Every Marine an Umbrellaman

UmbrellamanPresident Barack Obama created a brief twist Thursday to the Marine Corps’ legendary rifle creed at a press conference in the White House Rose Garden with the Turkish prime minister when a light rain fell and a Twitter storm erupted.

Obama requested two Marines hold umbrellas over himself and the Turkish prime minister to protect the world leaders from the rain. Viewers of the press conference quickly took to Twitter to comment on the odd sight of a Marine holding an umbrella.

“This is my umbrella. There are many like it but this one is mine. Without me, my umbrella is useless. Without my umbrella, I am useless,” Politico defense editor Phil Ewing tweeted after the  event.

Marines typically don’t hold umbrellas in uniform. As CNN made sure to quickly point out, holding an umbrella would restrict a Marine’s ability to salute. But if the commander-in-chief asks a Marine to hold an umbrella. He or she is going to hold an umbrella.

Minutes after the press conference was held, the Twitter handle @UmbrellaMarine was created with this description: “The Few. The Proud. The Umbrella holder. Hey President Obama, you can stand under my umbrella…ella ella, ay ay ay.” He has 52 followers thus far.

NBC News correspondent Luke Russert took notice and assumed protocol existed for holding an umbrella. He wrote on Twitter saying: “The #Marines holding the umbrellas at this presser are unbelievably cool, had no idea there’s military protocol for umbrella holding.”

Howard Kurtz, host of CNN’s Reliable Sources, wrote that the umbrella might have a greater meaning with the recent scandals involving the IRS and Associated Press.

“OK, Obama standing under an umbrella held by a military aide opens the metaphor floodgates for an administration in a downpour,” Kurtz wrote on Twitter.

The director of communications for the University of Virginia Center for Politics felt like it was a bad look for the president.

“Standard press flack rules – don’t let the boss where a funny hat! – need to be updated to include ‘hold you own umbrella!’ Kyle D. Kondik wrote on Twitter.

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  1. I hate that guy…

  2. Derek Schneider | May 16, 2013 at 1:58 pm | Reply

    What a pompous, self serving POS.

  3. What a pompous ahole

  4. leftoftheboom | May 16, 2013 at 2:31 pm | Reply

    Got to hand it to the Marines. Hit with a task, he made it look good. The guy under the umbrella is a poser. The individual holding it, is the Man.

  5. Sharp uniform, no matter what the setting.

  6. At first I thought this was a Sunday funny…..then I realized its Thursday.
    Once again he disgraces us.

  7. There is one person in that picture who is professional, patriotic, and honorable. Its not the one talking….

  8. other then opening and closing doors the white house marine guard has little else to do other then polish buttons on their off time. at least its a step up from dying in stupid needless wars.

    in all honesty this was a bad move. how bad… well, im not sure but certainly not as bad as "mission accomplished".

    if mit romney were president… this photo would be in the Marine Corps hall of hero's, his name would be remembered, he would warrent a new verse in the Marine Corps anthem along with pictures in museums bla bla bla.

    looks guys, it was good to point this out. and i like your spirit but please, cut the shit.

  9. Ummm, Marine Corps regulation MCO P1020.34F of the Marine Corps Uniform Regulations chapter 3, a male Marine is not allowed to carry an umbrella while in uniform.
    Notice:The Marine Corps Manual, the guidebook that defines protocol for officers and enlisted Marines, in section 2806 paragraph 2, specifically states “The Marine Corps Uniform Regulations, published by the Commandant of the Marine Corps, shall be binding on all Marines. No officer or official shall issue instructions which conflict with, alter, or amend any provision without the approval of the Commandant of the Marine Corps."

    President Obama not only hasn't a clue about the Constitution, but can now add to his list of "cluelessness" to breaking The Marine Corps Guideline Protocol so that he and the Turkish Prime Minister "Our Friend???" Wouldn't get wet. Ridiculous.

  10. Some years ago I was XO of a Marine Corps Weapons Company (acting as a maneuver element) in Iraq. A Lieutenant General came to the COC, where my CO was waiting to brief him.

    The Lieutenant General came in and opened the velcro on his interceptor vest. This served as a signal to the MP Major who led his PSD who came in another room and caught his body armor before it fell, folding it neatly and borrowing my CO's gear tree. rather than letting the Lieutenant General's kit lie on the floor. My RTO (and driver), a Lance Corporal, looked at me, grinned at the display of servitude and mouthed the word "never".

