Smith & Wesson Unveils Backpack Cannon


LAS VEGAS — Smith & Wesson on Monday touted its new .460-caliber revolver as an ideal firearm for your backpack in the backcountry.

Officials with the Springfield, Mass.-based company let selected members of the media fire the Performance Center Model .460 at a range in Boulder City, Nev., as part of the opening day of the annual SHOT Show. The country’s largest gun show is taking place this week in Las Vegas and is expected to draw some 60,000 attendees.

Revolvers have long been replaced by high-capacity semi-auto for self defense, but they still make nice companions if you like camping where the critters are big enough to eat you.

The five-shooter features a three-inch barrel, high-visibility sights and a synthetic stock with a shock absorber on the rear of the handle. Chambered for the massive .460 round, it packs a wallop. You can also shoot .454 Casull rounds, as well as .45 Long Colt ammo.

“It’s a very comfortable gun to shoot,” Paul Pluff, the company’s director of marketing services, said in an interview with “A great gun for a back-up gun in the backcountry or even for hunting if you’re going after some pigs or hogs or anything like that.”

It’s a very nice gun but a bit pricey — $1,200. The company expects to market the revolver to civilians and law enforcement personnel.

Here’s video of the Model .460 in action:


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    The .500 Magnum 500 S&W revolver is even bigger and more effective and impressive.

    • Eightball

      Wile the 500 is more ideal it is however not legal in CA this one should be.

      • coleman

        This caliber has been around for a while. While the .500 mag is larger, the .460 has a highe velocity. Better penetration is better for big game hunting. Overall energy is close to the .500.


          Yes, the .460 can be faster, but I’m not convinced I can get better penetration with it than I can with the .500 Magnum. Energy is close, yes, but still not negligibly so. Still, the .460 may work as a big game revolver / bull moose stopper as well as the .500 Magnum out in the field. I have yet to compare them.


        I was unaware that the 500 is illegal in CA. I don’t get that. CA is weird.

        • CHUCK

          Both the 460 and 500 are legal in California. I own both. I like the 460 over the 500 because of better accuracy, penetration and more controlled recoil. The weight and size of both guns is the same. The 460 also allows the use of 45 long colt and 454 rounds.

          • BigJ

            Thats the kicker with the .460 that makes it more useful than the 500 for most people. You can get a lot of practice in with the much less expensive .45 LC and use .454 on game that you don’t need the energy of a .460 take down. Versatility because it can use a variety of types of ammo as a huge factor.

      • Wayne

        Incorrect about Califronia….as usual! I had a 4″ S&W 500 (purchased legally here in Calif.) until recently. Got rid of it because of the guns huge mass. If I am going to carry something that large and heavy, might as well be a rifle…..

        My current choice in bear defense (I am now constantly in bear country, and am a former Alaska resident use to dealing with big bears every day), is a Ruger SRH Alaskan (.44 or .454) backing up a Marlin 1895SBL (.45-70 Gov.) if I am car camping or on ATV’s, or a lightweight S&W 329NG (.44) if I am mountainbiking or backpacking.

        This .460 looks interesting though. Will have to check it out!

      • Mike

        Who cares about California?

        • Heath

          True. California is only the 8th largest economy in the world…

        • Wayne

          Lots of California misconceptions! I live in an “inland” county, where getting a CCW is reasonable (except there is a 6 month backlog of applications, because there are so many). Loaded open carry for anyone (even with no CCW), is legal in most places I go. I drive around with an M4 in my trunk.

          If I lived in Arizona (where anything goes), my gun collection would not be one bit different than it is now.

      • Richard Cranium

        The .500 is legal in CA. I think the confusion is that the .50 BMG caliber was banned in CA about six or so years ago. It was the .50 BMG in particular and not just any .50 caliber.

        • nodat1

          a little difference between a 50 BMG and any other standard .50 cal cartage

    • gregh

      I own a S&W .500 and it is indeed legal in California.

    • dragon5126

      No it isnt, and this one isnt even that impressive, Both calibers are handicapped by the short barrel and dont develop anymore power than a hot loaded ( read corbon hot loads) .45 colt. The 500 S&W comes close, due to bullet weight but thats it, when terminal velocities out of the short barrel are compared, the differences are negligible. the advantage this overweight revolver has is it adds extra caliber choices to use. disadvantage is excessive weight…

      • Gee

        Short barrel? An 8″ barrel is short? Since when

    • JD Williams

      Same size, and the .460 has the added versatility of being able to shoot less powerful (and less expensive!) .45LC as well as a couple of other cartridges. Makes the .460 a hands-down winner for me.

    • guest

      ..or even a custom .577 t-rex derringer… pfft. gimme a break, comfortable to shoot my ass.

  • Bill

    I will never buy a S&W product as long as they keep putting that stupid lock on their revolvers.

    • Fred

      Lock? What lock?

      • jeff

        Are you thinking of Taurus revolvers?

      • Bill

        See that dark circle above the cylinder release, that lock.

      • erich knox

        my S&W model 340PD has an internal lock you need a key to lock/unlock. I unlocked it when I bought it and forgot about it. When I had kids, I got another key and keep it locked if the gun is home and I am not. It’s a great safety feature if you want it, and if you don’t, just unlock it and throw your key away. nbd.

    • John

      Well, then, Stud, you better buy something else, quick – ’cause they’re pretty much here. Nice vain rant spat into the wind though . . . you buy it, you ignore it, maybe grow up some.

      • Another Bill

        Obviously you’re unaware of the many documented lock failures that have turned operational revolvers into fancy paperweights.

      • Bill

        Wow, you must really like that lock. But instead of ranting, how about explaining why S&W doesn’t make the lock optional? It detracts from the appearance, provides little added safety and has been known on occasion to engage by itself. Additionally, that lock represents what is left of the agreement they made in 2000 with the Clinton administration, has to go.

        • Ted Bell

          Yep, lock turned me on to Ruger.

        • dragon5126

          sow some proof to the accidental engagement of the lock. it is patented and used by most revolver manufacturers in one of two configurations, and to date I havent seen a single incident of accidental engagement in either configuration, nor have I been able to induce one. AND the lock has nothing to do with the Clinton agreement since it was introduced AFTER the post Clinton agreement buyout, Your commentary is based on ill informed diatribe.

      • kjhkjh

        I agree with Bill – “F” that lock!

      • Buck

        S&W? Oh, you mean the company that sold out to Clinton? Yeah, that company.

    • KayFlyte

      Okay, so don’t. Do you think anyone else is interested in you snit against S&W.

    • dragon5126

      get used to it or stop buying firearms, ALL handgun makers except those marketed directly to law enforcement now have them. Just grow up and leave them unlocked, and pay attention to the voting records of the people YOU vote for, and stop believing press releases. now be a good little boy and go dry your tears…

      • dragon5127

        You’re full of crap…only S&W currently. Hate blowhards who don’t know WTF they are talking about like you.

        • Nick

          Taurus have a similar lock. Not just on their revolvers either, a lot of magazine fed pistols as well have it. Example. PT809, PT840, PT845, all have an internal lock that requires a key.

    • David Leveille

      I agree 100 % with Bill. I have not bought a new S&W since that stupid looking hole in the side plate/lock became standard. At least Ruger hides them with Springfield Armory. S&W wants my business they should offer it without that lock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Guesty

      if you dont like it dont use it….

  • Lance

    Now that’s a gun for at Cox…. LOL.

  • Sean

    Well, if I were backpacking or taking photos in Yosemite or Yellowstone, or anywhere that there is a possibility of Grizzlies. Looks like a BEAST!

    • cliff

      no grizzlies in California except for the one on the state flag.

    • Ernie

      What are you going to shoot in Yosemite, butterflies. Last time I checked, there haven’t been grizzlies in Yosemite for well over 100 years.

      • Mike

        Tray about 90 years since the last one was seen in 1924, and the last one that was hunted was taken in 1922.

    • guest

      No grizzlies in Yosemite, or anywhere in California for that matter. We do have black bears, but they are not usually aggressive.

