Army Uniform Changes: Looks Like Ike

Ike Jacket

When it comes to potential uniform changes in the U.S. Army, it looks like the so-called “Ike” jacket is a winner.

That’s at least how most soldiers responded to a survey released by Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey, according to an article by Michelle Tan, a reporter for Army Times.

Indeed, roughly two-thirds of respondents supported wearing the Eisenhower jacket for the workplace, gender-neutral “smokey” drill sergeant hat and blue service cap, and black socks with the new PT uniform, the article states. Not quite as many respondents, though still more than half, said they’d prefer the service “bus driver” cap to the beret, it states.

Named after Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, the short-waisted, slim-fitting jacket was standard issue in 1944, my colleague Matt Cox has reported.

What do you think of the proposed changes?

Drill Sgt Hat

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  • guest

    It think they are being silly.

    • Alfredo C. Alcazar

      This is the 21st century not 1944. Just go back to the regular dress green uniform and the soldiers will look sharp. We are not competing in a beauty contest of uniforms. In fact the OD green fatigue work uniform is better.

      • guest

        Sound reasoning and true fact.

    • EverlastinLight

      Why is it that “Americans” serving the felon enterprise of govt (gang of violent terrorists) conspired in felony collusion by human smugglers, can not mature and admit this was crime, and their career is criminal activity?
      what difference does it make how you dress your cult follower/felon-slave?
      Pink with lace defines their sub status, as they chose voluntarily.

      • Mattaeu

        I think you are confusing “Americans” with “Russians”….lol

    • DaveC

      First off, the Eisenhower jacket shown is to be part of the Dress Blue uniform. Soldiers support wearing this jacket/uniform for the workplace? After nearly 20 years in the Army and more than half of that time as a commissioned officer, I can tell you that I never once wore my Dress Blues as a workday uniform. Dress blues are to be worn for formal occasions. Workplace dress uniform is Class A/B.

    • Capt.America


  • Robert Everhart

    A better fit would nice.

  • Juanito

    Looks like a bus driver’s jacket. You got to wonder what the designer was thinking. What happened to tradition?

    • Donald Sienkiewicz

      Juanito, you don’t know what you are talking about. Ike jackets were worn in WWII and when I was in the USAF we wore them in 1958 until ?. Ike jackets were comfortable when you had to wear a jacket while doing clerical duties. I don’t believe that they were a Class A uniform jacket, but I may be wrong.

      • Juanito

        Actually, I do know what I’m talking about, Donald. The Ike jackets proudly worn by U.S. Army, & later, U.S. Air Force & U.S. Marine Corps, were sharp uniform items with a military appearance — in total contrast to the photo appearing above. Thank you for your service, Donald. Ike jackets had just gone out of style by the time I joined.

        • Tom

          They were much better tailored and brown/green not blue. I think the Class A uniforms like they had in WW2 were much better looking than what we are wearing today.

    • Bryan

      Looks like Ralph Crandon on the Honeymooners, why tow different hats, if the Army is trying to be “gender neutral” all wear the same gear

    • Ron

      I was in the Air Force in the 60’s and had an Ike Jacket. I loved that jacket until they decided to remove it from the standard dress code. I must admit it looked good on me.

    • SAM

      No different than looking like an elevator attendant in our stunning dress blues. I am holding on to my Class A uniform, I am sure they will bring it back when they have more money that they don’t know what to do with.

  • Robbie

    It’s an odd coat that only looks good on a certain body type even when it’s fitted properly. Look thru WWII photos and see how uncomplimentary it looks on so many troops…….

    • Gideon BeN

      No taste, no art… Why can’t they have uniforms like the U.S. marines?.. The U.S. Class A uniform is look those worn by workers at Astoria Hotel

      • guest

        Our class A green uniform that was worn for 50 years or so was a good looking uniform. Better than the nasty blues.

  • Lance

    Enough with the co-ed uniforms women are different in appearance and so what they wear a different hat. Being different by being the opposite sex is not a slam on women so why not a different hat? Obama is getting out of control with his unisex views in the military.

    • MeAgain

      “Official News Outlets” not FOX propaganda.

      And thanks MaseUSMC for putting the “wrong” wing straight.



  • Sergeant Major

    We don’t have any other pressing needs in our Army then to redesign the uniform again and again? Guess its job security for someone and billions of dollars to the chosen manufacturer.

    • Donald Sienkiewicz

      Fashions change and the Armed Forces changes their uniforms also, such is life.

    • Alfredo C. Alcazar

      Big waste of taxpayers money in changing the uniform style every time. You’re right SGM the Army wants those manufacturer stay in business that’s why they always come up with a different uniform every time. I agree with you 100%.

  • Anonymous

    This’ll look REALLY good on fat guys. ;)

  • OIF Vet

    If the Army is looking for a daily uniform to wear in garrison, bring back the old ‘khakis’ and add a brown ‘Ike’ jacket. The old khakis were easy to care for and comfortable. With the long sleeved shirt they could be worn year round.