    The Corps does junior Marines a disservice by sending them to ceremonial duties before giving them a couple of years in the fleet. They never learn that there's a difference between obedience to orders and servility. A Marine in my Company (or my rifle platoon, or my mortar platoon) would have walked into a gunfight (or at least a bar fight) armed with nothing but that umbrella before he'd have held it for another dude.

    On the other hand, can't blame the LCpl when his boss is a bag of smashed a**holes.

  11. Rusty Shovel | May 16, 2013 at 3:27 pm | Reply

    Some strong echoes of reality here:

    Obama stands beneath the Marine's protection, not giving a second thought to how wet his soldier is getting. Also, notice how well and seriously this Marine performs even this simple task.

    If I had to give a title to this photo, it would be "Words vs Actions"

  12. Yet another example of disrespecting service members. The young Marines were respectful and courteous, despite misused in this manner; reminds me of all the Hillary Clinton horror stories of disrespect and disdain for the military.

  13. While the marines have a nice looking dress uniform, any uniform would look good when its well taylored as this one is.

  14. However, he IS the commander in chief and his orders can override anything in the Marine Handbook, or any military regulation. Do you expect the supreme leaders of two of the world's most powerful nations to stand out in the rain, when there is a low ranking enlisted to hold an umbrella over them. Get real.

  15. There is no surprise here. This…person…detests the U.S. military. He could not care less how degrading this is. The Marine is getting his (expensive) Dress Blues wet while the Person stays dry. Note the look of pride on the Marine's face being selected for this signal honor.

    If the CIC wasn't such a pussy he would not be afraid of getting damp. If.

  16. RICHARD ZIMMERMANN | May 16, 2013 at 5:21 pm | Reply


  17. RICHARD ZIMMERMANN | May 16, 2013 at 5:28 pm | Reply


  18. He may be POTUS but he has no inkling of military customs and protocols, especially when it comes to Marines and umbrellas. I guess he looked for a Marine because there were no corpse men around.

  19. Disgusting.

  20. ""“The Marine Corps Uniform Regulations, published by the Commandant of the Marine Corps, shall be binding on all Marines. No officer or official shall issue instructions which conflict with, alter, or amend any provision without the approval of the Commandant of the Marine Corps.”""

    It's correct but the President, regardless of how much of a piece of … he may be. He still out ranks The Marines Commandant. and can still change the rules the commander in chief…

  21. Taking it one step further in disrespecting our military, only a matter of time before his lies come out, impeachment is coming Ahole.

  22. Im pretty sure if Mitt Romney was Pres this would be spun completey different by you guys.

  23. I'm sorry, I started to care but suddenly realized there were things of actual importance happening in my life.

    Hey, when you're done whining about something that has nuthin' to do with nuthin', maybe we can DO something to change the world instead of (sitting in front of our computers and) pointing out that The Magical Black Man hates everyone and everything and wants to institute White Slavery.

    Every second you spend doggin' someone you fear/hate is a second you could have used to accomplish something.

  24. Disrespectful!

  25. Surely there is plenty of white house staff that could have held the umbrella. The former IRS Director was available from what I hear. Hell, have Jay Carney do something useful for once. That Marine deserves another medal for putting up with this leader's shit. Even just having him stand at attention would have been a better use of his time.

  26. The umbrellas should have been held by Secret Service personnel. It is their job description to protect the President at all times. Marines walk the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 365 days a year….24 hours a day. They do it in the rain… snow…sleet…freezing…sweltering. Have you ever seen them holding an umbrella. There were far better and more appropriate choices as to should have been holding that umbrella. Maybe Eric "Holder" He seems to spend a lot of time covering for the President and the name is appropriate.

  27. YEAH No other president has EVER done this…especially Reagan…Reagan would NEVER do ANY thing like this. What about when Marines open doors for ANYONE leaving the white house? Is that a problem too? Marines doing this kind of stuff has ALWAYS happened and you know what i do not care.

  28. YEAH No other president has EVER done this…especially Reagan…Reagan would NEVER do ANY thing like this.

  29. YUP only president where Marines bring Umbrellas for him nope, no one else.

  30. YUP only president where Marines bring Umbrellas for him nope, no one else. Sure you're not just looking for an excuse to complain?

  31. War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of people. Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses.

    I believe in adequate defense at the coastline and nothing else. If a nation comes over here to fight, then we'll fight.

    There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. War for any other reason is simply a racket.

    I spent thirty-three years and four months in active military service as a member of this country's most agile military force, the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from Second Lieutenant to Major-General. And during that period, I spent most of my time being a high class muscle-man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the Bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for [crony] capitalism.

    I suspected I was just part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it. Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my own until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.

