossberg 500 (Turkey Thug Edition, Black). Getting the new magazine tube to line up when I screwed it into the receiver was…difficult. The instructions make it seem like it will be a hair off center. Well, mine turned just a few degrees PAST allignment. There are no included spacers of any kind, which mean I had to shave enough metal out of the receiver for it to turn nearly another full rotation. Took a couple hours with that rediculous circular file provided. A T handle would be a nice addition. Even then I had to file down the end of the mag tube in front of the threads a bit. Very frustrating. The rest went together well. I still have the standard stock and a 24″ barrel on it. Waiting for the new barrel and an ATI stock to be delivered. So far, it cycles fine with dummy shells. The magazine feed well, both the 10 round drum and the 5 round box. We’ll see how it shoots once I have all the pieces, though I already wish they’d put one hole for the forend grip at 6 o’clock instead of at 7, 8, 5, and 4.

  • jackie cox

    optional rounds of sulpheric hydrocloric acid capsules exploding on contact

  • jackie cox

    A review of materials used for ammunition could come up with more dangerous weaponology, phosphorous acid may not be the only rounds more dangerous than hard metas

  • casey reed

    Will they be making one for. The 12 gauge winchester 1300 deffender series ?? That would be awsome for all they 1300 owners to have that option its kinda narrow for them old school shotguns

  • Marcus

    Found a movie Adaptive Tactical made showing the Sidewinder in action. Looks reliable. Like the camo version near the end.

  • Duncan McKee

    I have a Mossberg 590 with a single shot extension. This gives me 9 in the tube plus one up the spout plus 8 on the side with a Mesa Tactical side saddle plus 4 in the butt.

    Does that make it 22 on board with hot gun. Too right!!

    • JCitizen

      This would replace the tube feed – I hope you already know this. So the tube feed would no longer be part of the equation.

  • Eagle275

    Anybody know where I can find a tube extension kit for my older Mossberg 500?

  • brandon

    can you put this kit on a 500 road blocker?

  • Bryce Seal

    Do you have any drum kits that are compatible with semiautomatic Winchester 1400?