Geiger Rig Releases Tactical Line

Tactical Geiger Rig in Use

Geiger Rig, which we talked about last year after Outdoor Retailer (videos below), is now available in a tactical series, it won Best Hydration Pack OR 2013 from Gear Patrol. It is just one in a series of awards they’ve picked up.

The new rigs are available in black or tan and have a 70 oz. capacity. This is the only hydration system of its kind that I’m aware of. I bring it to your attention because I know from e-mails last year that many of you were either waiting on the desert color or holding off on black so you could rattle-can it.

The armored back and the ability to deliver a pressurized spray are a plus not just for “field use” but also for recreation. I’m sure many readers on here can tell stories of burst bladders. Water isn’t just a necessity, it’s a force multiplier. I like the protection and share options this rig provide (check out this video to see how it holds up).


Tactical Guardian - Black - Environment - Logo


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  1. Madeinchinarrig…

  2. Logan F. Crooks | August 8, 2013 at 12:17 am | Reply

    I Hate How These Are Neither Berry Amendment Nor TAA Compliant, But I LOVE The Guys At The Company!!! I Inquire On Where They They Are Made And Get A Call From The CEO The Next Morning. WOW! He Was A Marine Infantry Captain, So At Least It's A VOSB. For Some Reason, I Trust In Their Quality…We'll See.

  3. Funny how with dwindling DoD dollars and the wars winding down there are all kinds of new kit makers out there. Market? Airsofters and wannabees like MSM.

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