    — Major General Smedley Butler, USMC

    one of 19 men to twice receive the Medal of Honor, one of three to be awarded both the Marine Corps Brevet Medal and the Medal of Honor, and the only marine to be awarded the Brevet Medal and two Medals of Honor, all for separate actions

  32. That picture struck me as being awkward when I first saw it. Not the end of the world, but definitely does not seem proper.

  33. Fulmer Osgood Jr. | May 17, 2013 at 7:44 am | Reply

    With simple yes-no questions being extended into 10 minute Obama answers, why not move that presser indoors, or at least cut it short?

  34. Joe DeSantis | May 17, 2013 at 8:34 am | Reply

    I doesn't matter what the regulations say or if the President has the authority to overrule them, this dishonors all Marines and it shows me this Presidents true colors. he had plenty of aides and advisors arount to do it.

  35. ditto—-

  36. tiiemeupalso | May 17, 2013 at 8:58 am | Reply

    @BC,oyu are not the major general.he died in 1940 before we got into WW2

  37. When asked to give of themselves, they DO NOT falter, they DO NOT waiver..THE Marines. God BLESS'EM!

  38. 'looks' guys..cut the shit'..? IDIOT

  39. Absolutely RIGHT ON. THE best, most ACCURATE REPLY on this TOTAL- LACK- OF- AWARENESS- POMPOUS JERK in this forum.

  40. It's all about WHO'S wearing THAT uniform.

  41. Hey give Obama some credit. At least this time when an ambassador needed protection he sent a US Marine. That is one more than he sent to Benghazi. Too bad it was the Turkish Ambassador. Obama is a jerk. Jay Carney should have been holding two umbrellas.

  42. Two points. I wonder why the staff who set up the event didn't check the weather and "ossibly" think far enough ahead to have set up a rain-proof canopy BEFORE the 'get-together.' Are the staff that dim? Or is it again a series of "I didn't know that', "I was unaware of that. I had no knowledge of that."

    Secondly…one of those two individuals in the photo LOVE this nation….and one doesn't.

  43. Charles (Chuck) Brew | May 17, 2013 at 2:43 pm | Reply

    Another assignment executed perfectly. Good job, Corporal! Semper Fi.

  44. Another assignment executed flawlessly. Outstanding Corporal. Semper Fi.

  45. If that was GWB, he'd hold his own damn umbrella or just stand in the "light rain" like a man and not be fazed, he wouldn't make someone else do it. BHO is not a man of the people and this paints that picture perfectly.

    But yeah, good job holding that umbrella Marine, if you didn't do it I don't know if that press conference would've ever happened. What a waste of patriotic talent, he should be killing stinkies in some distant shit hole, not holding that stupid umbrella for some pompous asshole.

  46. Can't spell POTUS without POS!

  47. oh ffs. it started pouring and the president didn't want to let the prime minister of one of our most important nato allies to stand there getting soaked.

    if that had been a saudi prince old gw bush would have been fellating the sumbitch.

  48. Fuck the President,

    Not because he's a Democrat,

    Not because he's a Socialist,

    Not because he's a pathetic excuse for an American,

    Not because he's a mixed blood ( we all are),

    Not because he's a Christlim (Christian + Muslim),

    Not because he's a Liar,

    Not because he's a NWO crone,

    …Because he's not man enough to hold his own fucking girly umbrella.

  49. Obama isn't the first POTUS to ask a military member to hold an umbrella for him.


    If he were a Republican, you'd just be complimenting the Marine for doing a good job.

    The IRS is biased and only investigates Tea Party political groups. Y'all are biased and only criticize Democratic presidents. It's embarrassing to see so many current and former military members speaking contemptuously toward the commander in chief. Criticize the policies, but avoid the ad hominem attacks. They diminish you.

  50. Nice attempt to justify it. Here's a heads up. That Marine isn't saluting dogs as much as you would love it. Notice the second dog is down the ladder as he is saluting. He was saluting the slower human coming off the helo. See, you might run on all fours like a mental patient BUT Presidents tend to walk off of Marine 1. Jackass.

  51. Ha! I once had a French Marine Major tell me to "Fill up my ve-hic-le." and he tossed his keys at me. We were in a circle of multi-national soldiers. Being the good SSgt that I was, I tossed them at his feet (into the snow) and told him "US Marines don't carry your bags, polish your boots or other tasks that qualify as personal servitude." I also reminded him he would be speaking German if it wasn't for US Military intervention when his grandpa was passing out crepes to ze Germans and grandma was a mattress for conquering heroes. The other guys got quiet a kick out of it. He was insulted, of course, and the next day he tried to tell me that "In ze Franch Marine Corps (pronounced corpse), if an NCO did not do what ze officer says, I wou slap im." I informed him that in THE US Marine Corps if an officer feels so inclined and both parties agree then chevrons come off and we can take a little walk over behind some shipping containers and settle up." He, of course, was speaking hypothetically.