    • Donald Sienkiewicz

      I don’t believe that khakis were worn year round unless you were stationed in a warmer climate. The Armed Forces always had woolen material for cold weather and issued both uniforms for warm and cold weather, including overcoats.

      • Layabout

        You are correct and the woolen fatigues were itchy and hot to wear indoors. I always liked a short sleeve khaki shirt with open collar which you could buy at the PX. Too bad we didn’t have khaki shorts like the Brits.

      • OIF Vet

        You are correct. But the khakis could easily be made for wear year round with a proper jacket, such as teh Ike jacket.

    • guest

      The Khakis were Class B uniform and could be worn year round.

      • Juanito

        With tie & appropriate foot gear, long sleeve khakis were also summer Class A uniforms.

    • guest

      The old khakis got wrinkled very easily, you had to starch them really heavily and that made them hot. After wearing them a couple of hours they looked awful.

    • David

      Olive jacket you mean called pinks and GREENS (because the die used in the khakis has some red in it and turns a pinkish color after several washings)

    • Jimmy Hawkins

      Loved it when I was posted to East Africa in the 60’s. Khakis were the uniform all year. They were by far the most comfortable uniforms of the time, and easy to take care of.

    • M.E. Wood

      Like the idea of khakis with the brown well fitting Ike jacket. The material should be a more modern light weight now wool type. Different weight for different seasons would be nice along with both long and short sleeve shirts with the option of wearing either.

  • JT Stones

    The army has long lacked a sense of history and pride within that. From their recruiting programs and ads to their uniforms they constantly miss the mark and focus on the what’s in it for me for what’s in it for duty honor country. I wish they would tie these items into their historical lineage. These constant uniform changes are just over the top and a complete waste.

  • Lost 2

    How about saving the money on these ridiculous uniforms and putting it into the VA? How about taking care of us when we rotate home?

    • JHT

      Different organization and different budget.

    • chris

      So true. Your forgotten.

  • CavSarge

    Why are we now wearing camo in the states. I didn’t even get to wear camo in the jungles in ’68/’69
    in the First Cav. Div. I thought that clean and pressed green fatigues were more professional looking.

    • Donald Sienkiewicz

      In many respects you are right. Concerning the Air Force wearing camo uniforms is ridiculous since when do AF personnel go to the jungle. They wear camo uniforms for appearance only and in reality only 1 out of about 10 is on flying status and no AF personnel does any fighting, they leave it u[p to the Marines and the Army. The AF always wore pressed khakis with a blue tie for a summer class A uniform. Around 1957 they allowed Bermuda shorts. at least in Morocco, North Africa where I was stationed as I recall.

      • fukit

        and no AF personnel does any fightin

        Ok, better tell that to the JTAC and his team who survived a number of “TICs” while we were at camp blessing. They might have a different opinion.

    • Barry

      Amen Brother!!!! With heavy starch.Army Airborne



    • SAM

      What do you mean by “now”. We have been waering “camo” since the 80’s.

    • Nearoffutt

      Skip the starch and the old 100% cotton pickle suit was the most comfortable uniform. It would also be a lot cheaper than camos for stateside use.

      • Riceball

        It wouldn’t be cheaper because you would practically double the number of uniforms you’d need to buy and the number that everybody needs to own. So instead of just a few pairs of cammies for wearing in garrison and on deployment you’d now need to add a separate garrison uniform to the mix and you’d need at least 2 – 4 sets of those and chances are you’re not going to get much of an increase in the uniform allowance to accommodate these new uniforms.

    • tommy benton

      you are right!!!!!!!!

  • 100% Vet

    The new uniform is ugly all the way around. Go back and look at the Ike. It was brown and looked nice. Redesign and try again. Too much pride to be lost.

    • W. C. Brittingham

      I wore the uniform of the United States Army from 1948 – 1954 & wouldn’t changed anything that resembles the baggy, sloppy looking uniforms of today, which includes that clown flap over the hound dog type of hat that looks ridicules, even on a dog. The new uniforms are a disgrace to anyone that served prior to the recent change, but just take a quick look around, everything in the last 6 years has gone to hell, so why complain!

    • teever

      We should go back to Pinks & Greens and look like soldiers.

      • guest

        Only officers wore pinks and greens

        • David

          Not true at all. My dad was enlisted and I still have his olive Ike jacket

  • Bob

    I really enjoyed the Ike jacket when I was in the air force. I think it was a nice dress uniform

    • Alex Cantacuzene

      Right on Bob. The original Khakis were ok too, not those “Buster Browns” with the rounded collars or the shorts with those ridiculous knee socks. The original cut Eisenhower jackets were the best ever!

    • Don

      True the USAF Ike was a comfortable and classy look. The buttons were concealed and and the jacket tailored to fit. This new Ike looks like you should be opening car doors and holding umbrellas in front of a hotel.

