Barrett Unveils Drone-Killing Rifle


Among the firearms creating the most buzz at this year’s Modern Day Marine show was a version of Barrett’s M107A1, a shoulder-fired rifle designed to shoot drones out of the sky with hulking 25mm rounds.

It’s billed as an “anti-UAV” weapon, referring to the military acronym for unmanned aerial vehicles. The rifle reminded more than a couple of Marines of a scene from the 2012 movie, “The Bourne Legacy,” in which the hero, Aaron Cross (played by the actor Jeremy Renner) shoots down a Predator drone with a sniper rifle.

In reality, the M107A1 has a range of up to 2,000 meters and is designed to take out low-altitude drones — those that can fly as high as 10,000 feet or so. (The Predator is a medium-altitude drone that can soar up to 25,000 feet.)

The semi-automatic, anti-material rifle can fire a 5-round magazine of 25mm cartridges and weighs 33 pounds.

Barrett, based in Murfreesboro, Tenn., has built several of the rifles, some of which have been used by U.S. Special Operations forces. The Army is also considering buying the weapon, Barrett officials maintain.

In addition to military customers, the company is marketing the rifle to potential civilian buyers, including law enforcement agencies in the states such as Washington and Colorado as a tool to help control avalanches. (It’s safer than using plastic explosives.)

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  • Vincent.

    “In reality, the M107A1 has a range of up to 2,000 meters and is designed to take out low-altitude drones — those that can fly as high as 10,000 feet or so.”

    Unless my math is horribly off 2,000 meters has always been less than 10,000 feet.

    • JCitizen

      HA! HA! I think my ANM-3 .50cal on my M63 mount would do a better job – but not at 10,000 feet! HA! Good one Vincent! :D

      • Chris

        2,000 Meters is about 6,562 feet. 3048 meters is a 10,000 feet.

        • JCitizen

          I think I’d rather try my F-11-3 rocket engine with about 2lbs of thrust – put that in the Pro II Nike ought’a be about right! ]:)

          It goes about 50,000 ft in a few seconds. ~@>—>

    • Mr Mxyzptlk

      The effective range is 2000m, the maximum is 3,600m so it could technically shoot 10,000ft. However this is the straight line range without taking elevation into account, the effective altitude it could reach would be significantly less as well as dependent on your relative position.

      • Vincent.

        My point exactly.

        • Ryley

          Yeah most drones in that class fly below 10k feet (service ceiling for them is 10k feet) and they can’t do much that high, they have to come in to surveillance altitude to be effective, and that’s when you’d shoot it. Definitely an effective WS in mountainous terrain.

          • Lwss

            Question is how many country’s outthere have UAV that match US technology,that we need to build this riffle for this poetic ulnar use what would end up happening is that this weapon will find its way trough the black market and some habib it’s gonna uses it againt our drones.

      • JP2336

        Buuuuut, if you are firing:
        -from the prone
        -on or atop a mountain
        -using basic cosign equations for high angle fire
        -and a little black magic
        … could in reality shoot in excess of 10k ft. Yes? Yes. Good.

    • AEReOsearch

      many low altitude-drones do not fly at their maximum ceiling due to reduced instrument accuracy. Just as most airplanes do not cruise at their maximum flight ceiling. If you’re not a pilot, and you’re not a defense weapons contractor, and you don’t really know anything about a specialized field, don’t criticize the things that you know nothing about.

      • JP2336

        whose “criticizing things” that we know nothing about there bud? Are you in one of your 3 aforementioned categories? The comments originated with a poorly constructed sentence in the article.

      • Vincent.

        I might not be whatever you deem necessary to criticize this stuff, but I can assure you I’m perfectly capable of thinking both physics and common sense, both of which lead me to conclude that it’s a very impractical weapon to shoot drones with.
        You’re not convincing me you think otherwise. If you actually do someone should probably take your computer away.

    • Bob

      A rifle to shoot a drone at even 2000 meters? How will you get it to hold still while you shoot it, this isnt a shotgun you know, and the drone isnt standing still while you fire at it. America has more drones than any other Country so why would someone even think of a drone killer unless they are going to sell it to the enemies?

