New Ballistic Shades from ESS


ESS just unveiled its new lightweight ballistic Crowbar interchangeable-lens sunglasses.

The Crowbar has Rapid Lens Exchange which features a frameless bottom lens design and innovative “Lens Gate that makes lens exchanges quicker and field of view greater than ever,” ESS officials said in a recent press release.


The military-grade polycarbonate lens material delivers crisp optics, plus a broad range of ballistic protection, according to the release.

“A light and balanced fit that won’t interfere with hats, helmets, hearing pro or comms gear makes the Crowbar possibly the most versatile ESS sunglasses ever created,” the release states.

The Crowbar has a small-to-medium fit and retails for $115.

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  • SAM

    I will pass on these. Unless there is an additional point where the lens locks into the top/front of the frames, I can’t see a high impact safety rating like I get from my Oakley eye pro. A narrower bow would have been a nice feature if you want business from the guys who wear all kinds of gear for a living. I foretell headaches for all who wear these on missions that require ballistic headgear and headsets. Over the last decade, everything from Oakley has allowed a guy to pull rubber sleves off of the bows to make them more user friendly durring missions. This is a tough market when you have guys like Oakley to compete with.

    • Tallen

      Oakley owns ESS and their ballistic lenses are made to the same standards. Oakley gets you a brand name and more variety of colors and polarization options.