Revision Tapped to Supply Batlskin Helmets to UK Forces

Revision Military announced today it has been selected to supply UK troops with its Batlskin Cobra Plus helmet system.

The custom-designed head protection solution “offers an ultra-lightweight helmet that exceeds the UK’s stringent ballistic and impact requirements” and features the Modular Suspension System – a fully adjustable liner and retention system designed to maximize comfort and stability during long periods of wear, according to Sept. 14 press release.

“Revision is extremely pleased to have been selected to supply this proprietary head protection system for UK soldiers” said Jonathan Blanshay, CEO, Revision Military. “We are confident it offers the best in comfort, protection, durability and flexibility for the mission at hand whether on the battlefield or during peace-keeping assignments.”


The Cobra Plus system can be coupled with Revision’s Modular Protective Attachment System, or MPAS, for full face protection. The MPAS consists of a ballistic Mandible Guard for lower face and jaw protection as well as an optically correct Visor that can be completely closed and sealed for full protection, vented for additional air flow, or put into an upright locked position when not required.

Cobra Plus is also equipped with an integrated front mount and mini rail system to attach NVG’s and accessories such as flashlights or cameras.

Revision supplies Advanced Combat Helmets to the U.S. military and has manufactured over 1.3 million helmets in its Newport, Vermont facility, primarily for U.S. troops.

Revision has recently supplied approximately 8,000 similar helmets and face protection systems to Denmark; those have been put through the rigors of the Afghanistan theater and have been extremely well received by the Danish Forces, according to Revision.

In addition, the Revision Sawfly Spectacle and WolfSpider Goggle Systems will be provided for use when full-face coverage is not required. The first deliveries of Cobra Plus head protection systems are planned for quick shipment with 9,000 full systems scheduled for fall 2015.

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  • guest

    But can you shave in it, or bath in it. Can you heat water in it and use it to dig a foxhole. From WW2 through Viet Nam we had the greatest helmet known to man. It has gone downhill since.

    • IAC

      Shaving and bathing can be done other ways.
      Cooking actually ruins the hardness of a traditional steel helmet.
      Digging only works in sand. Besides, that’s what the e-tool is for.
      The purpose of a helmet is to protect the head. Something synthetic does better than steel.

    • 1c3

      Did you forget to sign in as Lance?

    • Joe

      That’s like continuing to purchase cheap condoms because they make great water ballons.

    • Joe

      That’s like continuing to purchase cheap condoms because they make great water ballons. The fail is strong with your belief that steel WW2 helmets are somehow superior to current, modern designs.

    • BB guest

      The UK wasn’t in VietNam you silly.

      • OldFedVet1941

        But The Aussies and Kiwi”s were!

  • brosephus

    you can take a glancing 7.62 to the dome peice…. bathing,shaving, and making your patrol base pretty are things living people do….. I say bring bad the native american feathered headdress. no other battle gear so pleased the earth spirit..

  • Rick Derris

    It’s called the “Cobra Plus system?” The soldier in the lower picture looks like he came from the ranks of COBRA:

  • guest

    Is this the very best battle helmet in the world?

    • guest

      Without question. I’ve worn this system in trial stage/setting. It is orders of magnitude lighter and more comfortable than my MK6 and MK7 and based on the ballistic performance numbers that MOD presented during trial, will be the best combination of protection and weight we’ve ever had.

  • Still now I didn’t see full face helmet! Is there anything true? Please let me know it have this types of helmet because I want to see. Thanks and hope will come in this site in near future.