Father’s Day Gift Suggestion #5: Ear-Pro

Foamies, expended .223 brass, fingers-in-your ears…there are a lot of options for ear-pro. I don’t think any significant other (or spawn) could go wrong getting some hearing protection for a dad on Father’s Day. That said, there are a lot of different kinds, ranging in price from a few dollars to thousands. Matt and I (and Brad and Mike and Mad Duo Nate) have talked about comparing and evaluating ear-pro in the past but haven’t gotten around to it.

What would you suggest, or what do YOU want when it comes to ear-pro? Give us your input based on your experience in the comments section. Thanks!


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  1. I have used numerous styles of Ear-Pro over the years and then got into electronic ear muffs (base model peltor) and never looked back. My current pair is a set of MSA Sordin pro X which I really like it.

    C: 714-943-2163

  2. For around 50 dollars you cant go wrong with the Howard Light Impact Sport electronic ear muffs. Very sleek design with good sound cancelling and battery life.

  3. I also recommend the Howard Leight Impact Sports. I replaced my Peltor Tac6s with those and I couldn't be happier. Only a single on/off switch. Audio is better and the sound cancelling is amazing. Also the automatic off is a life saver(I have lost count of how many batteries I drained forgetting to turn my Peltors off.

  4. Also have to chime in with the Howard Leight Impact Sports. The noise cancelling tech allows you to hear what's going on around you and/or have a conversation but still protect your hearing. Also gives you a nifty gadget to amplify sound e.g. want to keep the TV low so the wife can sleep.

    Mine also have the capability to plug in audio if you want to listen to your iphone or radio (safety first). Don't know if it's compatible with a talkabout radio but with all this for $50 you can't go wrong.

  5. I am currently in the market for a pair of electronic ear pro and have been looking everywhere for some good reviews. I would LOVE to see a comparison review (Pros/Cons & overall thoughts) on the inexpensive Howard Leights and the more expensive MSA Sordin pro-X (Neckband). Please make this review happen guys, I'll be waiting patiently!

  6. This would be great to see. I consider Peltor to be like Maglite flashlights -great product initially, but there are much better systems out there now.

  7. Anohehr vote for the Howard Leight. Not the most high end, but I returned the Peltor within just a few days when I realized it was nearly impossible to install/change the batteries without tearing up the ear cushions. When I called their customer service they even acknowledged it was an issue. The only "catch" with the HL ear pro is the volume switch "jumps" from low to high pretty easily when you are adjusting it. Not a big deal and a decent trade off for price/ease of use, IMHO

  8. How about some new ears that don't ring?

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