  52. Hey Ashole, you had enough time to express your opinion anyway didn't you? Hypocrite.

  53. Carney is to busy holding Dear Leader's cack n'balls.

  54. Ur 100 % right on that!!!

  55. You are 110% right on this Rusty Shovel!!!

  56. "Poooor pooor democrat victims. Always the victims."

    Unless you're a Tea Party group crying about being bullied…

    "We also fight for each other and not political ideals. Mike, you are an ignorant slut."

    Oh, SF, how you be so classy? You represent honor, discipline, and respect so good! You are smart insightful man!

  57. You should get up from your chair, and go share your big ideas face to face with some of the "fucktards" you disdain so much. At least a majority of us act on our beliefs, rather than ranting about them from the safety of our desk. Which, whether you acknowledge it or not, is kept safe by the actions and convictions of better men than you, or.."fucktards" as you call them.

  58. If you really are a Marine, then you do a grave disservice to the uniform. No REAL Marine would publicly refer to any POTUS as a 'traitor', and certainly wouldn't choose to play word games with his name.

    You don't have to like him or his policies (although considering that the overwhelming majority of his policies were Republican policies right up until he favored them, it would make your motives a bit suspect), but you sure as hell owe more respect to the office than you're displaying.

  59. Just asked a marine buddy about how he feels about this. He gave a little chuckle and called him a pouge (sp?). Said these guys are like butlers,, so why not hold the umbrella. His final words were "mountain out of a mole hill". He had his leg blown off for this country and if he says it dont matter, then it dont matter. Some of you guys need some new hobbies.

  60. The photo of the dogs coming off the helo with Marines saluting is misleading. The President was on his way down the steps a few seconds later. No matter how we spin photos or whatever Obama is not much of a leader. He is also a liar. He can't make a decision without checking with his publicity people. He refuses to admit mistakes and lies often. IRS, Benghazi, AP, OBAMACARE. All are misleading or outright lies.

  61. What no raincoats at the WH. I'll bet that POTUS has a Burberry or two.

  62. Clearly a case of abuse of power. Awful X's infinity…

  63. Seneca6actual | May 18, 2013 at 9:32 pm | Reply

    Wow. When all you have to complain about is who is holding an umbrella, like is good. As honorable and capable as they may be, the White House detail Marines are window dressing. The idea that the Secret Service hold umbrellas is just stupid. Between the Marine detail, and the Secret Service detail, which ones are responsible for getting between POTUS and a bullet? Which ones are responsible for getting him off the X and getting lead into the attackers? Think it through. You don't have to like the guy, but he is CinC, and if you think you are too god to hold his umbrella, you need to rethink the relationship between the military and the executive branch.

    I'd love to hear the conversation with the Commandant of the Corps when one of his Marines declined to hold an umbrella for the President because it violated uniform policy. I guess the upside would be that the Marine wouldn't be at the White House anymore, but probably at Gitmo on permanent detainee rectal contraband exam duty.

  64. Was it no big deal to you when the former president sent all branches of the military into a war based on trumped up lies and false information? Do you think it was reverent and respectful of our military who lost their lives, were maimed and injured in the Iraq war which they fought while members of that administration benefited from war profiteering as well. You are over a decade late in complaining about disrespect to the military by a commander in chief. Get real. Military have held umbrellas for numerous presidents, yet I have never heard of any complaints about that, til now.

  65. william maus | May 19, 2013 at 2:59 pm | Reply

    What enlisted man would of said "No" ?

  66. If Mitt were President this little photo op and talky-talk would have been over before the rain came as per the schedule of the day. This President is often late requiring others to wait for him. His predecessor, GW, made a point to be on time because he knew that to be late is at the very least, inconsiderate.

  67. You're a fucking turd just like your President!

  68. So true.

  69. The Secret Service need their hands free to draw weapons in case of an incident. The Soldiers at the wear raincoats and hat covers instead of using umbrellas.

  70. What would it look like if The Marine were black and the President white?

  71. What's all this brouhaha and fol-de-rol? Why wasn't the whole ceremony/photo-op just moved indoors? Should'na been too logistically difficult with all the collective protocol sycophants gathered together in Washington. Or, don't the man know enough to come in out of the rain?

