Army Reserve Buys Latest Virtual Marksmanship Trainers

The U.S. Army Reserve just awarded a $1.3 million contract for Engagement Skills Training (EST) 3000 virtual training systems for its leader training program.

The EST 3000, which is made by Cubic Global Defense, is a small arms training device that is portable, multipurpose, multilane and can be used indoors to train marksmanship, offensive and defensive collective and “shoot-don’t shoot” judgmental firing skills.

The Army Reserve is combining Cubic’s EST 3000 system and Virtual Battlespace 3 laptop trainers into a Mission Leader Trainer containerized configuration, according to a Cubic Global Defense press release. The command will then leverage the modified MLT containers to support “three core training functions: EST 3000 for marksmanship; VBS3 laptop trainers; and tactical operations or leadership training.”

The system uses high-fidelity, game-based graphics that provide realism to marksmanship and collective scenarios.
Reserve soldiers will get enhanced fundamentals of firing capabilities through immediate feedback from indicators such as “trigger pressure, pitch, cant” and 3-D targets, according to the release.

“Cubic’s EST 3000 uses the ballistic accuracy of the EST 2000, which is the only marksmanship system certified by the U.S. Army to be an accurate simulation of the live-fire ballistics of actual small arms weapons,” said Bill Toti, president of Cubic Global Defense. “The smaller, versatile and portable capabilities of the EST 3000 not only maximize the available time as it moves the system to the soldier, but also increases the training effectiveness to the point of need while reducing costs.”

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  • DBM

    Years ago we had “the Video Game” that did the same thing only it had physical pieces to shoot at. It also ha a wooden rod attached to the fron’t of the rifle that gave the shooter a recoil impulse to simulate firing a real bullet. The soldier then had to get back on target just as if a real round had been fired.

    This will just be $1.3 million wasted.

  • IAC

    I’ve used these video shooter trainers.
    They’re very effective!

  • guest

    How does it simulate the affects of changes in wind and light, as well as mirage. All of which are conditions which can greatly affect accuracy at ranges beyond point blank. There is no cheap substitute for actual range time with real bullets. To a certain extent I can see the advantage of this for close range training, such as house clearing, but still no substitute for an actual shoot house.

    • 45k20e4

      This is geared more toward mental training, reaction time, etc.

      Personally I would rather see them using a live fire indoor video range. Then it is with real bullets. I’ve done this at a private facility with M-4 based weapons (for hunting purposes…we were shooting at hogs, coyotes, etc) and it’s incredibly effective. Police use the same system for situational awareness and shoot/no-shoot training.

    • runswithscissors

      I agree that nothing beats real range time. But if a solider can greatly increase the amount of “rounds fired”, I believe they will benefit from practicing such skills as trigger control, sight alignment, breathing control, and target recognition. In all of the marksmanship training I did, most of the practice was completed without firing a round.

  • Lance

    When do you get to the Russian assault level? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • OhLongJohnson

      HAHA I get it, it’s like a video game! LOL!!1!11

  • Patterson

    Just buy Far Cry!

  • Solomon Grundie 13

    The EST that is currently out you can build up specific scenarios with wind and light adjusted. They also allow multiple weapon systems to include M9, M4, M203, M320, AT4, M2, MK19, and Shotgun. It has come a long way from the weaponer and the MARKS system. I do agree that nothing can replace range time shooting rounds down range compared to this.

  • rudyh39

    Yeh….they can still use the .22 cal rimfire adapters on M-4, (from last century) for economical live fire marksmanship training…

  • Leo Johnson

    Some times I wonder why the Army Reserve has to buy a virtual image shooting trainer for their Troops. I guess that some of the Army instructors have never been “Hunters” .Knowing how to hunt has a big advantage over those who haven’t done any hunting in their lives.Huntion for Animals can be a good knowledgeable advantage in knowing how to hit a moving target.Such as Deer’s,Moose’s,buffalo,Elk,Mountain Goats,any animal that’s moves.Even birds,Geese,Duck’s, or any flying Fowl.In my experience in hunting I could hit anything on the move by simply leading the target.I was good at it too.When I was in Vietnam there was a road between Sa Dec RVN and Vinh Long RVN a distance of about 34 miles that we traveled about Twice a week .On this road about 5 clicks toward Vinh Long a Viet Cong soldier that we nick named “One Shot Charlie ” fired one shot at us and missed every time.cause we learned that he couldn’t hit anything when we were driving at a speed between 70 to 80 MPH..Traveling at that speed YOu had to have vehicle’s that would take the rough treatment from the road surface.Chevrolet Trucks just couldn’t hack it.Ford ,Dodge, and Internatiional’s could.But the doors and tailgates.would fall off the Dodge Pickup[s.But One shot Charlie cold hit the Army Convoy’s cause tget traveked at Convoy Speed cause it was 20 MPH>A lot of times we were assigned to Army Convoye and when got 2 or 3 clicks out of Sa Dec we’d break off from the Army convoy and drive like a bat out of hell until we got to Vinh Long or Mytho.

  • Leo Johnson

    To shoot at a standing or stationary target is easy.But to shoot at a moving target is some thing a Whole lot different. You have to learn which way the wind is moving ,altitude ,how high the target is ,how far in front of the target at a speed that it is traveling ,at in order for the target and the bullet that you fired at it will arrive at the same point together in order to hit the target.n the weapons that I learned to shoot which was a lot of tbe J bad to learn the Characteristics of each order to hit a moving target.My advice to the Army reservist’s who are going through weapons taning is to learn all the characteristics of the weapon assigned to you There is an old saying that if your weapon is “In Sight “you will not have any problem in hitting the target..If you do this you will become a better shooter and be able to survive in any type of combat that you might become involved in.

  • S.K.

    I read an article somewhere about a Japanese shooting team who train with Airsoft until about two weeks before the actual live fire tactical shoot. The article said they consistently place well. In my opinion, the key here is all about some kind of trigger time. Does virtual reality replace live shooting? No! Can it help develop skills and keep skills sharp? I would say yes. If simulation does not work, why does the Air Force use it for their fighter pilots? If simulation does not work, why is porn so popular? OK, I better stop. Soon I will say that Airsoft is just a type of porn. Actually, maybe it is?