  • Jim

    As long as the Safe T Lock investors continue to own S&W, that lock won’t go away. They’ve done great things with the company, but that device is their baby, and they’re not going to throw it out. Much as I wish they would.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

    • Marty K

      Agreed! Who cares how right Smith&Wesson may get it? The idiotic “Hillary Lock” trying to hide just above the cylinder release ruins everything. Until Smith removes that blemish my money will go to Ruger!

  • Jay

    I’ll stick with my Judge. 1/2 the price of the S&W too. I like using the 00 buckshot. My last round is a .45.

    • edree

      I assume you are aware that federal makes a 4 buckshot load in 2 1/2 in as opposed to the usual 3 shot. I tried both the Winchester disks and Remington ball & shot and prefer the Federal. I totally agree with your last round being a solid but I use a .410 slug since .45 LCisgrossly inaccurate in my 5410

  • W_R_Monger

    i like my .45 colt. not nearly the stopping power but then again i don’t venture into bear country… that i know of that is…

    even though i wouldn’t mind owning something like this or even a Judge. that is a versatile fire arm.

    • Donald

      Well I favor my Century Arms 45/70 cal six Gun loaded with trapdoor type loads it has less recoil than a 357mag– go with the loads for modern weapons and it’s a CANNON 350 HP to 500 grain slugs pack a hell of a wallop down range.

  • dave

    Anybody remember those series of photos taken in the woods? A guy goes out there unarmed and proceeds to take pictures of a mother bear and her two cubs. The sequence of photos shows the bears coming towards the man, him climbing a tree, and momma bear going up after him.

    If I remember right, they found the camera, of course, but never did find the man.

    I was quite amused.

    Idiot should have had a gun.

    • Kat

      Should of never tried to take the picture.

    • Ruud Punter

      Maybe he shouldn’t have disturbed the wildlife, especially if he tastes like chicken.

      • Doanad

        You got that wrong they call that meat Long Pork…

    • Jim

      Idiot should know to never harass a mama anything when she has her young with her. Growing up on a farm, you learn that a mama cow with a calf can be one of the most dangerous things on four legs.

    • rick l

      Yea,,, great gun …..if you’re being chased by a bear….. What’s the real purpose in life…. notta !!!!

    • Leroy

      Idiot should not have been following mother bear with cubs

  • Guest

    I think the 454 Casull is plenty of gun. No need to go as big as the 460 or the 500 S/W Mag.

    • Rich R.

      If this .460 has more punch than the .454 Casul, it’s overkill. Sure, maybe a .50BMG would be more effective, but the only time I pulled the trigger on the .454, it almost banged me in the forehead. That’s a *lot* of recoil. A .45LC and appears to be more than adequate, but some folks just like

    • Norm

      If S&W made a 600 S&W Magnum, people would buy it and love it. No gun is too much. Go back to your tea and crumpets.

  • matthew

    one note here gentle men, if tangling with a grizzly is on your list, you dam well better throw the handguns in the pacific, because they have been proven totally ineffective against a killer like a grizzly … better get a 12 gauge with a 3 inch mag sabot round or you won’t be coming back!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rich

      Yeah, and true with the grizzly’s close relatives, the polar and kodiak bears. Any handgun that a human can shoot will probably fail to penetrate the chest muscle, and will probably bounce off the sloping skull. I suppose if you could actually shoot through the eye, or perhaps up through the soft palet, the bullet might have a better than 50% chance, but if you’re that close, your own chance is probably less than 1%!

      Maybe if you’re down to a 20% chance or a 0% chance of survival, maybe 20% starts looking good, but then your last thought might be that a lightweight pump shotgun with a short barrel would not have weighed you down after all?

      • dragon5126

        You are another idiot who posts from an arm chair without personal knowledge… Get your foot out of your mouth. The number one reason people with firearms die from bear attacks is inability to deploy the firearm fast enough getting that long gun up and in line to fire fast enough is the biggest handicap. I am alive because a griz is slower than two 325 grain xtp .480 ruger Hornady rounds, and you are alive because you have never hunted bear in your life

        • Jason Miller

          Why are you hunting bear? I’m sure its not for food.

          • Mick j

            Bear Chilli is awesome….you kidding?

          • Donald

            Jason Are YOU NUTS??? Bear is GREAT! eating wish I could get a bear every year to stock the larder.

    • jpooch00

      Ya got that right. And even that might not get the job done unless it hit right between the eyes!

      • dragon5126

        you must Be Moe, the third stooge

    • Thomas Wells

      Guy in Alaska killed a griz with a knife. He had quite a story to tell when he got out of the hospital.

    • Wayne

      Greg Brush might just disagree with you! Stubby little .454 Ruger Alaskan loaded with “hot” 350 gr solids.

    • KayFlyte

      “they have been proven totally ineffective”
      You know how stupid that remark is don’t you ? “Totally ineffective” would mean a chest shot would not affect the target. do you really think that’s true or are you just weak at expressing your thoughts in writing ?

    • Erik

      I live in the Alaskan bush. I agree wholeheartedly. But if you need to work with your hands, such as chainsawing or surveying, carrying a sidearm is the last resort. Better be big, but not too big to fire comfortably and repeatedly with accuracy. Does you no good if it jumps around and stuns your hand so each shot gets less accurate. Sometimes bigger is not better.

    • dragon5126

      Gee theGriz I took with my little .480 Ruger Raging Bull must have died of a heart attack when I hit it with that second round. and it only had 325 gr xtps in it. Imagine that. Dont go posting shit on topics you have no personal knowledge about.

      • Dqm

        why are you uch a douche on here? Relax dude! sroke your willy or something!

    • J.B.

      Matt… you obviously haven’t been keeping up with the news… there have been cases in Alaska, where folks with a massive hand cannon- Ruger Raging Bull – Super Red Hawk- 454 Casull … have been life savers…..
      it’s been in the news…. and sent through the internet…

      • SKE

        Well, if its on the internet it must be true!

        • Mick J

          He said in the news…AND…internet..

    • Mick J

      1998 Grizzly shot and killed with a charged and capped 1858 Pietta .44 with 32 grs of FFFG Pyrodex…. Comments?

    • ditchdigger

      True, but if you are fishing, working, the pistol is better than along gun leaning on a tree or in a scabard on a horse. A heavy hangun gun round can drive nasial and tooth fragments into the brain, sever the spine, last ditch effort. Don’t miss!

      • guest

        Don’t miss! Good advice.

    • andy NY

      couldn’t agree more with you

    • EBX

      …and Yosemite black bears run if you throw a rock at ’em…hahaha
      This is just a huge concealable weapon. If someone can’t survive in the wilderness without a gun you better carry a rifle.

  • deepsea5

    Looks like a fitting replacement for Dirty Harry’s S&W Model 29 .44 Magnum.

    “Make my day!!” :)

    • William Wangall

      I got one,but I like this one

    • Reuben James

      Harrys hand gun is still a very nice ,capable , weapon. It is also bear handy

  • Larry

    Love that automatic gun fire in the background.

  • Kyle

    Scott, that was COLD! Ouch!

  • Carl

    Hand guns are for killing people and criminals. No reason for them to be legal. Legitimate guns for hunters or home defense are rifles or shotguns.

    • John

      Probably someone on Dianne Feinstein’s payroll…

    • David

      So, Carl, are you saying criminals are not people? What do you think happens when the “legimitate guns” are used for home defense? What are you smoking?

      • Tom

        most “home defense” handguns — if they are ever used in a home situation–end up killing the home’s occupants either by accident or on purpose.

        • George Wilson

          Any your evidence for that statement is….?

        • ocsurfer

          Most would imply that greater than 50% of all incidents involving a homeowner using their weapon for home defense, end up dying.

          I’m guessing that statistic is probably more like 0.1% and that’s being liberal, it’s probably lower than that.

    • John147

      And that is the dumbest statement this side of Joe Biden! That’s like saying axes are for killing people and criminals. No reason for them to be legal.