  72. Hey, give give the guy a break. He's holding it as straight as he can.

  73. Regardless of any regulations, US Marines are not butlers, not even for POTUS. If the White House staff/protocol folks weren't so amateur and ignorant they would have made preparations in advance to:

    A. Have an alternate location indoors available in case of rain.

    B. Have canopies for POTUS and his guest and possibly even the press corps.

    C. Have civilian aids with umbrellas standing by.

    D. Have POTUS request staff members to secure the umbrellas for POTUS and guest.

    This shows the arrogance and disdain which typifies many liberals in office with regards for our military. Hillary Clinton was famous for it as First Lady, even more so than her husband.

    Early in his first term POTUS and his First Lady made a number of mistakes in how they treated and spoke about military personnel. Since then the flak they have received has caused them to at try to appear to have some respect. The First Lady has done a better job with her military family initiatives and I almost believe her and that it is genuine. However, this behavior by POTUS demonstrates his true attitude. I'm so grateful I've been retired long enough I'm not directly subject to his lack of leadership although I feel for those who are.

  74. costa piperakis | May 20, 2013 at 11:18 am | Reply

    let it be known" rain or dry,sheik Obama (aka new Nixon) is all wet.

  75. Next time when it's gonna get too hot, Obama will order the Marine to stand behind him and wave big feather fan to cool him down.

  76. I would expect nothing less from a disbarred Kenyan born muslum. Usurper to the citizens of America.

  77. I would have liked to see the Marine have the left hand on his belt with his middle finger exposed with a few spaces like the POW's did in the Hilton pictures in N. Vietnam,every one would have had a laugh.

  78. What Rubbish you all write here.

    Do a quick google search and you will see Photos of Both pres Bush and Pres Regan with umbrellas being held by Marines and other military personnel. Do you hate those presidents for having an umbrella held over thier head too.

    Stop your racisit uninformed Hate.

  79. Kit Up, how about you stick with gear reviews or at least do some simple fact checking before posting BS like this. I assume most who post here have military backgrounds. And while things have changed in this "Modern Military", certain things should not, like RESPECT for the position of Commander and Chief, not necessarily the person. During my time on active duty and reserve time, I served under 3 Presidents, 2 Republican and 1 Democrat. Never during any of that time I have seen servicemembers, sworn to follow lawfully orders and respect superiors, show such blatant disrespect to a current POTUS. I have no great love for the man, but respect for his position. https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc6/26022

  80. Sergeant_Zen | May 20, 2013 at 3:32 pm | Reply

    "Mr. President, do you mean to tell me that the USMC's arcane and archaic umbrella rules were not at the forefront of your mind just prior to conducting a national press conference alongside a visiting foreign dignitary?"

    Geez Louise, sometimes I swear you people sound less like the USMC than the GOPMC.

  81. oh let me guess, you're one of those 45 deathraw fellows???

    and is not overusing the terms. you just cant grasp them.

  82. The Marine is the better man. Marines have been ordered to do worst things for greater people

  83. The Clintons used military personnel in dress uniforms to serve hors d'oeuvre at the Whitehouse. The Marine should have respectfully declined his service of holding the umbrella. The poor Marine has to live with the knowledge of this photo the rest of his life!

    Note: We can survive an idiot in the WH, but not sure if we can survive if the country is full of them.

  84. Gregory Pierpoint | May 21, 2013 at 12:54 am | Reply

    No real Marine insults the CIC, ever, only punk crybabies who backed a losing candidate. Still, the umbrella duty should have been Secret Service or a butler task. Having a Marine in blues hold an umbrella is contrary to Marine Guidelines. I never even owned one during my enlistments. Nevertheless, it's a helluva lot less damaging than sending thousands of young Americans to their deaths in 10 years of fake war. Strange how those who browbeat the President, seem to overlook that much more important fact of false pretenses for conflict embraced by the last Administration. If you can't accept that a black man is POTUS, turn in your uniform and be disloyal enough to the USA to only put on boots when your favorites get elected. Your oath of enlistment does not give you the option to pick and choose. Legal elections by a majority of Americans have done that for you.

  85. This is simply abuse of this Marine by the emperor. Not only did he did this to denigrate this Marine but try holding an umbrella up the way he is forced to for 5 minutes and see if you can do it. Obama hate the military more than Clinton does.

  86. AncientChief | May 21, 2013 at 8:27 am | Reply

    I agree with JustAGuy. That proud, young Marine did exactly what every Soldier, Sailor, Airman and Marine is trained to do: he obeyed the orders of the officers appointed over him. I doubt he liked doing it, but he nonetheless did it to the best of his ability and by so doing he made us all proud. I am not so proud of the officer who issued the order, however.