    • Greg Doran

      The Air Farce does have the largest budget to have the best looking uniform…

  • Chris

    Mr Rodgers would be impressed!

  • fireballer56

    The jacket looks like it shrank in the wash.

  • Stan

    Jacket looks like a waiter and the hat looks like a circus monkey hat.

  • Big Daddy

    The amount of money being wasted is astronomical, except to those in the Army who play GI Joe dress up with dolls.

  • Kenneth

    The original Ike jacket in 1944 was intended to be part of the cold weather ensemble, worn under the olive green coat, usually and incorrectly called a field jacket. And the Ike jacket was a copy of the British battle dress blouse, itself based on what was stylish ski clothing at the time. But in this case, I agree that it looks like a bus driver’s uniform. They could at least get rid of the white shirt.

    What was wrong with the Army Green dress uniform? But don’t bring back khaki. It really wasn’t comfortable, not in the original form (all-cotton). Starched like cardboard and tailored to be tight, it wasn’t comfortable, although it could look smart. The beret isn’t a bad headdress but to look good, it should be lined. Only the Israelis look worse in berets than the US Army. The original army beret of the French alpine troops, which they still wear exactly the same as they decades ago, looks very strange compared with modern shrunken berets.

    Even so, the army doesn’t change uniforms all that often. Remember, when you’re in the army, three years feels like six months short of forever.

    • Neil

      I learned to wear my beret in the 2/75th Rangers. The first thing to go was the lining. It looked like a flying pizza stuck on your head with the lining. Of coarse that was the 70’s when Rangers wore black not tan berets.

  • Dogfacesoldier

    I wish they would direct the money into something more productive like preparing soldiers to return to civilian life. If not they’ll be wearing the waiters jacket for a long time until they can figure it out themselves.

  • Gene

    Didn’t the Ike Jacket have a belt????

    • Gene

      OOPsss, I was wrong! I guess some of them had a side button on the bottom to bring it more snug.

  • Doc

    Congratulations, my Army will now look like a bunch of bus drivers. Why can’t the US Army have a decent looking dress uniform?

  • Bob Wire

    Another sorry ass uniform change,, look at the Marine Dress Uniform and that is what all Dress uniforms should look like.

    • Daniel

      Stop wasting money and provide the proper equipment/tools for true readiness and get the missions accomplished. You do not have to be pretty to win in combat!

    • galloglas

      Bob: The Marine dress blue uniform was at one time the Army Uniform for artillery soldiers.
      The first was hand me downs from an experimental Rifle legion that had been disbanded
      It was borrowed by the Marines.
      The Marines then added their own distinctive accoutrements and designs until what we have today is the Marine Dress blues.
      It is The Marines own and it looks military as it should.
      Borrowing uniforms due to needs during wartime happens.
      This is quite common among Army and Marines.

  • jmcarreiro

    ugly dress uniform.dump the berets and bring back the saucer hats.the vietnam dress uniforms were the best looking

  • KVick

    I like the uniformity for the male and female DS hat.

  • Kosta

    The first picture: It looks like the Soviet school uniform that I used to wear being a kid. I liked it, but I do not like what I see in the picture now. The second photo is OK. I like it, but still I do not understand what was (is) wrong with the woodland pattern. It was and still is the SUPER uniform with the SUPER DESIGN to me. By the way, the first time I saw it on the US Mission soldiers when I was a Soviet Army soldier in Eastern Germany. I was shocked by what I saw. I saw REAL soldiers !!!! I still admire it !!!!!

  • Tom Shaub

    More government waste. I wonder, do they ever ask the troops what they need before some idiot makes these decisions. just spend millions more that wee don’t have. Is anybody ever responsible in our government for burying us in debit?

  • Robert

    Ive been out of the marines four 46 years now !!!when I was in we would always wear our dress uniform on leave. All I c now is the battle uniforms.Movies shopping malls,theme parks,airports on and on.Wast of money you never see anyone in the service uniforms.I was proud to wear mind and stand out as a United States Marine.

    • WxGuy

      You won’t see Marines wearing the utility uniform off base other then in their car if they live off base and have to commute to work or authorized as part of their duty in very rare circumstances. Now the Army and Air Force is another matter. I’m not sure about the Navy, but I think they are more free to wear theirs off base too. When I came in the Marine Corps in 1985 we wore dress uniforms at work unless we were in the field. When General Grey became Commandant around 1987, he switched the working uniform to utilities for everyone. He said something along the lines that cammies is a warrior uniform and we were all warriors. He didn’t care much for uniforms that made Marines “look pretty’, but didn’t help them complete their duties more efficiently. Off course the other services followed suit over time.