    • BigJake

      Carl, you must not value your life or value your family. Long guns are hard to keep handy ( mine are in a gun safe as I have children at home), my handgun is next to my bed in a safe not much bigger than the weapon and can be opened by turning the last 2 digits of 5 digit code. Last April an individual broke a basement window to get in the house at 11pm and he was up to no good, but when I confronted him holding my 357 he immediately went for something in his pocket. One shot, one kill. The police found a 45 in his coat pocket and ruled self-defense. Still think handguns have no place? Hope nothing like this ever happens to you and yours.

      • Jason Miller

        Can you shoot a link to the article in your local paper? I’m not calling you a liar, I would just like to see how the police summarized it.

      • Allan

        Yes a link to an article, and I am calling you a LIAR and a COWARD.

    • Erik

      As I responded to Matthew above, sometimes you need your hands free, like when you work for a living. Easy to be so clear in your opinion when you obviously live in a city and have no idea what it’s like in the woods.

    • Tom

      Carl is totally correct.

      • Fedhup

        carl/tom, stop replying to yourself. It doesn’t change anyone’s mind that you are an idiot and, if possible, only makes you look like a bigger idiot.

    • Tom

      Soryy–Carl is right.

      • Russel

        look a firearm is a tool. in the hands of a competent trained individual it can save lives. The lives of you family and friends. in the hands of someone who is incompetent it can do a lot of unwanted damage.
        Now i am not saying that all citizens are untrained and LE officers are any better it all comes down to the individual. The argument should not be if a particular weapon system should be illegal it should be that if some one wants to bare the responsibility of owning and carrying a firearm they need to be competent with that weapon in the situations it was designed for.

    • GKBONE

      That’s not what the 2nd amendment says….

    • guest

      It would be a pertinent remark if you were protecting your family from 100 yards. Unfortunately most firearm engagements are 5-10 feet. It can be quite difficult to effectively operate and accurately fire a long gun from 5 feet without many hours of practice. Yes as Joe Biden says a shotgun is a fearful weapon but not the best in close quarters.

      • ColdWarVet75

        The same joe Bidden with a Secret Service detail for life.

    • Ted Bell

      Guys, might as well ignore this troll. And his sock puppet “Tom”.

    • Ted Bell

      For my purposes I LOVE my GP-100 with Magsafe 37-grain SWAT Loads as my nightstand gun with my Glock 27 handy, I prefer my Glock 19 for walking around town,and my wife loves hers (concealed!). I relish liberal heads smoking when they realize in my state I don’t have to register or have a CCW to carry concealed. I’d love this .460 as a backup car gun, I wouldn’t even have to open the door! You see, we don’t get assigned a personal police officer 24/7 in Tucson like they obviously do in Chicago, being that their gun violence is so low.

      • Jim Gregg

        If you need that many guns to feel safe moving around town, it’s time to move out of town. My 14 year old son had a gun pointed at him in the parking lot of the local grocery store last year. Rather than buy him a gun, I told him not to shout at kids racing around in the parking lot. Having been around guns all my life, I know you are more likely to kill someone by accident than on purpose.

    • klm

      Carl, you cannot sell that opinion of yours to the little lady in TX who used her .38 to stop a bad dude who broke into her home. As I recall all it took was 2 to the heart and one in the lower groin.

    • fps

      Disagree. Handguns are the preferred self defense weapon for close quarters ‘interaction’…

    • Bill Smith


    • dennis morgan

      hard for me to carry my shot gun or rifle concealed into walmart

    • Freddy Bob

      When you consider how many crimes are averted by citizens with handguns, handguns actually kill very few people. Even when chasing off criminals, we seldom need to discharge the weapon. So I’m glad Carl doesn’t have the final word on the legality of handguns. They’ve been pretty effective, and the long guns don’t work in the Concealed Carry Permit world. Carl, are you willing to let us openly carry rifles and shotguns for defense? And when we defend ourselves with the long guns, more perps are going to die. You want that? I’m not restricting my rights because of the misbehavior of bad people.

    • unknown

      CARL: you may not believe in guns that is your right, and you may not believe in God that is your choice, but when someone breaks into your home the first thing you’re going to do is call someone with a gun, and pray they get there before he finds you.

      You brought this on yourself

    • alex o

      Yes you are right. Crimanals are people who need to be shot. yes you are also right, there is no reason to make criminals legal.

    • Carl

      Many dead Liberals shared your opinion until the need to kill or be killed arose. Why do leftists assume everyone needs to live by their views? Oh and swinging around a rifle in the dark in a confined area is a good way to get neighbors,family and yourself killed. Suppose the drugged out psycho comes up behind you in a hallway? H
      Handgun or rifle?

      • john Dierking

        carl,why do you feel free to impose your worldview on others? Nobody said you have to have one

    • Pismopal

      You simply don’t know what you are talking about.

    • John Dierking

      you are in the wrong place,sweetie

    • Glenn

      I bet this comes from a very informed person, maybe like Joe Biden LOL

    • Johnny

      Go out in bear country with your shotgun & when they find your boots next to the shotgun I will have a new pair of boots & a new shotgun. A your scat will be on the mountain. I’ll sell your shotgun for a 44 mag.

    • ditchdigger

      It is obvious you have never lived in bear, wild hog, wild cattle, cougar, rabid fox, coyotes, skunks. Folks that live and work there must to have both hands for the tasks, little time for lugging long guns.

    • Simcha M.

      Hey Carl,

      Your ignorance of guns, gun laws, gun usage et al is stunning. Suggest you start to make friends with a cop/retired cop and listen to their stories. You are either very young, very liberal or very stupid, perhaps a combination of all three. There is a cure, if you are open to being cured. Get educated and open your eyes.

      If it is of any help to you, I too, was once young, naive and liberal.

      • David

        Hey! I’m a Liberal, also a gun enthusiast. In my opinion people who want to ban guns aren’t Liberals, they are Fascists.

    • avlisk

      They are a heck of lot of fun to shoot at the range, too. And the one in my pocket keeps me a lot safer when I’m in the house, in Walmart, in my car. . .everywhere, actually.

    • Reuben James

      Depends on which side of the fence your standing on, Dude What you might enough is not enough to me. Called Opinion

  • jpooch00

    Yep. Right on all counts!

    My home/self defense weapon is a Glock 35, kept loaded with 10 .40 S&W Federal self defense hollow points. If that won’t get the job done, nothing will.

    Aim, pull trigger – BANG! ‘Nuff said. Screw that lock BS!

  • Drew

    Freedom Arms 500 Wyoming Express for me, why step back to a .460 when I already have a .50 cal? Besides I live, work, hunt and fish in bear country and my go to side arm is a .44mag. That .50 looked sweet so I had to have it, just hurts the wallet to actually run some rounds through it, I would expect the .460 to be comparable cost per round.

  • John

    Carl, you must be from France. I can almost Guarantee when looking down the barrel of a criminal’s gun, you’ll be hiding behind a woman protecting you with her handgun. Go back to France…

    • Adam

      John, on a similar note I was looking at some antique WWII firearms the other day. Found a French military rifle, ad read, “Never fired, dropped once.”

      • Mick

        I get all the french jokes, i do….but consider they helped us during the revolution….yea?

    • Tom

      Carl is from the land of common sense.

    • David

      Right on John.

    • avlisk

      Carl’s comment is so very ignorant that I can’t believe it’s real. I think he’s just trying to stir us up. No one can be that ignorant with all the information available on the internet these days.

  • Pop’em and Drop ’em

    Yeah, like the one you just made.

  • Dontneedagun

    You are right about that i admit, but its insignficant in contrast compared to some of the rest thats been said here off topic.


    John.. why the hell would Carl be from France ? How the F-bomb does that make sense ? Really makes me wonder how someone would guess he would be from France. The only thing i can think of is that John isnt thinking.. AT ALL.


    “A gun with lock on it about as useless as a black president”

    #racist and you know what any lock is fine imo because some kid will get their hands on that things whoops i shot my baby brother in the face.
    The racist remark is just a way to strengthen a weak argument, just weak…

    Anybody remember those series of photos taken in the woods? A guy goes out an blablablablablabla
    Idiot should have had a gun. blablabla

    Im can see Dave sitting there behind his laptop going HUH HUH HUH HUH doing a fine beavis impersonation.

