Soldiers Cleared to Wear OCP and MultiCam in July


Beginning July 1, the Army’s new Operational Camouflage Patterned uniforms will go on sale at Military Clothing Sales Stores, marking a new chapter in the service’s camouflage saga.

Soldiers can wear the new OCP patterned Army Combat Uniform – top, pants, belt, patrol cap, brown T-shirt and coyote brown boots – as the authorized garrison uniform alongside ACUs in the outgoing universal Camouflage Pattern, according to Army officials.

Coyote brown boots are slated to be available in stores in August, Army officials say.

Soldiers may also wear uniforms and field equipment patterned in the Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern (MultiCam) in lieu of OCP, Army officials said.

This can continue until Oct. 1, 2018, the wear-out date for both OEF-CP and UCP uniforms, tan T-shirts and tan boots.

The service adopted OCP after an exhaustive, four-year camouflage-improvement effort. OCP is also known as Scorpion W2, a revised version of the original Scorpion pattern that Crye Precision LLC developed for the Army’s Future Force Warrior in 2002.

OCP looks very similar to MultiCam, the pattern the Army adopted in 2010 for soldiers to wear in Afghanistan.

The Army will begin issuing the new OCP patterned ACUs to new soldiers in initial entry training in January 2016, Army officials maintain.

All soldiers who entered the Army before Jan. 1 will have to buy four sets of OCP uniforms, brown T-shirts and two pairs of brown boots by Oct. 1, 2018. Enlisted soldiers receive an annual clothing allowance for new uniform purchases.

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  • zack

    What is your source for this information?

    • Guest

      Google 75th Ranger Regiment, effective 3 October 2014 ocp alaract and look at the HRC link. That ALARACT will be valid for the rest of the Army. Also, recently, I received a powerpoint about the change.

  • Lowell

    What is your source?
    I haven’t seen an ALARACT or change to 670-1, only a leaked draft of the ALARACT.

    • Matthew Cox

      My source is an Army official with knowledge of the plan. My source said he wasn’t allowed to speak on the plan since the Army has decided not to release the camo plan publicly for now.

  • Greg

    When we start seeing National Guard sporting them, and every last piece of UCP is eradicated from the Army’s inventory we’ll be happy.

  • Bob

    Until there’s an ALARACT, this means nothing.

  • LIAM

    lets hope this is going to be DOD wide….the AF is usually the last to adapt uniform changes!!

    • Rick

      The reason the Army went with Scorpion is because it doesn’t have to meet the DOD wide requirement.

    • Bruce

      AF Security Forces are already wearing OEF-CP FRACU here in North Dakota. I have been seeing them in it for about a month now.

    • Gil

      Why would AF need multicams? That makes as much sense with let’s say, AF wearing VIetnam Tiger Striped uniforms.

      • darthgall

        Becuase lots of AF deploy with Army, and when they do, they get issued a whole new set of uniforms and kit. Why have a garrison uniform and one completely different field uniform? The whole idea of OCP is that everybody has a uniform that they use for the field, to fight, for garrison, etc.

        • Kyle

          But that isn’t the case you don’t weare a garrison uniform in the field you have your “church” one, “garrison”, then “field”

    • Lee

      I’ll stick with my MARPAT, thanks.

  • guest

    Deciding when to wear what uniform. It is enough to make one dizzy.

  • Jon

    What flag would you use for the old Multicam uniform? The Red,White, and Blue one or the new Green and black one?

    • Jeremy

      A miniature red, white, and blue one.

  • SSG

    the clothing allowance will not pay for 4 sets, add ons AND boots. another ridiculous move.

    • Lowell

      Don’t forget we have to buy the new PT uniforms also.

      I wonder which fleece cap we wear with OCP. The black one (authorized with new PTs) or are they making a brown one…

    • JohnD

      That allowance was designed for maintenance not replacement. Boots cost $80 a pair, that and a few tshirts there goes your allowance! All uniforms should be issued the markup by AFEES is huge! Issue and normal wear and tear. Non combat loss should be on the troop!

    • Jerome

      the allowance more than covers the cost of all the uniforms to include the PRT uniform. There is a 3 year transition period in which you will receive 3 clothing allowances.

    • darthgall

      Well, you can wear the OCP with your current boots, belt and tees until 2018, so you can phase in the appropriate stuff over time…

  • POG

    I would love to know whose pockets are being lined with this move. No doubt some company is making a fortune at the expense of Soldiers.

