Federal Premium’s New High Density Buckshot


Federal Premium came out with potent buckshot load this year that packs a wallop with tungsten-alloy pellets.

“New Federal Premium Vital-Shok High Density buckshot is already the load of choice for feral hog exterminators who work for various government agencies,” according to a recent Vista Outdoor Inc., press release. “They’ve proven that its nine-pellet 00 buck tungsten-alloy payload and 1,600 fps muzzle velocity give it superior stopping power compared to lead loads.”

The new Federal shot shell line is currently being delivered to distributers for sale to the general public, the release states.

The buckshot is lighter than equivalent lead loads, so “it produces less felt recoil, yet offers higher velocities and more downrange energy,” according to the release. “The FLITECONTROL wad ensures consistent, deadly patterns, making High Density an excellent choice for predators, hogs and more.”

It’s not cheap though. High Density costs $16.95 for a box of 12-gauge 2 ¾ shells.

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Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox is a reporter at Military.com. He can be reached at matthew.cox@military.com.
  • mka

    Would make a good entry round for our troops and the police.

  • JCitizen

    They need a smaller buck load for geese! People are tired of the totally worthless power of steel shot. Tungsten impacts the water ecology less than lead. Trouble is – it is probably too expensive! FN’s no lead bullet was a pretty good alternative hunting round, until the panic hit and everyone decided the 5.7mm was worth the price of gold just like all other ammo but Russian makes.

    • HunterGuy

      You do know they make Tungsten shells for waterfowl (1,3 and 5 shot). Tungsten Matrix: Waterfowl comes to mind.

      • JCitizen

        That’s good to know – I’ve only been able to find Bismuth, which is pretty expensive. I’ll have to take another “Gander” at it next time I’m looking for ammo deals online. Thanks!

  • Guest

    That is a little expensive for hunting hogs. It is not like they are rare or trophy’s. I hunt them successfully, on my own land, with a 30-30, 357 magnum in a marlin carbine, and a 30-06 handloads, whichever I am in the mood for. With decent shot placement wild hogs are not hard to put down. I honesty don’t know of anyone in the area thas uses buckshot. BTW a box of buckshot is usually 5 or 10 rounds.

    • JCitizen

      I hadn’t heard of it when I lived in Texas, where it is quite a sport. In fact there was a lot of machismo in San Antonio, where folks challenged each other to hunt them with long bayonets! Must have been an old holdover from the Texano days! There was NO WAY I was doing that! I’ve seen very serious wounds done by hogs on hunters that were using guns, and were good shots!

      This buck would be a good one for a 14″ NFA registered double shotgun used for backup in case the pistolero or rifleman has a failure.

  • MTNpatrol

    00 buckshot is sooooo effective within 40 yards. And this new shot will carry further, deform less and penetrate better.

    I once shot my 12 ga. pump gun in a 5 second timed comparison with a .45 Thompson full auto machine gun at 25 yds. Both guns were “lethal” but my target was SHREDDED with just 4 rounds of buckshot.

    And now with my much faster Benelli M1 semi auto shotgun I’m sure I could have gotten off well over 5 shots in the 5 second timed comparison.

  • HunterGuy

    Let me know when they come in 3″