Kalashnikov USA Unveils New Website


Kalashnikov USA, manufacturer of Kalashnikov style firearms, has launched a new website reflective of their new branding efforts under the “Russian Heritage / American Innovation” tag line.

It’s a very nice-looking site, but I was a little disappointed that there are only two rifles and two shotguns listed in the firearms section. I assume there will be more to come based on the extensive display of weapons the Tullytown, Pa.- based company showed off in Vegas in January when it unveiled the new Kalashnikov-USA brand at SHOT Show.


One of the more interesting models is the US132 rifle, which looks like a cross between an AK and an SKS – sort of.

“A hammer forged, chrome lined barrel and chamber provide the ultimate in long life. The drift-able post front sight with protective ears is adjustable for windage and elevation. The notched side catch with bar rear leaf sight is adjustable for elevation. The rear sight has presets for 109, 218, and 328 yards,” Kalashnikov USA officials maintain.

“The comfortable, ergonomic operating handle makes charging the firearm effortless. The spring-loaded magazine release provides for quick magazine changes. The elongated selector handle allows for a smooth transition from safe to semi-auto.”

It’s chambered in 7.62x39mm and includes one detachable, 10-round magazine.


The other rifle on the site is the US132Z, an AK with several modernized features. The site says this weapon brings the Russian AK74 into the 21st century, but it’s chambered for 7.62x39mm instead of 5.45x39mm.

“The transformation of the reliable AK74 into a modern firearm is effectuated by replacing the AK74 type furniture with CAA furniture to enhance the capabilities of the firearm,” according to the site. “Now the operator has a six position collapsible stock with a vertically and horizontally adjustable cheek piece to provide a cheek weld that is in line with the sights and rail. The ergonomic pistol grip has six different sized rubberized interchangeable finger grooves and backstraps providing a comfortable and sure grip for all hand sizes plus a capped storage compartment.

“The hand guard has been replaced by one with four Picatinny rails to facilitate the mounting of lights, lasers and optics. In addition … an extended ambidextrous magazine release wraps around the trigger guard to provide precious time saving magazine changes from either side of the carbine.”

I couldn’t find any prices for the weapons, but there is a Dealers tab that allows you to search for Kalashnikov USA firearms dealers in your area. Check out the site to see the shotguns.

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Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox is a reporter at Military.com. He can be reached at matthew.cox@military.com.
  • Lance

    FIRST BIG MISTAKE: 5.45 should be the caliber 7.62 sucks in accuracy compared to the 5.45m I want more of a real AK-74M imported than another tacti cool rifle which by the caliber would be a AKM-47 basically.

    • Guest

      Decent ammo and a decent barrel, 7.62×39 is plenty accurate.

    • Sandy

      try training a little more…7.62 short is plenty accurate.

      • Guest

        And inexpensive

    • DBM

      Study Soviet combat doctrine. The 47 was never meant to be accurate. Blow up the objective, role over it with tanks and APC’s then discharge troops and engage the enemy at short range with automatic fire. Soviet made barrels were crap and shot out in as little as 200 rounds. New rifles with chromed barrels are acceptably accurate especially when you consider the rifle was designed to fire no matter how dirty it got. .

  • Matt

    Not impressed. CNC-machined parts (like everyone else), non-hammer forged barrel (best part of COMBLOC AKs), non-chrome lined (like everyone is doing), crap-tactical accessories, calling them ak74s when they are AKM pattern, no 5.45 options, calling a stamped receiver gun an AK47 just cause it has wood furniture…and so on.

    These don’t evoke any desire to own, just cause they have the most marketable name. Otherwise it’s just “look at us, another CNC shop that makes guns.” DDI guns seem at least as good, offer chrome lining and even receiver models.

    Big letdown here. Really. Not gonna buy those rifles, which I really was looking forward too. Shotguns look good, though.

  • Sivispace

    My Arsenal is head-and-shoulders better. Despite being stamped steel, it has a chrome-lined barrel that is very accurate. The fit, finish and function are top shelf.

  • SAM

    How unfortunate. A nice, high quality AK would have been nice.

  • Pat

    Wish I had gotten one of the good Chinese Norinco’s way back when but had to settle for a Polish AK-47.

    • Juanito

      There was a time those Chinese models sold, brand new in the box with two magazines, a sling, & a bayonet, for just $300. Too bad for those of us who didn’t buy one at the time.

      • IAC

        Ditto that, J.
        I bought a $90 SKS at the time.
        An AK in 7.62 or .223 should still not cost much past $300.
        Imnsho, a 900 o $1200 AK is just wrong!

  • 45k20


  • jay

    Crappy ripoff. Just because they use the Kalashnikov name, without any permission what’s or ever, it doesn’t mean they know how to make Kalashnikov rifles.

  • Docduracoat

    It says chrome lined, hammer forged in the third paragraph.
    Any word on accuracy of these rifles?
    I don’t like it when they try to make AK’s look like AR’s
    I have both and like both
    Another vote for the Arsenal AK as a superior version
    A red dot and a side folder stock bring the AK into the modern age

  • Guest

    Hope it is very reasonably priced. An AK is not an expensive rifle to produce.

  • IAC

    What I want to see in the US is a good Ole fashion inexpensive Ak. Brand new ones are available elsewhere in the World for less than $200 !
    Maybe for an operator overseas w/ 7.62 lying around everywhere, but for the same cost give me an AR.

    • Guest

      AR is too complicated and maintenance intensive for the average third world peasant soldier/conscript.

    • Guest

      They could sell a ton of them at $200-250 each.

  • Ssgt Rowe

    I think the short barrels account for the loss of the accuracy of these new rifles I loved the M1A1 gerarend the reload was quick and it didn’t have to worry about magazines