  87. yes. very true.

    i really wish we could have some consistency here

  88. Note thats a AIDE holding it for Reagan not a Marine or Secret Service !! and there walking to or from a plane not in a press conference ! nice try kool aide drinker

  89. When I was with the 7th C&C at Camp Pendleton We turned out with the 3rd Bn for an Official visit from the then sitting President. The XO of 3/7 carried and umbrella for the president and when we had a down pore the president was provided with this umbrella by a Marine Major while S.S. stood around and watched for threats. While the President was undercover we stood in the rain. Nixon, when it started to rain real hard, a typical Southern California gully washer, then turned, to the Col and requested that the troops be dismissed to get them out of the rain. So Obama is not the first President nor will he be the last president that will ask to have an umbrella be held by his Ceremonial Guards Detachment. I am sure that other Presidents have had some Marine or Soldier or Sailor or Airman hold an umbrella for them at one point or another. Since I have been following politics I have seen the Marines at the white house stand in the rain with out the protective cover for their pretty white hats nor did they have the use of raincoats to protect their uniforms.

    So for those of you who are bent out of shape about a "black" man being in office get over yourselves. How many of you crybabies even voted in the last election, for those of you who did not vote, you do not have much of a say in what is happening. One vote one voice.


    Et secundum diversitatem unitatis pro scientiam / Einheit durch Vielfalt und Wissen

    LPN/ret, HM2(FMF)/USN, Sgt/USAR, ACM/olc, CWVet, VNeVet, GWVet, DAV/VFW Life Member

  90. sigmund sigmund, this is haloguy628. You are coming in scrambled. Repeat, you are coming in scrambled. Re-send. Re-send. Re-send. Over…

  91. Even a toothless swap-meet gypsy knows enough to have a canopy handy. I guess they don't teach common sense at Harvard or Columbia, but what the heck, it is much easier to degrade a Marine Corporal and Bill Ayers will really eat it up.

  92. Should have handed him a poncho and told him to piss up a rope…

  93. Did he? When and where if you know. Thanks

  94. Patrik Bernard | May 21, 2013 at 6:37 pm | Reply

    Truthfully I have always supported the idea that to be eligible to be the president, one must have served in the armed forces.

    I support the draft for all Americans, because I rather “naively” believe that military service is a duty. Nevertheless, aside from his “military non-service”, it seems that nobody likes the President no matter what he does and it makes me wonder sometimes.

    What if he didn't look like me, would he be more acceptable?

    Hope I don’t ruffle too many of my friends feathers with this question.

  95. Patrik Bernard | May 21, 2013 at 6:43 pm | Reply

    To all the President's detractors for real or imagined shortcomings. Remember, You too can be President.

    Stay thirsty my friends!!

  96. I guess people feel this new Marine Corp should not hold a umbrella for a black man! Glad I'm old Corp.

  97. That's why Marines guard the President. We don't question orders, WE FOLLOW THEM!

  98. If the umbrella tipped and Obama got drenched, would the Marine get a court martial or a medal?

    The photo really pissed me off.

  99. He doesn't send soldiers to rescue the ambassador and staff, but he asks this Marine to hold an umbrella over his head.

    This guy needs to move out of the white house, and if it rains i will hold an umbrella over his head while he carries his boxes out of it lol

  100. Liar. There is no way this story is true. You are lying to impress strangers on the Internet, and this lack of integrity is unbecoming of the Marine you allegedly are. I doubt you have had any military service past jrotc.

  101. Psy ops at its finest…

    Hey look everyone, I can show the world that I am all for a kindler gentler military presence…I can make a trained killer look like a poontang.

    Its as if he is trying to hypnotize people into believeing that an umbrella is the key to freedom and not a fucking rifle. ptooooey.

  102. Or how bot a horse tail to slap the flies off of him…

  103. I am convinced he did it on purpose to show us how free he really wants us to be.

    This was a clear message to us all and the rest of the world that we are the rotting vaginas that he wants us to be…a bunch of disarmed servants.

  104. Good form….

  105. We are not talking about what the Marine did; he did his job, and did it well. We are talking about why it was wrong to order him to do it in the first place.

    You can call the Marines at the Whitehouse "window dressing" if you want, but "window dressing does not equal "personal servant".

    It was disrespectful and degrading to the Marine to even ask him to do it. That is why most of the folks on here have a problem with it.

    If they had to have someone in uniform holding an umbrella, they have dozens of military social aids (reads as junior officers) that could have and would have done it.

    Enlisted military members even if they are assigned as “window dressing” are not the hired help. They are military professionals and did not join, and were not hired to be personal servants for anyone.