    No Dave shit isnt even funny and no he should not have had a gun. What he probably should have done is just stay the fuck away from bear territory and not be Remi on the National Geograpic tip. Just let he bear be…the easiest thing there is.

    • John

      I have to admit, I am now dumber after reading your post. Also, having to use “wanna be” expletives in your comment show that you have somewhat of a limited vocabulary. That more often than not shows a person has a small mind and is unable to think through and comprehend issues easily…

      • Dontneedagun

        No John, in your limited perspective it could not have gotten to your head that im possibly not an english native speaker… instead im depicted the ignorant fool i portray you for…

        But! since you replied, how the hell did you figure out that Carl resides in France.

        • John

          Poor Dontneedagun, you sound like someone who is always a victim and are never on an even playing field with everyone else in society. Must be on welfare. Make yourself feel better and enjoy a Happy Meal on the taxpayers for me. Also, what makes you think he is not from France? Later…

          • Dontneedagun


            First of all, why cant you answer a simple question ? Youre the type that is to dumb to engage a debate without resorting to ignorant remarks that supposedly would be witty or so. Again, pretty weak and considering society, im in one that doesnt have the amount gun deaths like yours. Im also not against guns, but im just pretty sure that 97% of the people should not have a gun. Stats dont lie.

            Wellfare ? Im an engi in semicon, i get around the globe. heck and even if i was what is your point to that ? Your just showing more dumb ignorance..

            Second, Its not about me thinking why he couldnt be from France, its about you figuring out he is from France. Im curious how the hell you assume he is from France.

          • Trevin

            The french thing is a joke, Dontneeda. Geeze. The joke stems from how opportunistic the french have been in past conflicts..and how it relates to the perspective of citizens not needing guns. The 2nd Ammendment was not created just so citizens could have the right to hunt or protect against criminals. It’s was specifically created for the citizens right to protect themselves against government. That is the reason that politically speaking, the government fights the gun industry by exploiting crap like school shootings and military installation shootings as justification to disarm the people. This is a poor fight per maniacs will find a way to destroy others regardless of what is legal or not. Criminals statistically just don’t seem to follow laws, especially gun laws. I’m sure that the stats of crimes committed with weapons would probably drop if guns were illegal, to some degree. But that doesn’t irradicate those crimes. And, it empowers cartels, and the average street thug.

          • Dontneedagun

            Well said, thank you (though i dont see how that would be just a french perspective).
            Actualy, youre the first ever to point out to me that your gov. is fighting the 2nd amendment. You have to understand that even though its a right that all americans are entitled to, its also a bit of thing of the past. I mean the US is a part of modern, western society yet its setting is more or less the same as the ol midwest.

            The 2nd amendment is not entirely unique to the US, you can find such rights have dissappeared in other countries around the time of the industrial revolution.

          • john dierking

            not much of a student of history,are you don’t? The disappearance of gun rights has been related to socialism,fascism, and communism

      • Mick j

        Omg….that is something i wish i could say about a thousand times a week. Well put John….

    • Fedhup

      Don’t you have to have at least a 3rd grade education to post on gun topics?

    • geedavey

      Easy…unless you accidentally find yourself between the sow and her cubs. Then it’s kill or be killed. So this guy was an idiot with a camera…could be a logger or salmon fisherman.

  • gprez2006

    Less talk, more shooting.

  • Battlespeed

    Within the practical realities for me, the Judge and the Circuit Judge make the perfect combination for home/auto defense, backpacking, etc. Any time I decide to wander around in grizzly country with a handgun, I’ll stop by my shrink’s office first and let him lock me up for 72 hours until the urge goes away.

    • BobTrent

      I lived in griz, moose, cougar, etc. country for several years and never carried anything but a .44 S&W Special revolver. You can bet I’d not have used it on any hostiles for anything but a delaying tactic so I could get up a tree. The load of shot for the first round would take the eyes out of most any critter at close range, and I wouldn’t have used it at any longer distance.
      Anything heavier is so much trouble to carry that after a while you tend to start leaving it behind.

      • EBX

        …(with all due respect) then you know that at close range its too late buddy. Cougars aren’t a threat you will fight against. They hit you and they’re gone or you are gone.
        Grizzlies will outrun a horse in a sprint – at that speed at close range -you are still getting mauled. Having done it for many years – take a rifle or stay clear. I hate see someone depend on a handgun out there; I mean that respectfully.

  • C. Taylor

    With its economy crumbling and its skilled workers fleeing by hundreds of thousands to low tax, low spending, right to work states, California is becoming more and more insignificant. Eventually the US may want to just return it to Mexico and erect a good fence on its eastern border.

    • J Baker

      The US government refuses to build a fence on the Mexican border now. Nevada and Arizona will have to fund the fence themselves. The Feds will then sue the states for taking immigration issues into their own hands. Arizona and New Mexico will later be returned to Mexico. Texas will then build a fence and leave the union after the feds try to screw with said fence.

      • j. Hilberg

        Can’t wait! Let those ignorant people leave or better yet ; throw them out. Let them pay for their defense, roads and all their unemployed!

    • SKE

      From 2012-13 California’s population grew 2.9% compared to the 2.4% for the US as a whole.

      But don’t let facts get in the way. Enjoy your ignorance.

    • Adam Richtofen

      Which skilled workers are fleeing by the hundreds of thousands? You made that statement up. California hasn’t lost any seats in congress so I am not sure how it is becoming insignificant. It is the largest (in terms of population) state in the country. Not thinking about all of our Pacific fleet operations of San Diego and just considering the sheer amount of technology coming out of silicon valley, do you really think we should just return it to Mexico. If you went to school, please let me know where. I want to make sure my kids don’t go anywhere near there.

      • guest

        Anaheim,where the “cholos” outnumbered the white kids.
        News to you google Aztlan,gabacho idiota.

    • jim

      Agree. I think we should cede everything west of the original 13 colonies back to the Indian Nations too. I mean they were here first. As for California, it will cede back to Mexico thanks to 40 years of republican cheap labor / loose immigration policies and 30 years of crazy liberals who think people should actually be treated like people. No going back.

    • J. Hilberg

      Many people believe the same about Texas. If this were 1865 I’d free the slaves and let all the rednecks secede. They’d all be speaking fluent Spanish by now!

      • guest

        The mexicans in Texas (or mexico for that matter) don’t speak “fluent Spanish”

  • Ramsey Ford

    Maybe guns aren’t needed in France. They can catch frogs and snails with their hands.

  • Doug

    I have fired most handguns out there up to the .44 mag, but I cannot see myself shooting a wrist breaker like this. if they can’t come up with a short barrel rifle to shoot this caliber I don’t want it!! I haven’t been keeping up with s&w and their t-lock so not aware of what it is, but from comments I don’t want one. if I can’t dog the hammer back and shoot with nothing else to take up time in a hurry, it does no one any good!!!

    • BobTrent

      Not intended for plinking. No commercial handgun will literally break your wrist if held reasonably correctly and you don’t have osteoporosis.
      A 50 round box through my CA .44 S&W Special with .38 Undercover grips is not something I’d want to do on a regular basis.

  • dave

    Why didn’t they put a directional mic on this guy, so we wouldn’t hear all the distracting range noise? Non-professional.

    • ProAudioGuy

      I agree. Dimwit was probably using the $29 omnidirectional mic that came attached to the camera. What was really needed was a short shotgun type microphone with a decent windscreen. should hire a pro next time.

  • Chillie

    Man that gun looks awful similar to a gun I made About 10 years go. I bought a ruger super red hawk in 454 and had magna port cut the barrel to just under 5 inches, add dual quad ports and do a trigger job. I could not find an alaskan and I had a trip to yellowstone. Today I can’t imagine going into bear country without it. The magic triangle starts between the eyes and stops at his shoulder blades. The only hope of surviving a charging Grizzly with these handguns is to shoot it in the brain or break its back. other wise its mauling you five miniutes and it didn’t even know it was dead. If it shoots a stood as mine get it!