      • chris

        When I was in the Army (1985-2002) you were allowed to wear your BDUs off base only for lunch or to make a brief stop on the way to or from the base (like stopping for groceries). There was very lax enforcement of this as it was a very vague regulation. You could only travel in BDU’s if you were on a chartered flight that was all military, otherwise you were supposed to be in civilian attire or Class A’s. Now I see people regularly traveling on commercial flights in combat uniform.

  • clifton Brashear

    I don’t like the new IKE jacket from the pictures. I agree with bring back the khaki uniform, cool, easy to care for,and looked good. Women should have different head gear they don have to look exactly like men. Again I agree that the person, can’t use his name and president in the same sentence, at the top has gone to far. He has just about wiped out our military. I fly my front yard flag upside down because this country is in deep distress. We need help and need it fast.


    • Ron Williams

      Don’t bring back the old khaki uniform. It sucked! You had to starch is to cardboard and then it wrinkled and looked sorry. At Ft. Leonard Wood you had to be careful. The coal soot flying around made them dirty in a split second. Now if you go with the tan tropical worsted, then that’s a different story. Find something for the CSM to do besides play dress up dolls. Dump the beret. For the dress uniform, what was wrong with the green suit with the flying saucer?

  • richard frischkorn

    bring back khakis,they were comfortable and good looking for summer casual wear.Also dress greens,lightweight for warm weather,heavier for colder weather.The flat barracks cap for the greens and khakis,and the saucer cap for more formal attire.

    • MSgt Swann

      Sgt Major, I agree with you about the khakis. They were the best uniform for hot weather. When I went to Africa (TDY) we had the short pants, long stockings, bush jacket and pith helmets. These were ridiculous looking for military personnel.

  • GunnerO6

    Keep the Blues as a dress uniform as before. Go back to the Greens or OD Shade 33 for Class A uniform. Ike Jackets are fine for Class B in offices and schools. I wore them and they are comfortable and “dressy.” Career Troops today can afford more than just BDUs considering what they are paid today. BDUs are fine for work and field duty.

  • Blake Middleton

    1) Get rid of that ridiculous looking oversized beret. Looks like a womans hat and is not dignified enough for our troops
    2) Bring back the Class A dress green uniform. Looked sharp. Can be worn with several type hats, bloused boots, etc. Liked it best when worn with tan colored shirt, not the blue shirts of 1980 era
    3) Keep the dress blues but only for formal occaisions
    4) Forget the Ike jacket for now. Looked good in WW2 but until we get the other parts of
    uniform fixed, don’t bring Ike on board
    5) Like the female Drill Sergeant hat with one side up….looks sharp
    6) Bring back the khakis…..short sleeve, trim, sharp looking

  • Pete

    The Smokey The Bear Hats ( D.I. hats) aren’t as cool as the Ausie hats, I’d say. Saucer hats always looked pretty nice with a dress uniform, Anything but those awful flat things we use to wear. Issue everybody a Boonie Hat, they’re cool. Cammo for the men and pink for the ladies. Maybe spotted ones for the transgender.

  • Harold Powel

    The Marines have it right, their uniforms have hardly changed in 75 + years. The Army needs to take a page out of their book. Every time the head of the army changes he thinks we need new uniforms.

  • Steve

    Go back to the Pre-WW2 pinks and greens. All this change is a scam for the Generals and their bussies to make money.

  • GregS

    These models can’t be real soldiers. They don’t have enough chins and the beer belly is not nearly pronounced enough. But if they are going for gender neutral they seem to have accomplished their goal a couple of decades ago. It has been almost impossible to distinguish women from men in the Army for decades. (And no that is not a compliment)!

  • MPerrault

    I agree with most of the statements made in regards to the idiotic change to any uniform. After 26 years in the Army and retired as a 1SG I find it appalling of these latest changes. Living in San Antonio which maintains the medical training of new troops and older ones I find it appalling that so many fat soldiers in the Army. At one point I as a training/re-enlistment NCO for the command I was stationed at in Germany. Every 6 months it was my requirement to hold weigh ins for the command. Once we had a female soldier report with bag, baggage and family and she was found to be 50 pounds overweight. Our 1SG and commander, a full Colonel did a lot of research to find out how a command would allow this soldier to transfer to Germany. As it was I had her on a daily PT program and was watched as to what she would eat in the snack bar.
    So much for that. Bring back the Khakis and green uniforms that were designed and worn gleefully by our troops.
    The designer and upper command that approved this new uniform are totally and complete idiots and have no concern to the troops comments. Someone just wishes to make millions because current active duty troops will have to pay for all of this. Plus the monthly uniform pay they receive will make them have to pay this off in over two years.
    Three cheers for all the idiots out there making these decisions.

  • jkmiller

    Based on the pictures provided it’s just ugly. Sorry.

  • Willyam

    Ralph Kramden was never in the Army, so why are they trying to dress people up like him. Leave the dress blues alone!

