Savage Arms Adds 10-Round Mag to New .308 LE Rifle

Savage Arms has added a 10-round detachable magazine to its new 10 FCP-SR Law Enforcement Series rifle.

The .308 platform is built around Savage’s “classic, duty-proven 110 action, and uses a floating bolt head, zero-tolerance headspacing and precision button rifling to provide outstanding accuracy and consistency,” according to a recent press release.

“The adjustable AccuTrigger lets the shooter set the trigger to their individual preferences for a light, crisp pull, while the AccuStock bedding system engages the action three-dimensionally along its entire length, further enhancing accuracy.”

The 10 FCP-SR features a fluted, matte-blued barrel with a threaded, suppressor-ready muzzle.

It’s available in 20-inch and 24-inch barreled versions for $761. There’s also a left-handed, 24-inch barrel version for the same price.

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  • VTGunner

    They conveniently left out that their magazines cost $100 a piece

    • Pete

      Looks like they use AI mags. Yes, they’re expensive, but they’re also kind of the (gold) standard. I’d agree you with you if they used $100 proprietary mags, but using the AI standard is a generally desired thing in bolt action bottom metal.

      • Pete

        Actually, on closer inspection, this appears to be a replacement of the 10 FCP-SR that’s been available for a few years now. This new one seems to have done away with the AI std (AICS DBM – Detachable Magazine Bottom-metal) and gone to a probably cheaper but as yet unannounced pricing cheapo plastic Savage mag. They also seem to have changed/deleted the quality rail. Basically, they cheapened the whole thing – lots of complaints. Pretty sad as these were an awesome deal.

  • guest

    Should be a good bargain and good rifle for the price. So the magazine costs $100? I am sure the average PD can afford one or two extras per rifle. After all this is a precision weapon, not an assault rifle. How many extra mags do you need? Save the cheap multiple extra mags for the ARs they carry on patrol.

    • VTGunner

      Well lets see….deployment sets, training sets, spares for each, not to mention those who keep their guns in the cars at all times so they can respond immediately

      • guest

        You still havn’t explained why you need more than a couple extra mags.

        • VTGunner

          Clearly you didn’t read the post you replied to. Even when spending my own money I want more than 2 magazines for a gun. 6-10 is a reasonable number. So a $600 gun where a magazine is 1/6 the cost….hmmm something seems off

          • guest

            I guess you don’t spend much time shooting a bolt gun, in precision shooting, if you need that many mags.

          • guest

            Figuring on one shot per kill, you must think the average SWAT or marksman cop is going to engage 60-100 bad guys without the opportunity to reload a magazine.

          • bart ninja

            360 no scope…

          • VTGunner

            Clearly you’ve never been in a unit where training equipment sets are needed, operation sets are needed, spares are needed. This isn’t some Fudd out at a range shooting his hand loads

          • guest

            This rifle is designed for law enforcement, not some military unit standing off human wave attacks, Most PDs can’t afford separate sets of anything for training and duty. You train with what you carry. And what is wrong with range time with handloads?

  • OldFedVet1941

    I would love to see this in 7-08 or 6.8 Creedmore. I’d buy one in a minute! I think that the new Ruger is also a great deal.

    • shooter

      .300 winmag

  • Eric B.

    Methinks once production catches up LE sniper units may well want the Ruger Precision Rifle (likely in .308).
    That rifle is scary good for the money. And as we know, LE units usually have tight budgets.

  • Matt

    The Ruger should be an OK rifle so long as it doesn’t use that worthless “77” action.

    • VTGunner

      It uses the American action