      • Holdin Steady

        Civilians realize that we will someday face our own government. They wont get many service men to fire upon their own. They will use drones at every opportunity.

    • misplacedcountryboy

      You should also try shooting an aerial target with a rifle. Not easy!

    • Old MP

      It’s not impossible. I used to bull’s-eye womp rats in my t-16 back home. They’re not much bigger than 10,000 meters…….

    • Parley

      6561.68 feet

    • Ryan


    • Cincy_sensei

      Drones that “…fly as high as 10,000 feet or so.” Read as: max ceiling for low-altitude drones. If your gas range has a burner with max of 7,000 btu, doesn’t mean you set it for max btu for every use.

    • Wolf

      I agree 100%.

  • Lance

    This rifle will be a smash hit in Colorado where towns passed laws OK shooting down NSA drones. LOL joke

    • JCitizen

      With it qualifying as a destructive device, I doubt any local yokels will be buying one anytime soon. Maybe with a very expensive license and a CLEO letter, but I still doubt it. Still funny though :D

  • Joe

    Shooting vertically at a UAV can’t make you fall over…right? Ha

  • JCitizen

    As I’ve said somewhere on here before – you’d be better off using a model rocket! HA!

  • Josh N

    So much for Barrett honoring their previous statements of not selling weapons to law enforcement that can’t be bought by regular citizens in their state.. Both version of that are illegal in Colorado. Nothing like a company taking an stand then selling out for the dollar.

    • GMAHN

      Colorado needs to un-fuck it’s gun laws and Barrett isn’t at fault for that. Barrett is one of the strongest supporters of the 2nd Ammendment to ever exist and you need to show some respect. At some point that company needs to make cash to compete in the market and allow it to do things like keep supporting the 2nd. Progressives have used your money from taxes to try and undermine the 2nd Ammendment so it shouldn’t bother you if Barrett were to sell some 25mm rifles to the state of Colorado so that he could take their cash and then use it to support the 2nd Ammendment. Get active in actually fighting gun control instead of just looking to trash the people on your own side.

    • ZachB

      Actually they’re not. Aside from the magazine limits, Colorado doesn’t have any restrictions on the type of weapons you can own, including the various categories of NFA weapons.

    • PaCo

      You might want to gather your facts before you run your mouth.

      Having been to the factory Barrett armorers course (on their dime while I was on military leave no less) Ronnie, Chris and Angie Barrett are nothing but stand up Americans, if they tell you something they will stand by it 100%.

      It was put out in the course that after graduation of the course we would abide by their policy of not working on states weapons that did not afford the citizens of that state the same rifles.

  • Mr Mxyzptlk

    I hope they aren’t really calling it the M107A1, as if so that will be really confusing. The M107A1 is already a rifle, it is the current .50/.416 variant manufactured by browning which is a improved, lightweight version of the M107. Also, this rifle or one very similar to it has existed for a while as the XM109, so they should really be calling it the M109 or M109A1. Somebody at Barrett needs to sort their shit out before they end up trying to sell two different rifles with the same name.

    • fuzznose

      Ever think that maybe the reporter got the terms mixed up? How about instead of calling Barrett out on it, find out what the facts really are.

      • Mr Mxyzptlk

        This is being reported as the M107A1 from several different cources, so if there is a weak link in the chain it is more likely a Barrett spokesman or press release giving the wrong information. Anyway, i did say that I hope that this is wrong and they aren’t calling it the M107A1. It wouldn’t be the first time Barrett did confusing thing with their names, like making a bullpup called the XM107, then shifting the project to a modified M82 named the M107, and then after selling both the M82A1 and M107 individually for a bit they discontinued the M82A1 and renamed the M107 as the M82A1.

        • fuzznose

          Okay, I’ll go along with that…

  • mpower6428

    Duck season is about to fall and these mopes are trying to have Elmer Fudd reassigned…?

    • TParker

      Funny you mention ducks. Commercial duck hunters from way back used to use a 2 gauge gun that was mounted on the front of a large row boat and take out entire flocks of ducks. Rumors are these were later used in defense on the west coast during WWII.

  • zbaaer

    The idea for a 25mm Barrett is several years old. This is just a new, and somewhat stupid (marketing), spin on it.