    • Jim

      I wonder what the actuarial risk of this is, compared to drowning in a backyard swimming pool, dying in a car accident, or being struck by lightning. Willing to bet you are far more likely to be struck by lightning – especially if you run around in a thunderstorm with a lightning rod.

      Yellowstone? Been there plenty of times – never worried about bears for a moment – but then I never chased a mama bear with a cub to get a better photograph and then had the nerve to look surprised when mama bear reacted – by comparison the lightning rod in the thunderstorm seems quite prudent. I hate to nominate him for a Darwin award but I don’t see how he could lose.

      Give Wildlife some Respect – is it really that difficult to understand?

      • mcducky

        Ain’t like that in backwoods Alaska. Yes – Give Brownies much respect, but be prepared.

  • Spanky

    Before you guys throw your backs out responding to the fools protesting hand-guns, consider that they are trolls who sign on to piss you off. Ignore them and take heart knowing that if/when the shit hits the fan, their ill will be unarmed. Ignore them and carry on.

    • Dontneedagun

      no, consider that when you are somewhere without a gun your scared ass can get whooped by a fist, stick, knife or blade… primitive stuff. Even better is the fact that the chances i run into such a situation is really really low because practically no one ownes a gun.

    • John Dierking

      spanky,wise man.

  • Kevin

    I’ll stick with my ES .460

  • Thumper

    How many of these are going to be purchased by backpackers? 5? 10? 20? How many are going to show up on your local street corner? Or convenience store? 100’s? 1,000’s?
    There were approximately 100 fatal bear attacks in North America between 1900 and 2003. That includes Alaska, Canada, zoos, and wildlife rescue centers.
    Let’s not kid ourselves. Protecting backwoods trekkers has little to do with S&W’s marketing strategy. The same reasons gangbangers own pitbulls will apply to these weapons.

    • The Beast

      At $1,200 per pistol, “100’s and 1000’s” will not be showing up on anyone’s local street corner, nor everyone’s local street corners combined, for that matter. Your low tolerance for the US Constitution is showing. I encourage you to set it aside long enough to read the constitution dispassionately. Look up the meanings of words you’re not completely sure of. I mean all of this earnestly.

    • Dontneedagun

      The company expects to market the revolver to civilians and law enforcement personnel.

      ^^^^ that pretty much summs it up as it couldve said to aim at those recreational campers and park rangers.

    • guest

      Gangbangers prefer semi autos,it aint’ as easy to put out 50 rounds before you hit someone with a revolver.

    • mcducky

      In Alaska you are fishing with the bears. I don’t want to hurt the bears either.

  • Cw8jwh

    Pacifism is fine if you honestly believe in it, it is the politically correct court of public opinion ( or either by themselves ) that should keep their mouths closed. While I am not a rabid gun-monger or a starry-eyed zealot with a righteous cause, I feel compelled to point out, that it is a matter of historical fact in every civilization in history that when the citizenry is forced to lay down their arms, they become cannon-fodder for those trying to take the rest of their freedoms away from them. Besides, only a deliberate idiot would think that you can starve a criminal by depriving law-abiding citizens.

  • Mustanger

    JFYI…there are NO Grizzlies in Yosemite! Or anywhere in Calif…the last Grizzly was killed a long time ago….Yellowstone yes…lots of them..All bears in Calif are Black bears…a lot smaller & not near as aggressive as a Griz…until one rogue Black bear is. No Grizzlies in Oregon either, doubtful on Washington but I’m not sure about that.

  • michael griffin

    Nice gun but think I will stick with my bond arms, love it shoots 410s 000s with not much kick and love having 12 different calibers on one gun._

    • James LeRoy

      With all due respect, view the penetration results on ballistic gelatin using any .410 cartridge from one of these type of handguns. These are useful for home defense on thin skinned targets only. If you shoot a bear of any kind, you are only encouraging an attack. Plus these kinds of multi-cartridge revolvers do not shoot any of their prospective calibers well, simply because of the blow-by that takes place in this design. In this topic, we are talking about serious stopping-power, maximum stopping-power, that is needed with dangerous animals. As far as new and different kinds of firearms, the more the better. They all have there place, even if it’s just that it looks cool and feels good in your hand. Please, everyone, please use the right weapon for the right circumstance. If you happen to be taken off guard, then anything is better than nothing, but just know your limitations with what you are using and be ready to still run like hell. Think, play-out these scenarios in your mind before you may actually encounter them. Don’t be unprepared.

  • Wayne

    Looking at the stats for this gun: 5-shot, 10″ length overall, and 59.5 ounces.

    Comparing that to my .454 Ruger SRH Alaskan (what I carry as a “backup” in griz counrty), the .460 has 1-shot less, is 2.38″ longer, and a hefty 14.5 oz heavier.
    Compared to my .44 S&W 329NG (my primary weapon in black bear country, and a “backpacking” gun that is actually practical to carry!), the .460 has 1-shot less, is 2.25″ longer, and an astronomical 30.2 oz heavier. The NG also comes with night sights. (Those with any “real” bear experience, already know that most bad bear things happen in the dark!)
    So, the only plus I see for the .460, is that it can fire a more powerful cartridge. Given that there are very competent loads (like Buffalo Bore 360gr solids) available for the .454, I don’t feel inadequately armed…..and add to that the much faster handling of the shorter/lighter guns,

  • moondawg

    If I were seriously worried about bears or large carnivores, I would be carrying a short barreled rifle in 45-70 such as the Marlin guide gun, or a short barreled 12ga pump shotgun. I would not rely on a pistol, no matter how large. Pistol calibers are not as effective as a relatively low powered rifle round such as the 30-30.

    • longhawl

      “45-70 such as the Marlin guide gun”

      Exactly, I’d rather reach out and touch a griz with something that will stop him rather than wait to get up close and personal.

      • CongoMan

        Absoluetly! Got a Handi Rifle last summer and the power is amazing…

    • Wayne

      Read the two JJHack posts in the citation below, regarding black bears. Having only a .44 handgun (stoked with the right ammo) as a PRIMARY weapon, is completely adequate in black bear country.

      A griz is a different animal. In griz country, it is a absolutely essential to have a handgun BACKUP your rifle/shotgun. However, speaking from experience living and camping in SE Alaska, we would leave rifles and shotguns propped up against trees all over camp, but IT WAS OUR HANDGUNS THAT WERE WITH US EVERY MOMENT. The odds that you will actually have a long gun in your hand when you need it, are small. But realistically, most of the time the long guns got left in camp, on long hikes.

      So, common sense dictates that for this role, you want a handgun that is reasonably powerful, yet still light, agile, and maneuverable. For me, the S&W X-frames are over the top….just too large, heavy, and clumsy for this role.

      • moondawg

        On the other hand, it was drummed into me that when in the field, where I went, my rifle went. It was not left propped up against a tree while I wandered around. It’s all a matter of training, and maybe having survived a year in the bush in a combat zone.

    • Patriot57

      That’s why they call it a BACKUP gun. It’s a BACKUP to your 45-70, Howitzer, Abrams tank, whatever. If you slip on a moss-covered rock and wind up landing on your rifle/cannon and tweak the barrel, you’ll still have this “backpack cannon”. Please both read AND comprehend the article before commenting.

  • fred Ziffle

    Right all rights end at your door as you exit the house. lol
    free speech at home…yeah….

  • Marc

    I have carried a 500 S & W on numerous trips to Alaska fly fishing. I don’t know how you would carry a shotgun or rifle while wading a stream fly fishing. I had two grizzlies up close this last year. They can’t see very well and until they wind you, they are not scared. One got between myself and the shore before leaving, so guess where the shotgun would have been.. And no, I wasn’t particularly comfortable, even with the 500 pointed at an animal that size. Some say carry bear spray. Haven’t figured out how to spray into the wind-typically when a bear is surprised, they are upwind. I am comfortable that 400 grains from the 500 will travel upwind.

    • Wayne

      Well said!