    • WingNut1950

      Funny! That was the first thing I thought of. With gay marriage and transgender personnel, we can even call it the “The Honeymooners” like the TV show.

  • Tony

    As someone who has worn the uniform in the past I like the Dress Green coat much better more professional. The Ike coat or jacket looks like If your shirt comes untucked it may stick out the back or sides and the First Sergeant, Sergeant Major will have fits and what about all you Command Sergeant Majors that talk about Army professionalism and Heritage an all??

  • Lawrence

    The khakis along with the garrison cap were a very comfortable uniform and looked professional. The garrison cap was easy to carry and didn’t look like a dead animal on your head (beret) At my grandsons graduation from basic an officer walked by with his blue pants, white shirt and service cap and I heard a girl say “Hey there is the bus driver. Does he have someone graduating.” Enough said about the blue service uniform.

  • guest

    It just amazes me that the Marines can stick with a uniform for years but the Army has to keep jacking with theirs. Lets take a step back, keep the blues and the greens. Blues for semi formal and formal, Greens for every other occasion.



  • D Paul

    Unisex uniforms, cute but not practical.

  • Jerry

    Bring back the WW2 and Korean War uniform with the cunt hat , even the geens were better. The blue stands out and makes the troops a target.. Good luck to the old timers 7th Army 1954-56

  • buffalobeard

    Looks like what goes around comes around. The jacket is very similar to the civil war “shell jacket worn by both sides!

  • bdb

    This is why I do not feel bad when the Army cries about sequestration. They have no money to operate but plenty of it to play fashion show. The soldiers I feel sorry for, their clothing allowance will not cover these mandatory changes.

  • Diane Hahn

    I’m sorry to say that this jacket – in the dark blue with bright blue slacks – looks more like a Members’ Only jacket than the sleek and commanding look that Ike wore in the 40’s. I hope they don’t go to this.

  • Kenneth

    Different combat uniforms do not in fact make an appreciable difference in the cost of the uniforms. There was an effort some years back to make Navy officers give up their brown shoes under the illusion that big bucks would be saved. However, I suspect at the different services do want to look different. No Marine would want to be mistaken for a soldier.

    At one time, you know, most armies issued two suits of service dress that the soldier wore for everything. At one time, that was even the dress uniform up until around 1900 when olive drab and other uniforms replaced the older uniform for field and barrack dress. The colored dress uniforms were retained until 1914 when the virtually disappeared. Hot weather uniforms were a relatively late innovation. The soldier typically also had a canvas fatigue or stable uniform worn exclusively for dirty work details.

  • bdb

    I understand the need for each branch to have their own dress uniform. However, if we are suppose to be fighting under one flag why, other then feeding corporate greed, does each branch need a different combat uniform? Wouldn’t it make more sense that the enemy could not distinguish between Marine and Army, Airman and Sailor? The branches need to sit down pick a pattern and that is it for ALL. It’s nuts and wasteful.

  • Retired SFC

    Please!!!! Do we need another change. What a waste of money. No Smokey Bear Hats. No Berets and no waiter jackets. Spend the money on the Troops How about not waiting half your life at VA.

  • SPC Massodi

    Yes Drill Sergeant!!! Moving Drill Sergeant!!!

  • Steve Perry

    Both look ugly

  • Angel

    keep spending that money guys because they don’t have enough different styles of uniforms already! Wasting money !

  • James Williams

    Look at the picture!!! The sleeves are way to short and the body of the jacket doesn’t fit the individual wearing it. Are you serious, another change to Army uniforms? How can the Marines keep the same basic uniform for decades with little to no change, yet the Army changes every few years? What a waste of money that could be put to much better use.

  • SSG Z

    Come on. We are already paying for the new PTs and now the new Duty Uniform. Now you want me to pay for a new Dress Uniform Jacket? This is on top of already having to buy the complete new Dress Uniform. When are we going to get our clothing allowance upped to be able to afford all of this going on at once? $435 isn’t going to cover all of this…

  • FiveODeuce

    You’ve got to be kidding me! Is this the same Army who is facing disastrous cuts to troop levels and losses to its civilian work force, and then goes to congress and the American people to say how dire the situation is? Yet still has the time, money and manpower to waste on screwing with uniforms?

    Talk about bad “optics”, and complete tone deafness. Army Leadership needs to washout their headgear and start focusing on important issues, like how to properly run a major acquisition program, or how they are going keep America’s national security interests protected with 125000 less soldiers instead of bovine excrement uniform changes. Good grief.

  • Vangaurd

    Cannot tell if the DS is a male or female.

  • Harry Uffalussy

    The new ‘Ike’ jacket is poorly cut and it does not even hang correctly. It looks like a civil war sack coat used for fatigue duty. When do the powers that be stop reinventing the wheel for millions of dollars in revenue that is sorely needed else where

  • pricefe

    After 21 years service I’m glad I’m retired and won’t have to wear a ugly uniform like this. Wonder who was surveyed about this uniform? UCK!!!!!!!!