    • Yellow Devil

      Well sure if you discount that outside that one grey colored rock in Afghanistan that a couple of Soldiers had to walk past in a DOD picture or the one Soldier hiding on a Gaudy colored couch that gets passed around on reddit, the ACU has been widely dismissed as a failure. Also the original multicam design was deemed too “costly” by the Army for wider adoption, so they went with the “cheaper” but similar OCP design.

      • POG

        I couldn’t agree more that the ACU is a failure. But when in garrison, what difference does it make? For the next 3 years, our formations are going to look like crap with everyone in a different uniform. I have a 10 foot pile of ACUs, multicam, and tan t-shirts and a footlocker full of tan boots. Now it looks like I have to go out and buy all new uniforms. Soldiers (and tax payers) have a right to know who is behind these decisions and who is profiting at their expense. If it weren’t about the $$$, the uniforms would be distributed to those who need them based on where they are deploying (like they did with multicam).
        And one more thing, everyone behind the ACU should be held accountable for that mistake. The Army doesn’t think twice about raking Joe over the coals when it comes to giving him a FLIPL when gear is stolen, goes missing while deployed, or was never given to begin with. But the brass is never held accountable even when they make multibillion dollar mistakes.

        • darthgall

          In garrison it doesn’t make a difference… that’s why there’s a three-year transition period.

          And formations will look like crap? As you noted, what difference does it make? Wear your ACUs until they get worn out, then replace them with OCP. Same with belts, boots and tees. Too easy.

        • guest


      • Riceball

        The ACU isn’t going anywhere, it’s just changing colors/camo patterns. What’s going away is UCP and that’s what was a failure although the merits or lack thereof the ACU could be argued too. Apparently the Army is going to be making some changes to the OCP version of the ACU but the name remains the same.

    • Dusty

      Your response is a little silly. Given the extended transition period, normal uniform lifespan should take care of this so it’s a flat expense for Soldiers. If youre enlisted, your clothing replacement allowance will account for the wear out and replacement. It always has. If a Soldier makes a set of ACUs last three years, then they probably look like cook whites or stink to high heaven because they rarely wash them.

  • guest

    This is a military decision on a par with the decision to hold the Inchon landings in 1950

    • ColdWarVet

      And that was very successful

  • dockrick

    you seen one camo you have seen them ALL,, just a ploy by the supply Gen. to make points and to get a little “reward”.

  • 11CP5

    One can only wonder how long this uniform will last. Anyone have any ideas on what might replace it? I give it at least 10 years then something else will be out. Guess I will go get one. LOL

    • Jon

      Congress mandated all services return to the same uniform by 2018, including the Marines & Navy, so will it be Scorpion 2?

      • Joe

        I bielive the mandate was that any future uniform changes would have to be adopted DoD wide.

  • Dave

    I see a lot of negativity here… the Army is a professional fighting force and should have a camouflage uniform that reflects the fact we may be put in harms way out in a natural surrounding. The UCP pattern is garbage and the absolute worst camo pattern I have EVER seen, still can’t believe it was ever adopted. You all know how the Army works, let’s just be thankful they got it right eventually instead of not at all.

    • Jon

      I got my a….. handed to me for stepping out of my lane in 2004 protesting the ACU. I still have burns on my a…. from pointing out it was anything but universal. The worm has turned.

  • Dennis

    As if the clothing allowance is adequate for those purchases. The allowance is only adequate for uniforms that actually “wear out”.

  • Rick

    The clothing allowance is not enough to buy four new uniforms

    • Zack

      The required date is October 2018. Your clothing allowance over 3 years isn’t enough for 4 uniforms?

      • Joshua

        Not when you gotta buy them Gucci boots that cost $400 a pair to be super fancy and superior to your peers.

  • Lobo

    Finally, some common sense to a camo pattern.
    CSA Odierno and SMA Dailey got this right!
    It was on their watch they said “NO” to the failed UCP / ACU.
    It took guts on their part to turn the ship around in the right direction for the Soldier.

  • Easy

    “The service adopted OCP after an exhaustive, four-year camouflage-improvement effort”
    Totally misleading. Scorpion W2 was not part of that test. This pattern went through no exhaustive testing like thos patterns did. This pattern was selected to avoid paying the company that owns multicam, a truly combat tested uniform.