  • Slyder

    Not anything new, I have a 45LC/410 6 shot handgun smaller than that for well over 10 years. Have 000 buck and 45LC Hollow points in it. Only test fired it, still like new. Factory has an replacement cylinder (if I want it) for 454 Casull. $300, can’t see the big mark up those guys want for their model, shop around, there are double barreled 45LC Derringers for even less than that from some outfit in Texas. $1,200 is way too much.

  • Marvo76

    I want one of the AZ arms 45-70 pistols..let EVERYTHING beware lol I hope it wouldn’t break my wrist but IFf my buddy who just passed saw it, believe me he would be drooling to shoot it….

    • CongoMan

      I have yet to see a 45-70 pistol… WOW that’s gotta kick! I have fired the Handi Rifle and that is a mule.

  • William

    Carl, Tom, or Dontneedagun, Whatever you want to call yourself. You are no better than any foreign parasite that wants to move to this country and change it to be just like where they came from. America has the 2nd Amendment for a reason. I won’t give you a history lesson because I am sure you already know why it is in place.

    Unfortunately we now have a large group of our elected officials (both Dem and Rep), in power who are nothing more than elitist who think they know what is better for the average American citizen than we do. One of their ideals is to disarm us so it will be easier for them to make us conform to their will and or desires. Destroying what America was founded upon is their ultimate goals. Transforming America into a 3rd world country would just make them overwhelmingly happy.

    Now nothing makes me more disheartened than to see gun owners banter back and forth about who knows more, or who is and is not an idiot. This kind of blather makes it easy for a Liberal, anti-American, socialist troll to interject and cause discontent and confusion. With that being said I have a word of advice for you. If you don’t like what America stands for, what America is, or what America was meant to be, move out, stay out, and stop trying to sew your seeds of discontent. We as a whole have enough issues to overcome to get back our country to where it once was.

    • Throckmorton

      Well said Gub’ner & God Bless You!

    • Tom

      What America stands for is a majority of people continually deciding what the laws of the country should be, and if that inconveniences or changes your status quo that is (a) not un-American, and (b) just too damned bad. It is time you went back and got a history lesson and a social studies lesson on what American democracy is really all about – an evolutionary process. It ain’t flag-wavin’ rednecks inviting people to leave just because they disagree with you.

      • derrick

        sometimes though, in the ‘majority’ , common sense gets lost !

  • bill

    Smith & Wesson say it’s great for killing Pigs, etc. My eye, what it will be great for is killing children in classrooms.
    Just what we need a new more powerful weapon to murder innocent small children. Shame on Smith and
    Wesson and anybody that purchases such an awful weapon.

    • michael

      you’r on the wrong site, you need the political correctness site.

    • CongoMan

      I am sure you would complain if this were a paintball gun. Such an awful weapon really? It is a revolver! Come on admit it, as soon as you saw a picture of a gun you just had to run your mouth.

    • Riceball

      Why would anyone use something this expensive and powerful to go on a shooting spree when there are plenty of cheaper and easier to use weapons available? Going by your logic we should probably ban all cars that can go over a certain speed because it will be used solely for engaging in high speed chases with the police.

    • Patriot57

      It would actually be a terrible tool for shooting multiple small targets, or even medium sized targets like you’d more likely find in dimly lit parking garages, etc. First, it only holds 5 rounds. Second, not only is the tool quite expensive, the rounds are very expensive rounds (granted, in your scenario, this is likely not a concern of the shooter). Third, recoil may be manageable for putting a five rounds into a bear or two, but one’s accuracy will most certainly diminish after shooting this tool numerous times.

      You obviously know very little of firearms, I suggest you go back to your quilting Blog.

  • Mike the Limey

    ““It’s a very comfortable gun to shoot,” Paul Pluff, the company’s director of marketing services, said……”

    Yeah, right – compared to what exactly?

  • Magic 8 Ball

    Wouldn’t it be easier to just keep food stored properly and wear a decent set of shoes so as to out run your hiking/camping partner?

  • O.k. big gun . I went for a walk one day and I seen the biggest bear in my life. It would make most cars look really small it was scary for me and I have seen and been around a lot of bears all my life. The big ones require a real expert at weapons. No pistols that a joke. Though I do carry a 22 mag for the noise will make most animals leave. The kind of bear Ian talking about is large trophies WORLD records they are scary when they see you YOU can kiss your ass good by. First off a large animals are not slow they are very fast. What did I do? I got real scared and froze. That saved my life. I don’t like walking with other people you don’t know what they are going to do and that is scary and dangerous to me. Pistols of any caliber don’t empress ME for this type of animals. Iam 71 now this was 40 y ears ago in the back part of Alaska no roads no villages just me out for a morning walk to see the wilds before they are gone. Did I get a picture well that’s why I did not go with you. You forgot to freeze.

  • The new C. Heston

    That’s right Carl, it’s all the sane people protecting their homes and family using handguns that are at fault. You’re right, handguns shouldn’t be legal, I’ll give mine up while the criminal shoots me with his. “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns!” Hold on now while I spend a minute and a half digging out my shotgun from under the bed, which is unloaded of course (you do keep your guns unloaded don’t you carl?) and fumbling with shells while the criminal shoots me and my family dead. Yes, it’s those pesky handguns all right. There is just no other way for someone to hurt me other than a handgun (knife, baseball bat, golf club, ax, chainsaw, length of rope, hammer, screwdriver, ice pick, pipe, run your car over me, beat me silly etc, etc. Maybe we should outlaw those things too!) Thank God you’re not in charge Carl. Thank you very much but I’ll keep my concealed carry Wilson CQB right at my side. “I’ll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hands!” Now you can go back to france. Have a snail for me, ‘kay? Please, please for the rest of us, keep your ignorance to yourself!

  • jmolde

    I fish in the Togiac Wilderness in Alaska most years and have carried a 12 gauge shotgun, a Marlin 45-70 guide gun and a S&W 500. The only one I really can have with me and still fly fish is my 500. Big pistols like this with 4 to 500 grain flat nose hard cast bullets will take down a bear if you hit it just right and disrupt its nervous system so placement is critical and its harder with a pistol. But it is those encounters that surprise both the bear and you that are most dangerous and you usually won’t be carrying around a rifle or shotgun 24/7 but a big pistol you can comfortably carry all the time and wheel around inside a tent. Shooting from 20 yards isn’t usually a self defense shot with a bear, its maybe 20 to 30 feet so aiming is unlikely and speed is of the essence and that’s what these big pistols do well. To the anti gun people, think about not donating to the ACLU which brought to suit that eliminated a family’s ability to commit a mentally unstable and potentially violent family member and maybe prevent some of these attacks from happening.

  • ddnic

    I have a brother in law that saved a friend who was getting mauled by a female grizzly during an elk hunting trip, he ran up close to the bear and killed it with three shots from a cheap snub nose 38 special. Would I normally choose a larger more powerful weapon for killing grizzlies-of course – but I don’t know that you need a .500 or a 460. It is still all about placement.

    • don jennings

      So out of all the stories here, only one dude actually killed a bear and that with a saturday night special! It sounds like he was attacking a bear who was distracted by mauling someone else.

      Is ddnic the only one here who actually had to shoot a bear with a handgun?

  • mayhem4u

    The SHOT show is NOT a gun show. It is the firearms industries annual trade show. This is where manufacturers and distributors showcase their new 2014 products to the world. Gun shows, in contrast, are put on by federally licensed firearms dealers (who ARE required to perform background checks, prior to sales) and private firearms collectors (who are not required by law to perform background checks. However most responsible collectors keep records of who they sell to and do everything possible to make sure that they are legal to make a firearm purchase. I require a Georgia Weapons License (CCW) of any individual that I sell to!)

  • he211

    Rediculous…pack this hiking/ camping? This could be an Onion spoof.

  • Ralph Omholt

    Caution is the first defense – whether hiking or hunting. However, it’s necessary to speculate in “worst case” terms – with infinite possibilities. 12-guage double-0 buck is the time-proven “Alaskan” last-ditch firearm standard. In general, it’s insane to discuss pistols and bear in the same paragraph. There is no shortage of accounts of high-power bullets ricocheting off a bear’s skull.

