Video: Tactical Medical Solutions’ Multi-Mission Bandage

Tactical Medical Solutions had its multi-function OLAES Modular Bandage on the floor at Modern Day Marine 2015.

The OLAES bandage can be used for minor to trauma related injuries. It designed like a standard pressure dressing but has 3 meters of sterile gauze that can be pulled out and used for packing entry and exit wounds, said Brian McMahan, sales consultant for Tactical Medical Solutions.

They cost $4 each for military and $7 each for civilians.

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  • Pete Sheppard

    Thanks! While a civvie, I look for good first aid tools, and effective wound dressings can be hard to find.

  • Eric

    I like to have a variety in my kit, but I always have the OLAES nearby. It is a great multi-task bandage that even has a bit of plastic for use an improvised occlusive dressing, provided you’ve got some tape

  • Eric B.

    It really does cover a lot of wound scenarios. Very cleverly designed.

  • JohnD

    Seems like a decent compromise for the individual soldier’s IFAK. What no Quick Clot soaked gauze? Could be an option for the gauze pack, maybe in the future, would raise price but worth it!

  • SAM

    Olaes is the best option. Price is good, I have never had one fail, unlike the bar on the ETB, which has failed frequently, usually due to people who have not trained with them. It is harder for an untrained person to screw this one up.