  106. And while shielding the poser in chief from the rain, the Corporal is also shielding his brass! Looking sharp Marine!

  107. During the Carter administration a close friend and brother Marine was unlucky enough to be assigned to duty as crew on the White Tops. I say unlucky because it wasn't the great thing the rest of us thought it would be. Gary was tall, handsome and cut a fine figure in his blues. He was often told he looked like Robert Gullet' before he shaved off his mustache. All his squadron mates and friends thought it would be great duty but it turned out to be the opposite.

    He relayed accounts of rude, condescending and abusive treatment by White House staffers, congressmen and others who traveled in the presidents entourage. He eventually got fired, relieved of duty on the presidential detail and returned to the FMF after an incident that goes like this:

    During a flight with several congressional representatives and staffers onboard wherein several were drinking and demanding personal services; i.e., bring me this, do that, etc., one of them who was very drunk and obnoxious got sick and puked all over the aircraft. Gary was told, ordered to clean it up so the rest wouldn't get sick from the smell and mess.

    After more than a year of this kind of nonsense, he finally had enough and told the puker to clean his own mess up.

    Of course he was relieved following the flight, ended up with a shitty fitness report and ended up changing his mind about a career in the Marines. A smart, disciplined head on straight Marine with a bright future ended up finishing out his enlistment and bailing with a bad taste in his mouth for the lack of respect by his elected leaders and their sand crab staffers. Gary never commented on president Carter negatively so I assume that the former Naval officer and protege' of the father of the nuclear Navy knew better.

    Some presidents like the Bushes gave respect and honorable treatment to those under their command. Some like Clinton and the First Lady who was worse than her husband president Clinton did not and even went so far as to act negatively toward military service. Of course what could you expect from a several time draft dodger and one who never considered military service and what it really means.

    Our military, be they Marines, sailors, soldiers or airmen aren't butlers, waiters or other domestic servants. They shouldn't be treated like them. POTUS has dozens of lackeys, sand crabs and boot licking civilians that can function as indentured servants.

  108. You guys all suck. That's the entire role of a Marine – to do a job that could cause him harm. In case you didn't notice, that's the Commander-in-Chief he's holding the umbrella for. If any of you were Marines, you'd know that holding an Umbrella for a President is a pretty cool duty, compared to mopping floors, or police calling cigarette butts across the entire post, for example. Hell, I bet the dude holding the umbrella for the Turkish PM was thinking, "Damn, I wish I was holding it for Obama". Oh and one more thing, which again, you would know if any of you were Marines.. how much do you really think that boot-ass Marines cares that he's getting wet in the rain? Marines suffer conditions you civilians couldnt even come close to bearing, so stop complaining on this guy's behalf. He doesn't want your pity.

  109. "The Corps does junior Marines a disservice by sending them to ceremonial duties before giving them a couple of years in the fleet. They never learn that there’s a difference between obedience to orders and servility."

    I agree when you said that sending juniors to the Fleet before ceremonial duties is a good idea, but only because those ceremonial duties should be earned. However, while there is a difference between obeying orders and servility, there is absolutely no way for a Marine to disobey a direct order because he or she has come to the conclusion that the order given makes them feel like a servant. It is not a Marine's job to distinguish between the two. That's the whole basis of the Corps, and the military; you follow goddamn orders.

    As for your, "none of my Marines would hold another dude's umbrella" crack, what would you say if the Commander-in-Chief gave you a direct f**king order to do so, I think you'd snap to and ask what colour umbrella the man would like. You disgusting pukes make me sick when you mouth off about how you'd say no to the President like that. You're an embarrassment.

  110. Relax, he's not a Marine, and won't ever be. Just ignore.

  111. You may want to refer to your oath to remember what your loyaties are supposed to be, and to the UCMJ about your duty to follow lawful orders.

    You sound like someone that would not hesitate to fire on fellow Americans if ordered to do so.

  112. odd thing to ask an 0300 to do that . but when potus never wore a uniform for 1 day what do you expect . i agree that in the future any potus MUST have at least military time . a MARINE does his best to follow orders. even stupid orders .

    i did not like the sight but i support the jarhead who did follow ORDERS. i am proud he did as told . if any MARINE does not follow orders,,,,,,,hmmm retrain him ! Regan is the only potus who honored the few the proud .

    maybe u can now say a MARINE will never let down potus . the USMC comes out on top again by following orders . if u need any job done properly ask a MARINE . you will not be let down . semper fi

  113. No shitbag. The role of a Marine is "To locate, close with and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver." IF you were a warrior and not a pogue, you would know that any other warrior would be disgusted to be put on the spot like this guy and have to violate directives and protocol to keep Dear Leader and a foreign POLITICIAN dry.