    Defending against any bear in close quarters is typically a unique scenario – with unique results. I’ve personally drive off Alaskan grizzly bear by making a racket. Of late a “bear” version of pepper spray is available; and reported to be effective – with the presumption of low (adverse) wind/rain magnitudes.

    However, if a bear has any kind of “attitude,” all bets are off – noting that “surprise” can instantly create a potentially deadly “attitude.”. Only time, distance and a barrier can be considered as “acceptably” reliable defense mechanisms. Even with the finest weapon, if you can’t aim; you’re dependent upon statistics.

    With sufficient distance available, the “rule” in shooting bear is to break at least one shoulder – if you have the time and ability. In a state of (personal) “raging adrenalin,” taking accurate aim could be one’s “last challenge on Earth.” If the bear is in a state of “raging adrenalin,” that plight doesn’t change.

    Anyone who finds it tempting to ponder killing a bear with a pistol needs to spend the lesser time required to discuss evading the possibility. Especially in Alaska (add National Parks), killing a bear is first observed as a probable crime, of some sort – from a list of dozens of possible charges.

    With respect to “personal defense” weapons, used in close quarters, policemen are very commonly shot with their own weapon. How big a hole does one care to facilitate in their own body?

    In a home, I advocate ‘wasp spray;’ terrific ‘reach’ and no one is immune – and, they can later be located at an emergency room.

    In the way of personal opinions, if a ‘street’ scenario must be contemplated, I advocate a .38 or 9mm – with a stack of varying rounds; with a blank as the first round, then birdshot – finally takedown/killing rounds. Among other matters, such a combination evades any “premeditated” hysteria. – while preserving “survival options.”

    However, given the opportunity, a 9-11 call is a mandatory first-up “defense.” Stating that you have a gun and fear for your life will get police ‘teleported’ to your location. Oops! You discovered that you left your gun at home (or in the car)? Well, the best possible response was made; mistakes happen, right? Minimum harm; minimum foul.

    • mcducky

      Ralph – Right on about bears. Not telling you what to do but your PD loadout could get you killed. You can’t fire a blank in a self-loader and have it cycle. In a wheel gun you just made a four shot revolver.

  • Joe


  • ProAudioGuy

    After reading all these comments about how one type/model of pistol is more or less effective against bears I’d have to go back to my old standby-the flamethrower. The article does claim “backpack”, and that’s how a flamethrower is normally carried around. Come to the annual Machine Gun Invitational in Knob Creek, KY some time and check out the homemade and Army surplus flamethrower action.

    Also works as a very good deterrent to those that want to jump on your stage and interfere with the artist in the middle of a show…..

  • Greg

    I bought a used Ruger Alaskan in .45 Long Colt / .454 Casull a few years ago at less than half the price of this new Smith. You can shoot .45 Long Colt rounds all day and .454 Casull rounds are manageable up to 300 grain bullets. I use it as a backup during early archery season, with snake shot in the first two chambers and 270 grain lead bullets in the other three. I also carry it when hiking in the spring and summer. It’s surprisingly a very accurate gun up to 30-35 yards.

  • Boris

    If you are really going to use a revolver on a grizz, save the last round for yourself. You are going to need it.

  • jack nebl

    I’ve got a freedom arms .454 casul, 71//2″”. I’ve bagged several hogs and whitetails with no complaint other than its too long. Thought about getting it cut down. Going to look into the .460 s w.

  • Jim

    Why don’t we just ban all guns, and edged weapons, and gardening tools, and baseball bats, and clubs, and metal flatware too – I mean a plastic spork should be ample defense for any real man :)

  • Buttian

    I’ve owned two .454 Casull’s from Freedom Arms, both with 10 inch barrels; one is scoped, the other open sights. These are 5 shot single-action revolvers. I’ve packed the open sighted version all over Montana since about 1986 in a cross-chest holster. So far, with the 10 inch open sights, I’ve taken 2 bull elk, 2 whitetail does and (Bragging Rights) 2 pronghorn antelope ! Never yet had an opportunity on a bear. Always get an exit hole.
    And despite everything else, it’s hard to argue with an exit hole.

    In southwest Montana, I’ve taken to hunting coyotes, and now legal woofs. Two years ago I was hiking out in the dark after just squealing like a dying rabbit for the last 30 minutes before dark. Gave myself the heebie-jeebies of not knowing what critters might have come to the call without me knowing. I had seen lots of fresh woof tracks on that same side-hill. My coyote rifle (scoped bolt-action .243 Win.) seemed sooo inadequate in the dark. My 10 inch .454 Casull in a chest holster also began to seem cumbersome, considering the single action, 5 shot capacity and the fact that woofs hunt in packs. My flashlights also needed some serious upgrading !

    So to calm my fears, about 4 years ago I acquired a Ruger Alaskan in .454 Casull, double action six-shooter. I love it and practice a lot with 45 Colt poppers. Then simply switch out to 300 grain jacketed flat-points and I go from fun practice-plinking to serious wallop. The key here is that I practice a lot, both with light Colt loads and hot Casull loads. You can not, and must not, let the recoil distract you. Hell, they’re fun to shoot when you anticipate the recoil. Shot placement is everything. I also got 2 high quality, very bright, flashlights.

    My Ruger Alaskan is carried on hip or cross-chest. I’ve shot lots of .44 Mags., and the .460 S&W and the .500 S&W and the .45-70 BFR. I don’t like anything with muzzle brakes because I’m deaf enough already. None of my guns have muzzle brakes. Recoil on all of these is impressive, but manageable. Everyone is unique and I’ve learned to ignore the recoil. Sure it’s gonna’ recoil. Expect it, but don’t allow yourself to be distracted. The ONLY thing that matters is shot placement. Point, and then put that slug right where you intend to put that slug. Recoil be damned. Put the slug where the slug is supposed to go.

    I also recently acquired a Rossi 1892 lever-action in .454 Casull, 10 round magazine, open sights, 20 inch barrel. Three guns, one bullet load. That 20 inch barrel gains a lot over any short pistol barrel. I apologize for not having my notes, but the 2 inch Ruger Alaskan launches a 300 grain slug at about 1,300 fps, the 10 inch Freedom arm launches the same slug at about 1,800 fps, and the Rossi 20 inch barrel hits at about 2,200 fps., which is similar to .45-70 performance. One slug, three guns. And light .45 Colt rounds for lots of PRACTICE.

    I like this forum. I know I appreciate the comments that stay on topic, and I don’t like name callin’ in either direction. My two cents.

    • Riceball

      I have to ask, what’s a woof?

  • Patrick

    I will NEVER possess (either as a purchase, a gift or inheritance) any handgun that has a safety device manufactured or designed as an integral “accessory” into the gun. If the gun is not in my hand or in my holster, it is in my safe. What is the need?!

  • Justin

    Carl is foolish beyond words.

  • Ed Ed Ed

    I see S&W is basing new designs on props in Yosemite Sam cartoons. That said, nice to see Mike from Breaking Bad is still getting work.

  • Riceball

    Forget this hand cannon, the best thing to pack while hiking or backpacking in bear, esp. griz country is a good old fasioned LAW-72. It’s relatively compact, not too heavy, and while it’s only a single shot disposable weapon you’ll only need one shot and you won’t need to really aim beyond general center of mass.

  • RBC

    Coming soon to an elementary school near you.

  • James

    In this kind of situation, confronting large dangerous animals, bigger is always better. But everyone must never forget, bullet placement is the most important factor in stopping the danger. This fact is true in every kind of confrontation you find yourself in. It doesn’t matter how large or powerful your gun is, if you don’t hit a vital area you are only making noise. When adrenalin is involved, the attacker (bear or man) will rarely feel the impact of the bullet, with that said, with a large handgun as this, in more cases than not it is only your first shot that may be well aimed. The amount of recoil (I know they said it isn’t bad) will affect your follow-up shots. That is why a rifle or shotgun is a much, much better choice in such an occasion of life and death.

