5.11 Tactical’s New Urban Boot Line


5.11 Tactical rolled out its new XPRT 2.0 Tactical Desert Urban Boot a few weeks ago at SHOT Show.

The XPRT 2.0 features waterproof, HELCOR leather overlays that surround an exterior crafted from lightweight rip-stop nylon. A waterproof, breathable inner membrane stops moisture but allows airflow. XPRT  has a padded, neoprene ankle collar for extra support, a full length BI-FIT insole board for traction and 5.11’s Kick Toe.

They are available in dark coyote, black or gunsmoke for $195. A storm gray version will be available this fall.




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Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox is a reporter at Military.com. He can be reached at matthew.cox@military.com.
  • Blane

    they already have these for sale in the PX

    • LB Meredith

      What price do you pay on Base/Camp??

      I snap up the gray ones.

      • Patti

        how much are they on base

  • Mooddawg

    How comfortable and how well do they wear outside of an urban environment?

  • john leak

    I like the looks of this boot. Will definitely buy.

  • liam

    still like the Tora Bora boot….more expensive, but more durable 5.11 puts out things ffor the tacticulture groupies!

    • Sansvarnic

      I disagree with you there. I use 5.11 tact gear for both my civy job and the military and I cant express just how well built their boots are. 5.11 boots are by far the lightest, comfortable, durable boot I have ever had.

  • covet

    I would not spend 500 on a pair of boots unless I was an operator. %.11 makes a good boot I live by them spending 8 + hours a day on concrete.

  • dcanaday

    Are the issued boots so bad that we have to drop $195?

  • Moondawg

    What is the downside to just wearing issue boots, which are free? Back in the day, the only non-issue boot you were allowed to wear were cocaran jump boots.

    • SansVarnic

      Normally I would agree with you there. I remember the old black boot with the BDU’s I LOVED them, but when they switched over the boots they were stupid heavy (I remember weighing the boots and the new tan ones were at leas 3 times the weight) and ridiculously uncomfortable (sizing mostly not consistent and the sole was some thicker heavier material) no one I know likes them. I have no clue why this other unknown company that makes a much cheaper boot was allowed to be choice for issue.

  • Ducman82

    Look to be a nice pair. i have had a few 5.11 boots, all were great. can’t wait to try them

  • greg

    I had cocaran jumpers issued when I served. wish I could still get them.

    • BucketHead Ed

      I’ve worn most boots,(Cocaran right out of Jump School At Benning was a MUST of course, see below Greg), available for Army Airborne Infantry and/or Army Aviation from waaay back until very recently! I have found that the 5.11 boots are very good for a lot of walking on every surface you can think of! I have two pair and will never be without at least one pair! To be fair I have to say that The Rocky S2V Special Ops boot is the most comfortable boot I have ever worn from right out of the box! I will never be without a pair, in fact I’m wearing a pair right now and they are very, very comfortable, absolutely fantastic! I’m posting my “jumped once” & packed away size 13 Reg on “the Bay” around 02/17/14, Seller ID Draider6. Check & see what you think!! Thanks, Ed

  • Blue Falcon

    I will have to give them a try.

  • heath german

    Thats cool and all, but what about 670-1?

    • SansVarnic

      At this point it is the commanders discretion.

  • scott

    these are nice boots. i wonder where i can get some!!

  • I dont like it. Upper isnt tall enough in my opinion. looks barely over a mid high boot. not very tactical. only think i like are the fence climbing lugs. Too many logos lasered on nd formed into the sole.

  • Moondawg

    Why won’t anyone comment on the issue boots and the price in PX on these boots?

    • SansVarnic

      Issue boots aren’t worth mentioning, as they are crap. See my earlier reply.

  • Garry Bowman

    The rough and earthy looks are the real advantage of this 5.11 Tactical product. What a smart and burly design this one is to invest in!