    • TheDude

      Its not “somewhat” stupid. Its americas future, like it is depicted in the movie “idiocracy”!

      • majr0d

        What’s your nationality sweetie?

  • Nice picture, your flash not working? Try this trick instead: Photoshop>image>adjustments>levels, now adjust the brightness and contrast sliders until the pic looks half decent.

    • Sirius Jones

      Flash works just fine; flash hider just doing its job ;op

    • Watchdog

      When putting out a prohibited weapon you don’t want to show all the pieces in high detail. This gives an aura of mystery, besides if they see that this gun is actually a 5 round revolver in disguise who will buy it? Low resolution yes, Photoshop no.

  • steve

    I want one!

  • John D

    This weapon concept has been around for a long time and they are just changing their marketing approach. The liberals will jump on this as an antigovt move to counter the UAVs but the weapon system cannot be just bought in a local gun store. It classifies as a destructive weapon by the GCA 1934 and is heavily regulated. The anti gunners will go crazy like the cop killer bullets!!

    • Guest

      Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Nowhere has Barrett actually called their rifle a ‘drone killer’ – only the internet and various mall ninjas…

    • Bill W

      Agreed, simply a marketing ploy, if in fact is originated at Barrett. I can see a sales rep joking with someone at a trade show…
      “ya, and over here is my drone killer M107A1…”
      “Really mister?”
      (rep turns head at others in the know… wink wink)
      “yes, really….”

  • burkefett

    Because it’s so much easier to hit a small, moving object (with, in all probability, no reference points) with a semi-automatic rifle than it is to lay in the ol’ C-RAM…or the F-16…or the ma deuce.

  • Rob

    Ok so the author is full of crap. It is NOT a 25mm, it is nothing more than an update on the original M107. 25mm rounds are fired from AC-130’s, Harriers, Bradley’s and LAV’s. It really is amazing what a little research can find. Took me 5 minutes to compare and look at specs from Barrett. Just the fact that you can go to the website and see that the M107A1 is designed to use a suppressor, would clue some in.

    • Robb

      The pic on this article is a XM109 25mm.

    • Mr Mxyzptlk

      It has a curved magazine which means it is the 25mm XM109 (or a new rifle based on the same concept),

    • burkefett

      25mm refers to the nominal diameter of the bore. It is not a single, set-in-stone cartridge designation.

  • Gary

    Just as an FYI: check out (google) the Barrett XM109. It is chambered for 25x59mm and has been in the works since 2004. It uses the M82/M107 lower receiver. It can be switched between .50BMG and 25mm in a matter of minutes.

  • Super Tex

    I’d hate to hump that up and down the mountain………….Heck, for that matter flat level ground would be a buggar.

    • Watchdog

      This is why the Egyptians invented the wheel, well they had chariots didn’t they? Maybe a horse drawn model-caissson type.

  • tongun6

    i wonder what the recoil is like? Even though it is Semi – Auto.

  • Justin

    This will NOT be a reliable UAV killer. It is like how Japan put the AA sights on their Arisaka type 99, but honestly, you have a better chance at winning the lottery and then having a pot of gold fall out of the sky before you actually hit a aircraft with these.

  • DaveL

    Hey, I thought I once read in a previous article somewhere when this gun first came to light, that the reason for such a big 25mm diameter bore was to have more design room to mount a laser seeker in an HE bullet tip, to be guided by a laser designator–the ultimate one shot kill at remarkable distances! –No?? Did this not get developed? Or are we not being told?

  • Stefan S.

    25MM ammo price? 200-500 bucks a round?

  • billywhat?

    Ok, so lets take the situation of a uav flying at 1500 meters high at 50km/ph. First hit it with a laser range finder. Calculate where its going since they are usualy going in circles. Aim at it with your 24x times scope. With no references where to hold. Either you are to close in so it keeps flying out of scopesight or youre zoomed out so much you lose accuracy. Also because of the angle you schoulder firing so even less accuracy and more scopsway. Everything combined….no way youll be hitting one.

  • MrHawkeye

    Dude…What kind of BS is this! Medium Alt drones fly at 25-35,000 feet moving at over 200mph…What a joke of an article or sales pitch this is…..