  114. Very well put Marc! Home run!

  115. I disagree but I get your sentiment and respect it. Semper Fi Ralph.

  116. Patrikbernard | May 23, 2013 at 10:34 am | Reply

    Obviously anyone else can do a better job than the President including any of the blowhards in this conversation, Obviously.

    Certainly he is self serving and pompous to even think that "he" can weigh in on national issues and world issues when we hadnt had a precedence before is clear indication of that.

    However lets not ignore the fact that any and everything that the POTUS does is under the microscopic scrutiny of everyone who can't stand the man and implies much more than an extra- tremendous pressure on his shoulders.

    Certainly we can safely assume that he carries on in a vacuum without the counsel of influential more competent and deserving "others". Just remember too it is only a twentyfour hour day that he is given similarly like the rest of the others.

    Remember too that he has to read every document however many hundreds of thousands of pages long and meet and greet the nameless faceless as well as the powerful and infuential and plan every party at the whiteHouse and ponder the guest list and make certain that it does not cost over a million dollars.

    That done he has to make certain the veterans that he "certainly not being one of" are being championed and thats before telling the IRS and CIA and DIA, FBI, Homeland Security all the un-american things to do and that they must willingly comply.

    We know that in spite of him or is by mere "accident" that somehow the US is shutting down a costly $3 plus trillion war in Iraq, one that was initially expected to cost $78 Billion and an economy that was in freefall has a plausible bottom.

    We knew he faked the damn elections (how else could he have been elected) and he "Can’t spell POTUS without POS, we get that.

    What I don't get is how an incredibly focused "POS" "POTUS" is capable of doing all of the above (when some of "us" can't find a damn job other than to provide running commentary on his shortcomings) was not able to spare the marine the ignoble and inconsequential task of holding up an umbrella in the rain (freeing him up instead to rush off to Afghan and rescuing a platoon under fire).

    Why did he not just stop the damn rain.

    We would have all been spending more productive time if he had.

  117. Again you are missin | May 23, 2013 at 5:08 pm | Reply

    It is a Maine Corp OFFICIAL regulation that a male Maine in uniform can not carry or hold an umbrella unless the Commandant (the top Devil Dog) says otherwise.

    What the hell is causing such confusion in some of your heads? Learn HOW to actually think and reason. Good Lord we are sooooo screwed. Hopefully ignorant people die faster in a crises.

  118. Sebhelyesfarku | May 25, 2013 at 6:11 am | Reply

    Is that a tactical umbrella?

  119. patrik bernard | May 26, 2013 at 7:44 am | Reply

    Of course there are crybabies in the military community and they are making a big deal of a damn umbrella. Way to keep it real DesertFox.

  120. patrik bernard | May 26, 2013 at 7:57 am | Reply

    Dark Green huh, I thought we were all marines. but you don’t give a tinker’s damn about his color…which ain’t “black” by the way.

    GALLOWGLASS examine your statements because its obvious that you as POTUS in the glare of the red hot spotlight the "PRESS" and "SPECIAL INTERESTS" would have already begun to discredit your administration, preoccupy your time and distract from whatever your agenda is on implications inherent in your "Dark Green".

  121. The issue of whether or not a Marine should or should not be holding an umbrella over the President and the Turkish Prime Minister is actually a mute issue, they should not be, period. The real issue is, why is a man supposedly smart enough or eloquent enough to dupe enough people into voting him into office, not smart enough to move the press conference inside out of the rain. It's not because there isn't enough conference space available in Washington, it's clearly a case of him exercising his egomaniacal power over the inferior.

  122. patrik bernard | May 26, 2013 at 11:47 am | Reply

    In response I actually had preemptively taken your advice. ("if you get your head out of your ass far enough to read my entire post…or have one of your friends who can read read it to you".)

    Thanks for pointing me in a positive direction but I had already learned to read nevertheless, I also had one of my friends who can, read it to me.

    Having done so I have come to a conclusion that this a pointless exchange Gallowglass, and I will drop off this conversation, but I wanted to point out that my head was always upon my shoulders.

    You seem full of useful advice so if I may suggest that you take advantage of your own wisdom and check like I did where your head might be.

  123. patrik bernard | May 26, 2013 at 12:40 pm | Reply


  124. louinsc:

    I hear at least 50 pounds of SARIN were found in Iraq. I consider that a weapon of mass destruction. Also a whole HELL of a lot of Yellowcake. This from some that were there, not the UnAmerican biased Press.

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