  • bill soileau

    I’d love to see the military go back to a lot of things we used to have, the standard shift transmission, the .30 cal round, black boots, fatigues, the .45 cal pistol round, a real light machinegun with punch and range, oh and bring back the bayonet too.

  • vince

    This Ranger thinks they suck,but I do like the new A-Tac

  • Charles

    Go back to BDU’s and Black boots and be done with it.

  • Rosie

    Drill Sergeant hats need to remain different for men and women.. It is part of their individuality, and both are proud of the hats they wear..

  • Gary L

    Why can’t they leave the military uniforms alone? I think MONEY, a war machine contractor is going to make a ton of money with changing uniforms. I liked what I had in the Army 66-69, Olive Drab. A four pocket field jacket, a ball cap, Olive Drab dress uniform.

  • Scott (SFC) retired

    Never ever should a female have a male drill sergeant hat, and in the pic, she has a blue infantry disc behind the brass eagle. I am glad I am now retired. Lets just give in to PC

  • james ratcliff

    I hope not!

  • MSgt Swann

    When I went into the military in 1954, we had the “Ike” jacket as well as the Class A blouse. The trouble with the Ike jacket was if the person was a little over weight or if they bent over, their shirt would pouch out from under the jacket and we were forever pulling them down. I think the person that thought up this abortion has their heads up their butts. Quit changing the uniforms and instead give the combat soldier the necessary tools to do his job of killing the enemy

  • donnie farmer

    was a subscriber but the emails just quit coming. and I request to be added to the email list. thank you for any consideration in this matter. df

  • Paralus

    Never before has the Army looked so bad. Can’t pick the right camouflage, screw up the Camo replacement and adopt Multicam (and not even the right, up-to-date version) try to imitate USMC dress blues with their Class A and now, the Ike Jacket.

  • Larry W. Dredge

    Old First Sgt
    While I was Active Duty There was many uniform changes. None of the made much sense and just cost us money that we could, back then ill afford. all you 2nd Lts ,now Generals, just stop it. Do not be in a big rush and for a change THINK. Look at the USMC, the same uniform,or there a bout, and looks good.

  • Steve

    The only soldier that ever looked good in an Ike jacket was Ike.

    The Army’s new blue uniform is a poor copy of the Marine’s class “As”. To damn gaudy,

    Nothing looked sharper in my military eye than an Airborne soldier in greens with bloused boots and a garrison cap.

    And, I miss unit patches (shoulder sleeve insignia). The gigantic crest like unit insignia on the coat pocket, along with Ranger tab pins and the like look like doodads or ornaments. And the parent regimental crest is meaningless. It is a rare soldier who ever served in the regiment represented by the crest that they wear.

    And finally, the current PFC rank insignia, one stripe with a rocker, has no traditional basis and just flat out looks ugly. I’m glad I never had to wear it during my 26 years of service.

  • D Gannon

    Some General some where must have a cousin who is in the uniform business.
    I can think of no other reason for al the changes other than someone lining their pockets with GI dollars.
    And the Ike jacket! Give me a break.

  • guard dog

    the Ralph Kramden look

  • JohnD

    What a stupid looking jacket! 12K voted on it out of 400k troops? Where did,they do the survey, the Pentagon? With ll the problems facing the military, another stupid dress uniform that costs soldiers money is an abuse of power! These Army CSMs need to,think before,they speak! The blues are stupid! What a dumb unmilitary daily uniform! Soldiers are spending tons on white shirts and cleaning to look good! Of course generals have tons of money to,waste but soldiers do not! Spent the money on training ammo so soldiers can shoot better!

  • Ronald Ghiselli

    Terrible. The Ike jacket does not go well with the Army Blue. Having served from 63-86 I’ve seen a number of changes. Nothing as bad as what has taken place since 2000. What’s wrong with the old khakis? I remember the cotton ones being terrible to keep fresh looking. But with all the modern fabrics, something could be done. I guess now the army has only the new “blues” and the camouflage uniform (I’ve lost track what the newest one is called). The Marines and many foreign services have several uniform options: a dress uniform, a “service dress” (a uniform that can be worn for most occasions and some sort of combat dress that look military. The khaki uniform served the army well for over a century and looked good. The army’s Class A ASU is OK and in some ways better than the old Class A greens. However, the Class B ASU does not look as “military” as the old khakis. It looks like some sort of airline pilot’s (or some other civilian occupation) uniform. And lose the beret. For some reason most American soldiers do not wear the beret as well as foreign (especially the British and French) soldiers. The “flying saucer” hat and garrison cap were better looking.

  • A. J. Williams

    If a person wants to look good in a uniform they will need to join the Marines otherwise look like a porter in a upscale hotel or a bus driver.