  • DaveL

    Cancel my previous post, unable to find original laser designating article. Probably an internet myth.

  • Foghorn

    Wouldn’t this be considered a destructive device per NFA?

  • majr0d

    Moderator kept deleting my post. So be it.

    Later Kit Up.

  • serotoninjoe

    33 pounds! Unloaded? That makes me tired just thinking about lugging that beast. BUT OMG wouldn’t that be frigging awesome to get some training on this? 2000 Meters nasty. I’ll want one in black for me and a titty pink one for the wifey!

  • draculaagainstnwo

    this is a variant of the .95 jdj that costs 40 dollars and is made from the casing that is used for the 50 bmg the pressure is going to be 38500 fps now then the rifle weighs way to much as shown a video that was put out by jdj this is the same rifle it will not your ass into the pavement unless you had someway for a decent recoil not funny so by to your chest from that the bullet weighs 8.2 ounces

  • RentAscout

    I seen more then a few WWII clips of AA firing at low aircraft with hundreds of rounds before hitting the target. Now how many people have good experience hitting a drone with 5 rounds? If ODA wants it, let them have it.

    • Joe_Sovereign

      Japanese bolt action rifles in WW2 had fold down wings on their sights to aid in shooting at aircraft. At least their strategy was that large numbers of soldiers could lay up some kind of defense against low flying aircraft.

  • Eronc

    Best chance of hitting drone… on ground. They want it for something might be useful.

  • moondawg

    My, question is will it be banned in California, New York State, Maryland, New Jersey and Illinois?

  • Michael

    Wouldn’t it require smart ammo, only to have any decent probability of hitting a flying target?

  • bombbuster72

    “It’s safer than using plastic explosives.” How dare you speak that way about my beloved, favorite moldable H.E. This is just more of the smear campaign against C4, Semtex, and all the other wonderful (and very safe) plastic explosives.

    Don’t get me wrong, 25mm shoulder fired rifles sound amazing, but let’s not even compare them with the awesomeness of explosives.

  • jackiecox

    MDG 50 cal depleted uranium rounds, Barium ? (would be cheaper, formed hard) 9300 fps, 3500 yards

    • Wolf

      They have an ever lasting effect also. 1500 years.

  • J Cliff

    I have had enormous success knocking down drones using time honored voodoo doll techniques. It’s all about pin placement.

  • Garbage

    I’m sorry – but this article is complete crap. I’ve talked with Barrett and whoever wrote this didn’t seem to pay attention to anything, ASSUMING they even really talked to Barrett. Looks like the took a photo of the Barrett XM109 (25mm) and started calling it the M107A1. Pathetic.

    • Tommy

      agreed. Fuck it!

  • I didn’t share them all… and good thing someone created a spinnable comment from it..

  • scott

    where do i get one? :):):):):)

  • Jiro

    You guys are brutal! That writer will never show their face again. The write up did remind me of the anti-tank rifles of the interwar period (1919-1939). I think the anti-tank rifles were more useful. I do like the avalanche control concept.

  • Owad

    Can someone explain to me how a 25 mm round can be used for avalanche control? Controlled explosions yes..I get that! Wouldn’t the projectile fired by this think just bury itself in the rockface/soil /berm?

  • Tommy


  • James

    The purpose of this rifle/shoulder-canon doesn’t really need to have anything to do with what is stated in this article. Wouldn’t we all agree that this would do much more damage to anything it was fired at than with the standard Barrett .50-Caliber Rifle. And what was the Barrett .50 designed to do, take out strategic vehicles; this would simply do a better job of it. Come on, a 25mm High-Explosive round out of a quickly set-up shoulder fired rifle; I can think of numerous applications. But taking out high flying drones is not one of them.

  • Popsiq

    A 25 mm automatic anti-aircraft gun would be better. And a 90 mm gun should be able to stop a Reaper.
    Although these latter are in short supply in ‘drone theaters’, I don’t the thnk targets will be trying to smuggle these babies in anytime soon.

    Let’s face it, they’re meant for the ‘gopher bustin’ market’.

  • MTNpatrol

    This is the perfect rifle to mount the new Tracking Point scope. Hitting a moving aerial object with a single projectile is very difficult without “help” from an automatic aiming/firing device.