Congress Calls for M240 Machine Gun Modernization

M240LThe House Armed Services Committee called for the Army to devise modernization plans for the M240 7.62mm medium machine gun as lawmakers noted that inventory is “aging significantly.”

The asked for $1.4 million for M240 modifications and the House Armed Services Committee granted it in their markup of the 2016 defense budget. But the committee wants the Army to do more to ensure the machine gun’s sustainment.

Lawmakers requested that Army Secretary John McHugh brief the committee by March 1, 2016 on the Army’s long term sustainment strategy and life-cycle sustainment plans for the machine gun.

The Army lightened the weapon in 2010 when the service introduced the M240L with a titanium receiver. The upgrades reduced the weight by five pounds when compared to the B-model.

The service later introduced a short barrel version of the M240L, which reduced its length from 48.5 inches to 44.5 inches. The short barrel version of the weapons weighs half a pound less.

“Consistent with previous committee activity regarding the need for small arms modernization, the committee encourages a general top-line increase for the M240 medium machine program across the Future Years Defense Program in order to sustain the U.S. small arms industrial base, as well as to ensure continued optimal M240 production for the military services,” the committee wrote in their markup.

  • Edward

    Just buy new M-240s the moderization is a waste of money and time. Bet someone in congress has a FN plant in there district.

    • WallyB

      That would be Joe Wilson.

    • Pat Patterson

      Stop this idiotic crap about companies and profits. It’s the dumbest reply people like to spew out. Weapons are always updated and not just tossed away for no reason.

      • Edward

        No that’s the norm in our corrupt congress. The 240 still works fine doesn’t need alot of crap attached to it.

  • idahoguy101

    Oh please… Machines wear out. Just replace them with new M240’s

    • DBM

      Unfortunately it is easier and cheaper to get the old 240’s factory rebuilt than to buy new ones. Buying new ones would probably require congressional approval and contracting process. It would take years to make this to happen. Someone would demand that newer technology be incorporated like the ceramic barrels with integrated suppressors which would mean some redesign etc etc.

  • guest

    Buying new M240s is the simple, but expensive solution. This article is misleading. Actually it was the WH that wanted modernization, and called for it in their budget. Congress is disputing how much to spend on moderiztion.

  • IAC

    Either way, it’s encouraging to see !

  • Serg

    hey can I get a couple of million…. My house is aging and I need to “modernize it”.

    p.s I promese I will vote for you this November.

  • Bronco46

    Why not take the requirement in another direction. Start looking at all new weapons from manufacturers. The M-240 can’t be the best 7.62 machine gun that possible. There must be some good ideas out there for a replacement.

    • Pat Patterson

      Waste of money. The 240 is one of the best having fired them before.

      • David

        Were you ever a Tanker in 3-67 Armor and also a recruiter?

    • Jack

      Buy M27s like the USMC has

      • Christopher

        A 5.56 rifle can replace a 7.62×51 machine gun? No it can’t. You will loose range and lethality. It would make more sense to chamber the Light Weight Medium Machine Gun or buy the M240LW, MK48, or HK121.
        The Heavy Counter Assault Rifle might be a good concept if chambered in .338 Norma

  • joshua

    What about all the lightweight m240 variants I have seen?

  • Vitsing

    The Germans are renowned for their quality Military Weapons Engineering. Maybe a US Company should partner with them?

    • guest

      Reportedly the M240, with some minor modifications, is essentially a copy of a WW2 German machine gun.

      • Guest

        Not really. The M240 is essentially a MAG58, which is Belgian. You could argue that it borrows heavily from the BAR though.

      • 45k20

        No, that would be the old M60, which was a (poor) copy of the German belt fed designs of WWII.

    • Kevin

      The last time we did that we ended up with the M-60 machine gun. The M240 is far superior.

  • Muttling

    The M240 is a damn good weapon, don’t screw with it. When they wear out, just buy a new one instead of feeding money to the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about.