  • DWFoster

    I always liked the Ike jacket. My dad had one in WWII and I wore it when I was a teen. The people who claim it won’t look right on a fat guy needs to realize that there aren’t supposed to be any fat guys in the Army. They are supposed to conform to the fitness regulations.

  • johnchipj

    Do they offer for that that ‘special’ soldier the new “trannyflague” look yet?

  • Greg Doran

    Every component of a uniform should have utility from the color, size, material, pockets size, and then some. I would turn the contract over to the Japanese. They would improve upon it…

  • Paralus

    Never before has the Army looked so bad. Can’t pick the right camouflage, screw up the Camo replacement and adopt Multicam (and not even the right, up-to-date version) try to imitate USMC dress blues with their Class A and now, the Ike Jacket.

    How about going back to an earth tone? Irish Defense Forces look sharp in OD and tan shirts.

  • chulai1968

    Even though I’m an Army vet, I believe the comment on the Marine uniform is spot on. Far and away the best appearing US military uniform for at least the last fifty years. The Army officer uniform of the 1940-1956 period, with the belt, was the best appearing Army uniform during my lifetime, but they could learn a lot from the Marines, as far as pride of appearance is concerned. Pride has always been of utmost concern to Marines, alongside History. The Army lost a lot when they changed over to the green uniform and the black footwear. Brown looked more ‘military’ (which may, in fact, be why they changed in 1957, although they did keep the ‘suntan’ uniform until the late 1960s).
    The Army ‘Ike’ jacket had two small adjustable belts at the sides (officers had the integral belt with brass buckle in front), and later had two button down belts. Much better looking than the Ralph Kramden jacket they’re pushing now. I cannot understand why the Air Force did away with them like they did. They were a sharp uniform.
    Are they trying to get away from a prideful military appearance? If so, they’re doing a good job of it.

  • jim

    why do female’s drills need to wear the male brown round? and yes I was a drill for 3 years and I think that’s taking the let the female be a male way to far. I think were changing to many traditions lets keep some things the way they were meant to be, next will be giving females the EIB and CIB its bad enough their getting the ranger tab. I’m retired Infantry Airborne hate to see traditions go out the window thanks

  • matt

    Another waste of money, and how about all the voting for change. Wasn’t that a campaign slogan a few years back and look how that turned out. Somebody is killing my Army. We are losing are ability to fight and win our nations wars and our nation will pay the price in lost lives. Armies have to be able to shoot, move and communicate. Anything else is just fluff.

  • hooper

    That bus driver hat looks awful. i always liked the field hat the brimless ones

  • Jim

    The Ike was being phased out when I joined the Army in 1958 for the Greens

  • chris

    The Army is getting downright ridiculous with their constant uniform changes. When I was in the army I virtually never wore the green Class A or B uniforms. They were impractical as a daily work uniform as they had to be dry cleaned so we wore our camouflage uniform (at that time it was the BDU) on a daily basis. When we had a formal event we then wore our Dress Blues (which are now the standard dress uniform) or our Mess Blues (almost like the Ike jacket proposal above) so I thought it was a good idea to ditch the green uniform and just make the blue uniform the dress uniform. However,the Dress Blue uniform is just as impractical as a daily uniform as the old dress green. I agree that if they want a daily uniform that is not the combat uniform they should go to something like the old khakis but they need to make it comfortable and make it so you don’t have to dry clean it.

    As for the hats I could never stand either the garrison cap (a flat cap that looks like the thing the guy at an ice cream store wears) nor the service cap (the brimmed cap with a saucer-like top) so I was happy when we went to the beret. The only problem with the beret is that if you don’t keep your hair cut pretty short it looks like crap. The garrison cap (which carries a nickname that is a foul word for a part of female anatomy) was at least easier to carry around (you could stick it under your belt) when not being worn than the service cap. The service cap is so big that you have to find a place to store it when you were not actually wearing it which is a big pain. The service cap had a firm rim where it sat on your head and I could never get this to feel right due to the shape of my head.

    I am ok with changing the female drill sergeant hat to be the same as the male. I always thought it strange that our drill sergeants wore a hat that made them look like they were in the Australian Army.

  • Long Ago SFC Sam

    When I wore the Ike jacket back in the ’50s I liked the look – of course I was a skinny kid. The only trouble was that the jacket had to be pretty snug at the waistband to look right and every time you bent over or got up after sitting you had to pull it back down over your belt. The green uniforms with the tan shirts we got in the late ’50s were my favorite – smart looking and one felt well dressed while wearing with either the garrison or overseas cap. Fortunately, I was out before those ridiculous berets came in.

    The green fatigues looked pretty good too when they were starched and pressed. When I was in Korea shortly after the truce some commanders used the dark green wool that we called O.G.s (O.G.s were intended to be worn under field pants and jackets in the winter) uniform as a dress uniform since we weren’t issued dress uniforms. All pressed up and with yellow scarves (I was in a tank outfit) they were sharp.