  • James

    In this topic, we are talking about serious stopping-power, maximum stopping-power, that is needed with dangerous animals. As far as new and different kinds of firearms, the more the better; they all have there place, even if it’s just that it looks cool and feels good in your hand. Please, everyone, please use the right weapon for the right circumstance. If you happen to be taken off guard, then anything is better than nothing, but just know your limitations with what you are using and be ready to still run like mad. Think, play-out these scenarios in your mind far before you may actually encounter them. Don’t be unprepared. And bottom line, a well-placed .22LR in a vital area is far better than a magnum anything through muscle or even worse, a miss.

  • James

    With all due respect, those who are speaking about these .410/.45colt revolvers, view the penetration results on ballistic gelatin using any .410 cartridge from one of these type of handguns. These are useful for home defense on thin-skinned targets only. If you shoot a bear of any kind, you are only encouraging an attack. Plus these kinds of multi-cartridge revolvers do not shoot any of their prospective calibers well, simply because of the blow-by that takes place in this design. Don’t get me wrong, I like these revolvers, I would like the rifle version of one of these, but the fact that you’re trying to shoot two or even three completely different kinds of cartridges in the same chamber, something must give. The .410ga is .41 caliber and you’re shooting down a .45 caliber barrel, thus blow-by. The long chamber needed to hold the .410 make its diameter too big and long for normal pistol rounds, again producing blow-by. The blow-by effect reduces the power of the cartridge being used. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. No one seems to point this graring fact out. That’s also why these guns don’t have much of a recoil. Just a little FYI. (for what it’s wroth)

  • James

    And just one more comment. The new S&W safety (even though it’s been in use for at least ten years I think) is not that bad. It doesn’t stick-out, it doesn’t look bad, and most important, it doesn’t impede with the function of the gun in any way. Do I like it? NO! I’m sure they had to install this piece of nonsense for legal purposes, to keep from being sued in any way. But that being said, it would not prevent me from buying any S&W revolver; the quality of S&W has greatly improved year by year and far better than what was made 15 to 20 years ago. Right now, the S&W revolver is probably the best production revolver you can buy and their Performance Line is unmatched.

    • John Dierking

      I have heard apocryphal stories of “safety” slipping into locked mode during firing. How inconvenient…..

      • James

        With the 100s of 1000s of revolvers S&W produces there are bound to be some malfunctions and bad stories someone is going to be screaming about. But the S&W track record stands on its own merit. Like I said earlier, I do not like the totally unneeded safety that is on these revolvers, but there are far worse designs and for the most part these still work rather well. If a safety somehow engaged itself, it more than likely was not fully disengaged to begin with. I am a gunsmith, I’m not just blowing smoke here; I have worked on 100s of guns. S&W in my opinion makes the finest production revolvers by far, nothing else comes even close.

  • Tom Abernathy

    That 454 revolver Holy Cow. I thought my 44 magnum was bad ass!

  • long

    W ell less see, we know we have a right to bear arms right? some have 50 cal some 30 cal sone all type og guns and hand guns for their prtecation and hunting ,Well some of us do not like to hunt big game and we do not like to kill people as I grew up the only thinh I had to defend my self with was my ability to talk my self ont of a jam when I got into one,now people get killed over parking spaces withn hand guns kids get killed in school the nra wants more police on school grounds, what happons when some one gets the bright ider to machine gun a school bus on the way to school, I thank every state should tax alll the guns to help pay for all the dammage they cause

    • Mick J

      And taxing for damage is going to heal the parents of the killed children? I can see you’ve thought this out well. How about spell check…? Hmmm?

  • Dave

    When Lewis and Clark went west, they heard tales of Grizzly bears from the Indians. Having known only black bears in the East, they figured their guns were more than enough. After one Grizzly took 5 rifle shots before going down, they learned to RESPECT the Grizzly.

    • Mick J P7

      They upend the charge of gun powder…..duh!

      • Mick J P7

        Seriously…that’s a true story.

  • jono

    why not walk in the woods with a german 88 mm cannon
    I’d feel safe with that

  • JAF

    Neat hand cannon..Great for backpackers …yeah right! The perfect scenario would be a still target.
    Just remember, if you’re in the wilderness and see an angry grizzly “coming at you 35 miles an hour, my suggestion would be to shoot at him 4 or 5 times and if you hit him great, but chances are, you’ll miss, and then when he’s closing within 100 yards, (Mr. Grizzly is 20% faster than Usain Bolt!..) so figure you would have less than 7 seconds to scream “Oh Shiiiiit! At that point, it would be best to save the last bullet for yourself.

  • Cholly Fossil

    in Eastern Canada, the hunting guides often carry a double-bitted axe. Apparently feeling that if it’s close enough to hurt you, you can hurt it. Me – a 12 Ga. pump with 3 in. Mag., Brenneke slug will do. And about that triangle? A big brownie or grizzly will hold his head nearly six feet off the ground. Look at yer dog from the front. Imagine yer slugs bouncing off that extreme skull angle while the critter gets closer and madder. Go for the shoulders. Break that bear down. Much easier to shoot it in the head, if you’re standing over it!

  • Chip Shastid

    What a privilege to watch all of you masturbating at the thought of this gun.

  • Longo2guns

    I plan on never going back packing or bear hunting or chasing off wild boars. Yet, for some odd reason, I MUST HAVE THIS GUN.

  • BobTrent

    I’d rather have an Ithaca Auto & Burglar myself, if the idiots in Congress would drop the “Any Other Weapon” tax registration requirement. All that crap over a $5 tax which costs many times that much to administer. Of course the intent is not to collect the $5 but to discourage citizens from exercising their constitutional right to keep and bear such arms.
    The 20 gauge model packs enough punch to kill just about anything in North America but a Kodiak bear.

  • Robert David Strong

    Nice home defense revolver; it’s a bit pricey but I would love to have this baby! Silver Cash

  • James

    Please read this, EVERYONE. I really don’t understand why some of you out there feel it necessary to be nasty and rude. People leave there comments to give their point of view. Isn’t everyone entitled to a point of view? If you disagree, fine, be nice and give us your wisdom on the matter. It’s far better to win an argument using respect of the others involved. And it does seem as though the worst offenders have been those against owning handguns and then those who reply to them. I believe they say what they say just to fire-up our negative emotions; don’t let them bring us down to their level. Better to just ignore them or treat them as children, nicely tell them as you would a child why they are wrong and if they continue to be bad, then politely tell them to go to hell and keep their damn asinine comments to them selves and find some other place to leave their load of crap.
    But in a nice way.

  • Popsiq

    Does it come with training-wheels, or, better still, a caddy?

  • Sky Soldier

    Heck, I got my back pack companion revolver years ago in a Rugrr GP100 .357 magnum. Plus a breakdown Browning .22 LR SA rifle (sweet).

  • John Smith

    I own a .460 with a 5″ barrel. I have also purchased the so-called backpack cannon, which I just bought today and haven’t had a chance to fire. I hear people refer to the .460 as a wrist breaker, or cannon, and then denegrate the gun for recoil. I can tell you after over 100 rounds of .460 shells, .454 Casualls, and 45 Long Colts, the gun does not have any recoil an experience shooter could not easily handle, and with the compensator, the recoil on my .460 is actually a lot LESS than the recoil I get off of my .44 Mag Taurus. The only downsilde to the gun is I would strongly advise ever firing it without some hearing protection. It does have a LOT more BANG than a .44 Mag. So plug up the ears and shoot.

  • LIAM

    The idea of protection with a revolver of that caliber is a good idea….. if you can not get the animal in 5 shots they you should not be out in the woods…period! of course a 44 Magnum is just as good!!

  • jolly

    Who gives damn what you use them for. there for you to buy and carry it your god given right to use them how you see fit by the 2nd amendment people remember we the people not we the left wing idiots and the government in charge gun are nothing but tool to be used for what ever problem should arise guns do not kill people kill people If you take guns away then it will be your knives forks baseball bats tire irons beer bottles what ever you decide to protect or to assault some with buy the way more people are kill every year by auto you going to quit by them and start walking don’t think so