  • JohnD

    Why, is a factory in a voting district? The M2 .50 cal got one real update,since 1932? We got stuck with the MAAG because we got bribed into the FN M-16 and the SAW! We got stuck with the amalgamation called the M-60 and used it un modified for,years when upgrades were available. The MAAG has been lightened, updated as much as it can. No one ever expected to,hump,that thing in the Hindu Cush!! Is it being lighted for the female soldiers to,carry? Will it come out in pink?

    • jay

      You are clueless like a door knob.
      The MAG/m240 is the best small arm USA had in inventory since the Garand. But I would still take a PKM over it.

    • 1ISDF

      Yes, yes they are. Just as soon as these first ones complete a Ranger school.

  • ron

    it is a fantastic weapon.

  • jff
    • jff

      Fixed: HK MG5

  • Nick

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The M2 and B-52 are excellent examples of systems that work effectively. Leave the M240 alone.

  • msgingram

    convert to the .300 Winchester round, then you will have a product that will do the job for the current issues.

    • J. Brainard

      As apposed to the 7.62×51 that it is now?? I’m tempted to leave an even more sarcastic response but I leave it at that. I’m assuming you mixed this fine weapon up with the SAW.

      • J. Brainard

        Just re-read, and saw I had misread as 308 Winchester. Thing is heavy enough in .308. I don’t have any desire to lug that thing around in 300WinMag.

  • Eric B.

    The General Dynamics LWMMG (Lightweight Medium Machine Gun) in .338 Norma magnum will nicely replace the M240 B and give our soldiers some real range. THAT is the “upgrade” we need in a medium machine gun. Its recoil is very well managed and the weight is barely above that of an M240 B.

    IMHO the .308 has outlived its time both for a medium machine gun round and as a sniper round. Now all we have to do is convince NATO of this new round.

    • guest

      Are you volunteering to carry the ammo for a 338 NM? It is awful heavy. We don’t need a more powerful longer ranged round in our medium machine gun. If you want power and range we have the .50 cal. The M240 and 7.62×51 work fine.

      • DBM

        7.62 doesnt have the needed rand and the .50 cal’s cyclic rate is too slow to be an effective Anti Personnel weapon at extended ranges.

    • DBM

      Screw NATO. None of them have a military anymore and havent had more than 2 days worth of ammo since the 60’s. NATO Countries can buy a .338 Norma MG or not.

  • Destro

    Ya’ll are crazy…7.62×51 will be around, in service, for another 100 years

    • Christopher

      In caseless form, when it’ll be reduced to a PDW round. While the standard rifle bullets are fin stabilized sabots.

  • JarJarhead

    The 240 is legitimately known as “the gun” for a reason. It’s a damn laser, built like a tank and runs like a Swiss watch. Not saying you can’t improve it, but it’s like trying to upgrade your Porsche when you have a parking lot full of beat up Kia’s.

  • Yurtyut

    T&E and bipod extended?

  • CW2 Wilson

    mwo for 240 (&249) are still coming in. new one planned for this year. the one in the pic is missing several MWO’s and the ARMT tech for that BDE should be whipped for letting the fielding go by without modernizing his weapons.

    • DBM

      Laziness. I’ve had to deal with that problem in the past with units too lazy or stupid to bring their equipment in.

  • Joe

    Barrett M-240. Done.

  • Christopher

    Most likely a manufacturer pulling some strings with the DOD to sneak in a future contract.
    While obvious solutions such as the new LWMMG and upgrading the M240, again are tossed around. The M48 and HK 121 are also good options.
    I say a new weapon should be decided by a shoot off. Though the military has hardly been an honest broker when it comes to acquisition and competitions.

  • jay

    Well, Colt made some m240B’s, lost the contract for M4a1 and are just about bancrupt. So, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them trying to scam a government contract to survive.

    • Christopher

      What can they even offer that someone else can’t do better? ? A modified version of that CM91 POS? Colt deserves to go under and bought out by Freedom Group. A fitting end for a parasite of a company.