Two New Versions of the MK47 MUTANT

CMMG has announced the addition of short-barreled rifle and AR pistol versions of its MK47 MUTANT. The Fayette, Mo.-based company unveiled the full-length 7.62x39mm MK47 at SHOT Show in January.

The MUTANT features a shortened AR-10-sized bolt carrier group that is paired with a unique upper and lower receiver to minimize weight and increase ergonomics, according to a CMMG press release.

“CMMG’s Mk47 MUTANT has been the most talked-about rifle of 2015. Built around the 7.62x39mm caliber,” CMMG officials maintain.

“The new Mk47 K Pistol and Mk47 K SBR utilize many of the same features as the full-sized rifles, including the ability to accept AK magazines and drums … and CMMG’s SV Brake.”

Each firearm has a CMMG single stage trigger, a 10-inch medium-taper barrel and a CMMG RKM9 KeyMod hand guard.

The pistol version weighs 6 pounds, unloaded, is 26.5 inches long. It retails for about $1,500. The SBR version weighs 6.7 pounds, unloaded, and measures 27.5 inches long with its Magpul CTR stock collapsed. It retails for $1,630.

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  • Joel

    So how do you convince people that an AR is worth 1k? Turn it in to an AK.

  • guest

    Will Marines embrase this firearm?

    • Gabe

      no. Marines will stick with M4’s amd M16’s

  • guest

    How does it stack up against the M-27?

  • Docduracoat

    Another 7.62 x 39 AR that takes AK mags.
    So what?
    Without even doing a google search, I can think of 4 companies that already do this.
    Faxon has the AR-AK, Rock River with the LAR, Colt ck 901 and MGI has one.
    IIRC, the Faxon is piston driven and not direct impingement.

    AR’ s in 7.62x 39 that don’t take AK mags have been around even longer. The magazine problem was solved by ASC who make a 30 round mag that works perfectly.
    My Colt Sporter Lightweight in x 39 has been shooting a case of Tula every year since I bought it in 1995.
    Broke a bolt lug after 10 years and still chugging along with a replacement ” superbolt”

    They sure have been marketing the mutant like crazy. No better than lots of other AR’s that take AK magazines

  • S. K.

    It is a range toy or a nitch gun. I am not putting this firearm down in any way. For those who want to buy it, buy it. But is it any better than an AK? Probably not. I will personally stick with my true AK. That is just me. Now, I am waiting for someone to step up and clone the AK-12. The AK fans will get behind that little project. But let us all agree we live in a great country where we can buy a firearm like this one. God bless them for developing it and I hope they make a ton of money off of it.

  • guest

    It seems like an AR chambered for the 7.62×39 is the very best of both worlds. An AR chambered in a standard cartridge with good knockdown power and accurate/effective out to 300 yards. What more could an infantryman want?

    • Guest

      How about gun that won’t jam every time you take it to the field and it gets the least bit of dirt near it.

  • Stefan S.

    Have another company make it and I’d buy it. Have had sub par products from them in the past.

  • JohnD

    CMMG is,still alive?,they had that really cool multi caliber M-4 platform with the genius magazine well switched over to,use standard mags for,each caliber! Very novel idea but it,they are resurrecting the AK variant using propriety AK mags. They work!!