  • Mike

    What was wrong with the pickle suits from the 50’s 60’s 70’s and early 80’s? Why not a solid green high endurance material for the forest and a tan for the desert?

    • guest

      It makes too much sense and doesn’t cost enough. We fought a WW and several major conflicts wearing OD green and did OK.

  • ColdWarVet

    That is one coyote ugly uniform. I can also remember part of my backside being chewed out by our First Shirt for forgetting to remove my sunglasses for company formation.

    • guest

      In the 1970s 2d Inf Div. Sunglasses were forbidden wear, except for aviators and gen. officers. Even prescription photogrey transition glasses were forbidden. The command did not want soldiers trying to look Hollywood.

  • SSG Wolf

    clothing allowance does cover the expense just not all at once. however if you spend your clothing allowance on beer your absolutly right it won’t cover it clothing allowance will cover 2 uniforms a yer and a pair of boots plus some smaller items. the army even publishes (every year) a break down of how you should break it down I’m so tired of this excuse for not maintaining uniforms and equipment

    • SSG Wolf

      the 2014 guide to how you should use your clothing allowance:….

      • SSG Wolf

        oops sorry its 2 uniforms every year and a pair of boots every 2 years so between 2015 and 2018 thats 8 uniforms and 2 pairs of boots…

  • Ignoramus

    They need to give the SGT Maj of the Army something got do besides play with the uniforms,

  • Jim37F

    Funny how back when only SF guys wore MultiCam and the Army flatly refused to consider changing the UCP, the comments here were aflame that we needed to change the horrid pattern at once because Soldiers lives were at risk by NOT blending in to their surroundings…….Now that they ARE (finally) changing to a pattern that is near identical to the one we were damn near begging for, the comments are nothing but “OMG it’s all just a fashion show, some GEN is getting kickbacks for a nice OER bullet, I can’t afford Gucci new uniforms even though I should be buying three new uniforms over three years anyway regardless of the pattern” (probably from the same guys who spend hundreds of bucks on custom pouches and cool guy gear for the possibility of an upcoming deployment) and so on and so on. Funny how that works. (In case you can’t tell, I’m in the former camp, I CANNOT wait for 1SG to say we can wear our issued OEF-CP ACU’s to formation and never have to put on the fugly abomination that is the UCP ACU again).

  • Douglas McCants

    Does this date also include the Guard and Reserves? Usually, we are the last to know

    • Riceball

      Probably not. From what I’ve read elsewhere the Guard is going to be clinging to their UCP ACUs for a good long time after the regular Army has transitioned fully over to OCP.

      • Siege12B

        Really? Because I’ve heard the opposite, NG logistics Sgt I was talking recently already had guidelines for getting the new uniforms issued out as soon as possible, not to mention plenty of guard units already have multicam uniforms from deployment, nothing stopping them from changing over to those, especially if their new soldiers are going to be showing up in scorpion OCP beginning next year… NG is just as sick of UCP as everyone else.

    • Jeff

      Our reserve CDR put out that starting 01JUL we can wear the OCP if we have it. So it seems system wide.

  • Textanker

    Hell, the Guard usually adopts new gear quicker than Active. Most of my guys have a lot more money to spend anyway.

  • guest

    Just go back to OD green fatigue uniform. Its inexpensive, comfortable, wears well and blends in with most everything except snow. All the services except Navy wore it for over 40 years with no complaints.

    • Robert M Goodman

      Actually, the USN Seabees did wear olive green (OG-107) uniforms from at least 1952 to 1982.