  • Shawn McFadden

    With all the uniform changes, I’m glad i GOT OUT OF THE Army. But I will say the UCP uniform SUCKED!!!

  • geoffrey

    Well let’s see: Fits Like a TENT, FORTY years out of DATE and UGLY looking color? YEP, it must be an ARMY uniform!

  • Kenneth

    Well, if nothing else, the jacket as it appears on the model is poorly fitted. But the original jacket was not really waist length and was sometimes subjected to heavy alteration. Soldiers usually have their own ideas about fit and appearance, you know, and that was true in 1950, too.

    Ten years after the end of the Korean War, the OG wool shirt and trousers had graduated to a dress uniform typically worn for guard mount. But we also wore in in the field in winter, at least in Germany.

    The Army Blue uniform originated in the 1930s, so it’s been around for a while with little change. But in three years in the army and even more in the National Guard (D.C.), I never saw one, nor a white uniform (bet you never did either) or any evening dress uniforms. Of course, I was just an enlisted man.

  • Gerry Fogarty

    My own thoughts are as follows. For the Officers bring back the WW II dark brown blouse, the pinks trousers and shirts,and the leather brimmed pilots hats. For the Enlisted personnel bring back the Viet Nam era green class “A”uniform for both male and female. I also feel that only Special Forces, Airborne, and Rangers should be wearing berets. They were meant to for elite units only. All others should wear the old saucer type or garrison type.
    As for fatigues the old green type was sharp and useful, the only modification needed were cargo pockets.

  • DBM

    Authorize soldiers to tailor it id they want, Looks like a bag of crap now.


    This jacket reminds me of our Levi’s denim jackets we wore on the farm. I liked them back then because they were easy to clean after a long day grinding corn and shoveling cow manure. Levi’s even has one with a sheepskin lining to keep you warm on chilly days. I guess I could find mine and see how it would look with E-6 stripes on it and my old 25th Infantry Division electric strawberry. Does today’s Army have farmers, now? The one complaint I heard about this jacket back in the day was that it made everybody’s butt look huge.

  • AHourel USArmy Ret.

    UGLY !!!!!!!!!!!

  • dghealy

    Jeeze what were the runners up???

  • Wingnut1950

    Back in the 60’s and 70’s when I first joined the Air Force, I remember the other branches of the service calling us bus drivers. If this uniform is adopted, they will have more personnel to drive the buses.

  • Colonel G

    If the Army really wants to improve the look of its uniforms, it should look in three places: the USMC, Great Britain and Germany. All three have or had world class uniforms that could serve as inspiration for the army, which seems to prefer a cross between the Boy Scouts and Ralph Kramdan’s bus driver uniform. Actually the army had some very impressive uniforms in the 1880-1914 era, which could well be dusted off and modernized. It would also help if the Army could wean itself away from all the merit badges and other superfluous distinctions which make a American corporal look like a brigadier general of some Third World nonentity. For God’s sake get rid of the beret, anything that smells of unisex and take a page out of the USMC.s book and allow troops in battledress to roll up their sleeves. Aside from all the practical factors, uniforms should always be a source of pride and reflect the warrior’s spirit. Skip all the passing fads, stick to tried and true principles and do it right.

  • Jay Wilkoff

    The TWs (Tropical Worstead) we wore in the 60s and 70s were comfortable, looked good and could be adapted to distinguish between ranks. The khakis were horrible!
    The “Ike” jacket above is a poor replica of the original.
    Berets should only be worn by airborne, ranger and special forces, but not with the Veronica Lake fold.
    The womens’ drill hat is better looking than the mens’, which I earned in 1966.

    But, as a Vietnam veteran, I agree the money spent to make another General happy (and his cousin rich) would be better spent on active duty pay raises, veteran/retiree health benefits.

  • msgingram

    The amount of money spent in the last 20 years on uniform changes could pay for an aircraft carrier. This is a lot of bull with all these changes.

  • Chuck Hemphill

    So the male DI wears the Smokey the Bear Hat and Females wear the Aussie Style hat , instead of everyone changing to the Aussie hat. The Air Force have the 2 styles of hats so why cannt the Army. Like someone said females are built differently was allow for that.

  • kellyvanrijn

    This is a lame response to the Army’s first mistake of getting with the greens for daily wear and going to the blues. They should just keep the blues for formal functions, and go back to the ‘pick and tans’ WW2 khaki/brown uniform. Those were great.

  • 30yearrelic

    The original Ike was issued as Jacket, field. Later replaced the OD blouse. Was replaced by the green uniform which was more comfortable, which should still be in use.

  • galloglas

    My Dad loved his Ike Jacket during WW2 all the WW2 vets wear the Members only jackets I believe because it looks and reminds them of the Ike.
    It’s different looking but not a bad look.

  • IAC

    Btw,where are the Gunny’s shirt cuffs?
    It looks like cr@p in short sleeves !

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