  • acrichardson

    All this sounds really good till the first time Joe Snuffy maxes out his Star Card and ends up in front of the 1sg for none payment of funds. OK, I’m an old guy, I get an invitation to go to Roanoke VA induction station, I get a wonderful and all expense paid trip to Buford S.C., move to the great Vietnam, republic of, everyone gets some new dudes, they turn a reddish brown….you DX and get some new dudes, go home smelling like Hogins goat in the last set, shower an put on the pickles……then you join the doggies…go back to Okie, this time you take off the pickles and wear the same type of Jungle gear as before, just no buzzard on a ball…sew on stripes n other stuff on the same type of dudes you drew before in your deuce gear, only now its CTA50-900…and went back into the same red mud, doing good things to bad people, BUT YOUR WAR STUFF WAS ISSUED….you come back to the world and shower then change into the pickle suit again…..go to Ranger school…. you test out this desert stuff in the Florida phase ( yes it held water really well in the Feb/March weather) years later GW sends you to help the brave Kuwaiti Army repel invaders, draw the same brown clothes….works well for that one and the next one, but you all wear the same BDU in the states, then some General level Bung hole that later gets fired at the VA, decides to take away our Black Beret ( great for shining boots at the last second,,,, the green n red one didn’t work for poop) we get a crap hat, n some new pattern clothes that now you have to buy,… fast forward to JBAD/ABAD or the wonderful Tagab Valley or Chamconi, or Shkin or any of those places and take a knee going to a COP, tear the knee out, butt rips out, (Velcro is really quiet in the Patrol base), crap falls apart and you get one issue before rotation….get back home to find out 3rd is swapping out with 7th in 6 months, or Currihee is swapping with the 325, arrive at Bagram to find the new Sustainment Bde idiots are wearing ths cool new cookie dough pattern stuff in their AIR CONDITIONED office and bragging about how good this new uniform looks and makes them feel like their really in a war, while sporting a new pattern back pack or pocket book, while they spend the night in a tower discussing how they didn’t like the steak last week in the KBR mess hall and they should do something about the lack of HOT WATER in the showers, BUT they endorse this new cool combat uniform and tell each other how their new Ranger TAB will look so cool as soon as they become the first female aid to the General, in yet another Air Conditioned office, while telling combat stories of the night the rocket hit the poop pit in Kandahar and disturbed their coffee and Tim Horton doughnuts, only to go to their concreate n cinder block A/C rooms, where they waite out the attack, playing on the computer and calling home on Skype, to let their Socialist Soccor Mom know how they’re serving out this dangerous deployment. Then somehow at the Bazaar, they bump into the future Head cheese and tell how much this new combat uniform is helping them win this war single handed and hides them from bad guys on tower duty. The new Head cheese thanks her for her input and asks her to speak to this civilian he’s escorting from Army Material Command and then on rotation back, are told in formation how this new uniform is ready for wear and combat tested….that you have one year from that day to have this new stuff on when you re-deploy and oh by the way, the new baby will have to wait on Pampers, because JOE is now required to have TWO (2) new sets by next formation……only to find out some other staff wiennie is now testing out the improved model that was announced in the Army Lies. You get the picture… do don’t you? If they give you a weapon with ammo, 4 smokes, 4 frags, 280 rounds and a bunch of other stuff, then why don’t they issue a combat uniform and make a common uniform for stateside????????? Tell me if I’m wrong….I’ve been their before, but I think that in 30+ years of service, I’ve learned a thing or two.

    • guest

      Say What?

    • Guest

      Was something in this rambling diatribe meant to be a coherent thought? Wow.

    • Clovis

      I enjoyed reading that. I can relate to some, I have worn HBTs, and remember Joe Snuffy very well. Thanks for the read.


    25 years of fighting in the desert and they decide to go with ” Improved Woodland Camouflage”…..

    I’m just waiting for bell bottom pants to come back as issue.

    What a total waste of money to the taxpayers…………

    • guest

      There are more green areas in the world where we might fight, than there are deserts.

  • guest

    The main thing I guess is that it renders our troops invisible.

  • Scott

    They really need stuff like this, otherwise the cubicle brigade would have no purpose and there would be no proper use of the funds that they suck up as they sit around and think —- up. If not for these POGs, who would make all of the important decisions that our warfighters are not capable of making on their own? Who would order Chinese food on government credit cards while our boys and girls eat MREs in the field?

  • Matt

    Good. great move. Excited to see UCP die

  • Joe Snuffy

    Okay PVT Joe Snuffy reporting here. Of you guys had done some research, you would see that the army will actually have desert pattern along with the woodland pattern down the road. The woodland pattern is just the start. And whoever said that there was a difference between the ACU and UCP, just beat your face. It’s the same thing.

  • combat developer

    just want to let everyone know that come July 1st, you won’t be able to wear OCP/Multicam unless you currently belong to a unit that has been to OEF. It’s an unintended consequence through the SMAs addition of paragraph 5 of the ALARACT, which says patches must match pattern. If you’re a heavy guy, TRADOC, TDA, generating force, etc.. you won’t find an OCP patch come July 1st. Who knows when these patches will be replaced at clothing and sales.